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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: The weather this past weekend, such a waste of a weekend.
    Rave: It made me do spring cleaning on the apt, much needed.
    Rave: Panda Gourmet. It is real and it is legit.
    Rave: Time with the girl.

  • Rant: it’s Monday
    Rave: Taking Friday off since have Diamond Club seats for the Nats home opener. ๐Ÿ™‚ Should be a great season!

  • Revel: Lyman’s got a paint job! Maybe they really will be opening soon!
    Rant: Why did they choose poo brown?!

  • RANT: After this past weekend’s basketball games it must really suck to be from the state of Michigan.
    RAVE: Hold your heads high, you still have the City of Detroit. Oh….wait a minute! ๐Ÿ™

  • Rant: My sorority’s national conference is now 3 months out and just so ridiculously expensive. I hate how they nickle and dime us to death. Why is “sisterhood” so expensive? Ugh
    Rave: Being able to attend the legacy breakfast at the aforementioned conference with “Soror Mom”. It’s really been awesome to share this connection with her and adds another cool layer to our Mom-Daughter relationship.

  • RANT: Rain, snow, sleet, and hail yesterday. If Florida weren’t filled with so many rednecks and republicans, I’d totally move back there!
    Rave: my little guy said ‘dadadada’ this weekend. He’s only 6 months old, so I”m sure he has no idea who or what a dada is, but it was still pretty awesome. And I’m fairly sure he’s a genius ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Rant: Like many other POPers, I received a notice of outstanding parking ticket (with penalty), with my correct plates but wrong vehicle make, for a neighborhood I was nowhere near on the day in question. It’s clear that the ticket issuer typed in the wrong plates my mistake, but I’m worried that adjudication services will simply claim that the ticket issuer typed in the wrong car make and make me pay the ticket and penalty. Plus, my registration expires in July and I’m concerned I’ll be forced to pay since adjudication can take months and I was told that registration can be held up by outstanding tickets, even if they’re being contested. I know many of you have suffered through this before, so if you have any advice, please share! Got someone on the inside at the DMV? Direct phone number? Way to reach a human by phone?

    • Fight it. This happened to me as well and I filled out the online adjudication response and won. I ranted about being taken advantage of, and if they are going to ticket people, they need to at least get the information correct. If you win they send you a little postcard saying the ticket is dismissed.

  • Rave: Great dinner at Thai-Xing friday night, out at marvins. Brunch saturday and then went to a concert at the Hamilton which was a lot of fun (first time seeing live music there).
    Random/Notsure: Apparently after the show at the Hamilton we went to Midtown for a while and i ended up hooking up with this girl (shes been on our kickball team and is a mutual friend). I am not sure exactly what happened or how things started but i suppose i will just go with the flow and not make a big deal out of it.
    Rant: The girls friend who i kissed was also really cute also. I need to stop drinking so much so i can get my story straight.

  • epric002

    rant: family stress. ugh.
    rant: work BS.
    rave: bridal shower for my SIL.
    rave: got to hold my 4 week old nephew LOTS this weekend. he looooves his auntie.
    rave: dogs.
    rant: sometimes i just really don’t like people. this is one of those times.
    rant: crappy weather all weekend.
    rant: very expensive water filters were allegedly delivered but surprise, never got them.
    rant: very cranky today.

  • Rant: tax time. : (
    Rave: great weekend with friends (thus didn’t get the taxes done).
    Rave: Looking forward to Women’s Poetry Workshop tonight as part of Women’s History Month (It’s at DC LGBT Center tonight at 7 p.m., if anyone is interested!)

  • Rant: So unmotivated to start chipping away at my relentless to do list
    Rave: Sunshine! Such a nice change after the weekend
    Rant/Rave: I spent most of yesterday on my couch watching a Harry Potter marathon. It was great to have a chill day, but my to do list is still relentless and undone.

    • I also partook in the Harry Potter marathon yesterday. Something about the weather made me like “YES I MUST WATCH THIS.”

      • Third! Even though I own all of them, there’s just something so convenient about it being on ABC Family.

  • Question: Anyone filed their DC taxes and received their refund yet? I filed in early Feb and haven’t gotten anything. Last year I had to go through that whole thing of going to the Social Security office to confirm my identity and am really hoping I don’t have to do that again.

  • Rave: The man got back from traveling last night. Glad to have him around and looking forward to plans with him this week.
    Rave: Stayed in DC this weekend and got lots of errands done: returning things via mail, prescription pick up, cleaning, organizing, laundry. It feels like I got to hit the reset button.
    Rant: Monday
    Rave: Off Friday

  • Someone reccomended a hair cuttery other than diegos that is on K street? Does that poster want to tell me the name because i really want a cut this week

    • Hair Cuttery (on Connecticut Ave) is a circus!! It is always packed and is hot as all get out in there. I quit going there a couple years ago because the guy that was cutting my hair was not rinsing or wiping off the scissors/comb from the prior haircut when he started cutting mine. There was someone else’s hair on the comb when he started using it on me. It freaked me out! If you want another option besides Diegos (where I go and love it there), a new barber shop just opened on 18th Street on same block as Mandu (1800 block). I’ve never seen a Hair Cuttery on K Street, though.

  • RAVE: Opening Day of baseball season!!!
    RAVE: It’s a beautiful day.
    RANT: It’s opening day of baseball season and a beautiful day and I am stuck in the office.

  • RANT: POT HOLES! I cursed some peoples good lord today driving up the 16th street slalom. I would tell you all to pay your tickets, but that money is not going to be used for fixing these.

    • 16th St is AWFUL! I was just on it yesterday, in the dark, in the rain. I was almost positive I was going to lose a tire at least 5 times. Florida Ave. heading east from Georgia is also pretty damned terrible.

      • I actually wrote into DC.gov about a pothole on my morning commute and they fixed it within their estimated 3 day time frame!! I would HIGHLY encourage you to do the same, see if DC can stick to their good record!

    • I’ve honestly never seen worse pot holes in my life than the ones on 16th street. I have no idea what they use for patching/paving but it is clearly not working.

      • GiantSquid

        Florida Ave is pretty awful as well. Only time I wish I had an SUV in the city.

        • Right now Florida Ave is waaaaaaaaaaaaay worse than I’ve ever seen. And it’s always been a mess. Especially between 7th and Rhode Island. DAMN.
          Also a huge new pothole at 13th and S Street. I nearly drove into on my Vespa this morning

          • I think they’re starting to leave them on purpose so they don’t have to put in speed bumps. Two birds one stone man.

  • I’m looking for someone to help with a kitchen layout. Basically, I want someone to look at some layouts I did with the Ikea kitchen planner and offer suggestions, feedback, etc.

    Does anyone know of an interior designer/kitchen planner that does this type of hourly work? Most places that I’m finding online are design/build firms.

    • We just built an IKEA kitchen from scratch (gutted and moved our kitchen to a new location, new plumbing, gas line etc.

      I would be happy to take a look at it. No charge of course ๐Ÿ™‚

      How do I get you my info without sharing my e-mail for the thousands of people who read this forum?



    • post it on ikeafans or houzz and solicit opinions.

    • You could send it to Apartment Therapy and they might post it for free and people could weigh in with ideas.

    • Maybe on the Young House Love forums. I like the Apartment Therapy suggestion, they frequently post reader requests for fixing up their spaces.

    • Thanks for the ideas everyone. I’ll try these out.

  • Rave: Feel as though I’m getting my cooking groove back. New stuff (chili consumee, scallops and mango buerre blanc), almost-forgotton favorites (beef with honey-tamarind “barbecue” sauce, pork with whisky sauce and warm apple-cabbage slaw) and stuff the girlfriend likes (flan).
    Rant: spent most of the weekend too sick to work on a freelance project, which means no sleep this week.

  • Rant:crappy weather this weekend
    Rant:that poor little girl that is missing, why was she born to such a sad case for a mother.
    Must stop reading and listening to the news, just get too angry.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Thanks to IrvingStreete for letting my organization have the original sign of the Whitelaw Hotel on our inauguration event, it was a big hit and even though we renovated the whole building, it feels great to have that connection to the past.
    Rave: You never know where your Popville connections are going to take you to ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rave: Spring
    Rant: Winter weather in Spring

    • It was worth it for the picture of the Mayor and my sign posing together!

    • Are there pics online of it? I’d like to see it. I remember when the Whitelaw was a burned out shell.

      Which reminds me: once someone running for ANC dropped by and I pointed to the Whitelaw and said something like โ€œI remember when the Whitelaw was a shell and she said โ€œThe Whitelaw used to be a gas station?โ€

      She didnโ€™t get my vote.

      • pablo .raw

        Wow, funny story!!. We don’t have photos online, I’ll find a couple and maybe PoP will allow me to do a quick post about the renovation ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rave: I listed my place, and despite the weather over the weekend it seems I have several interested buyers. Should see some actual offers tonight – the anticipation is killing me!
    Rant: Very unmotivated at work today.

  • Rave: finished my first knitting project. It may be the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of dish cloths, but dammit, I made it myself and I’m proud of it! Thanks to everyone who posted last week with suggestions of how to get better!

    Rave: Started my second project – a much more challenging beanie. Hoping it goes even better than the first…

    Rave-ish: Looks like the weather to wear said beanie will be long gone by the time I’m finished. I’m completely okay with not being able to wear this thing for at least 7 months!

    • Congrats on completing your first project! Good luck with your second! Are you using straight needles or circular ones for your beanie? If your using straights, you might want to try using circular needles for your next beanie project — if decide to just knit (no purling) it goes really fast.

      • I’m using circular needles for the beanie (and have been using them for everything – the person at the knitting store said they were much easier to learn on). I’m using what feels like a fairly ambitious beginner pattern that involves a section of purling, so we’ll see how it goes!

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: One of my best friend’s fathers passed away suddenly last week
    Revel: Got to talk to her on Saturday.
    Rant: Tried a new salon on Friday. The stylist and the cut was fine but the atmosphere was off. A big part of that was the negativity of the owner. Not sure about going back.
    Revel: BASEBALL!!!

  • Revel: While waiting for the bus in the rain this weekend, a very nice (and attractive) young lady kindly offered to share her umbrella with me. We ended up having a nice conversation about our neighborhood and our favorite local haunts. This is why I love my ‘hood!

  • Rave: Sunshine!
    Rave: This past weekend was so good for my friendships and my state of mind even though it started off a bit rocky
    Rant: I got nothing done that I needed to and I skipped my exercise plans both days ๐Ÿ™ Disappointed in myself.
    Rave: Can feel myself slowly moving on. The breakup still hurts horribly but I can feel myself getting better. I hope this lasts. I’m terrified of the backslide.
    Rant: Had really really really disturbing dreams last night.
    Rave: Transferred my usual bi-weekly amount to my savings account this morning. Feeling so great that I have amassed a good chunk of money, makes me feel like a real adult (even though its probably not a lot by normal adult standards).

    • Meh, be proud of yourself. There will ALWAYS be someone richer and more successful than you. Do what you do, make yourself feel happy, and feel proud of yourself because you are doing the best you can.

      Even if its $100/2 weeks, that is more than probably 95% of the country, so you are doing quite well ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I watched Wolf of Wall Street this weekend. I feel ya ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Congrats on being a Saver! Next step, when you’re ready for a small challenge, is to find a place to put your money where it will get a better return on investment. Some of the online banks have better rates for savings accounts than the brick and mortar banks do, and an index mutual fund might also be a good place to park some of it.

    • Put half that money in a low cost index fund. You ain’t getting squat with it in a savings account. The index fund is easy to liquidate if you need to sell your shares to pay for an emergency.
      I’m in the midst of rebuilding my emergency fund :-/

      • Emmaleigh504

        Rebuilding one’s emergency fund sucks. Mine got depleted twice in the past 18 months, still trying to get it back. Stupid medical/vet bills.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: sick, I blame the weather. Everything hurts.
    Rave: Got a raise at work. Although it is small, it’s more than I expected.
    Responsible (!!!): Set up account to put the extra money into savings automatically.
    Rave: I might become a grownup yet!

  • Rave: My peas are coming up – apparently the snow/ice/monsoon rains (almost 3″ this weekend) didn’t turn them into mush.
    And rave: I have two orchids getting ready to bloom – one has three stalks with buds.

  • Rant: Wife moves out tomorrow to her new apartment in EFC. Sad that this time has come, and it is truly happening.
    Rave: Wife moves out tomorrow to her new apartment in EFC. Excited to see what the future brings, and excited to move on with my life!

  • Rant/Rave–I am looking for a nutritionist, sick and tired of being sick and tired where my weight is conserned. Any recommendations? Thanks

  • Rant/Rave: Im going to accept a new job tomorrow and give notice to my current bosses.
    Rant: Im dreading giving my notice. Any tips on breaking the news? I genuinely like my bosses as people and I know I’ll be putting them into a tough spot by leaving.
    Rant: Im very nervous leaving the only job I’ve ever had.
    Rave: New job is a huge opportunity.

    • If your bosses really are Good People and you explain the new opportunities the new job will give you (or it is obvious to them), they will have nothing but best wishes for you. If they are not happy for you, they are not Good People and you should be glad to be going!
      Do your best to tie up loose ends before you go, don’t keep working for them after you leave but be available for an occasional follow-up question (where were files saved, what’s the name of your contact in office X, etc.), and they’ll still be happy to provide references for you. And all the best at the new job!

    • Just be very straight forward and business. Not to the point of being a robot but say “I’ve decided to take an opportunity elsewhere but I have very much enjoyed my time here.” Offer to help with any transition efforts. congrats!

    • I just did this today! I was also terrified. My boss was very supportive (definitely not what I expected) I was just honest and very thankful and promised to finish out projects

  • Rant: It shouldn’t be THIS hard to find childcare!!!! Other than the numerous day cares I paid good money to have our names on a wait list, we are now using our parents – who live out of town – to help us out. We hired a nanny last week to start today – she texts the other mom in our share (which is now disolved!) to say she took a job with another family. Yesterday she does this. This is our 4th hired nanny. We had to fire the one who actualy started because she was really taking subpar care of the kids – especially mine (sitting in dirty diapers, he wouldn’t eat for her, never holding the kids, etc).
    Rant: I really don’t know what I’m going to do. WTF, DC?

    • Check the Georgetown, Dupont, Burleith neighborhood listserv archives (I don’t remember which one I saw this on). A family whose kids have aged out have been plugging their former nanny, who is looking for something along the red line (no driving). A major source of volume on the Gtown and Burleith yahoo listservs is people promoting their former nannies, it might even be worth posting a note on those listservs to ask for recs.

      • I have only ever found nannies via list serves. Aside from the nanny who treated the kids pretty poorly, I’ve had one who was not legal to work in the US (and I loved her, but because of our jobs that was a significant problem), and three agreed to take the job and then “took jobs with other families” just prior to agreeing on their start date. I’m not sure I trust those resources anymore either. It’s taking a huge toll on me…sigh…

        • I feel your pain. Network with every single parent you know about potential available nannies. I found ours through a friends who had worked with her. Check all references and you have to be willing to compete financially. The most in demand ones get paid well. Our nanny had interviewed elsewhere but I know offered more money and built in a raise after 6 months. But so far its worked out great. Very happy now that we never got into day care.

  • Rant: Lots of cranky people at work and online today!

    Rave: I go to see my plastic surgeon today. I like saying thatโ€ฆ

    Rant: Heโ€™s a fashion-forward dresser and I always look semi-homeless.

  • Rave: Largely social weekend doing a million things with old/new friends. It was great, but man that cold rain was tough to slog through.
    Rave: Back to knitting last week and finished a scarf! First one in three years, thanks to all who inspired me here. Might pick up some circular needles and tackle a hat.
    Rant and Rave: Fire in our condo building on Saturday morning. Lots of smoke and panic but no one was hurt and the firefighters were quite funny/helpful after all was said and done.
    Rave: Taste of the Nation tonight! Very excited to be able to help out.

  • Rave-Baseball tix on friday and the day off.
    Rant-is it going to rain all day on Friday. This past weekend of rain/snow/wind was soul crushing.

  • Rave: Interviewing
    Rant: Waiting to hear back and going over every single one of my answers in my head, picking them apart, and doubting myself.
    Rave: Still managing to feel great about it.

    • Don’t stress over it – there’s nothing you can do. My best friend called me and told me she had a horrible interview that only lasted 12 minutes. And then two weeks later she called and said they offered her the position!

  • gotryit

    Rave: biked to work today – and getting more consistent. Excited about the ride home.
    Rant: forgot my dress shoes, so… walking around in bike shoes

  • RAVE: Excited about possibly moving to Boston (well, technically Medford) with my girlfriend. Real estate isn’t as bad I’ve been led to believe. I can also live near the beach for peanuts and surf all I want. Two hours from GF’s parent’s ski condo in VT, two hours from GF’s grandmother’s house in Newport, and two hours from GF’s parents in CT. Good friends’ family compound to visit on The Cape a few times each summer. I’d have a much nicer standard of living.
    RANT: Still not 100% sure she’s going to Boston or LA. Won’t know until mid May.
    RANT: Finagling a job transfer. Boston is easy. But if I want to go to the west coast, I’d be in San Fran and we couldn’t live together (aka spending way too much $$$$$ on separate apartments and traveling on the weekends to see each other).
    RANT: Music scene is pretty mediocre in Boston compared to DC, IMHO. Though, I’d still be 4 hours from NYC ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Why does D.C.P.D. require District residents to register pepper spray with the department after purchase? Seriously? Why on earth would they need to have this info on file, and, why would anyone in his or her right mind give it to them of their own volition? It’s none of their damn business if a law-abiding citizen is carrying pepper spray for his or her own personal protection. Are the thugs and crooks walking into D.C.P.D. to declare their knives and guns? Really, they’re not?!!

    Let them issue people a citation if they use pepper sprays in legitimate self-defense and get stopped afterwards. I can’t think of anything more ridiculous.

    • Most likely because it’s an extra charge they can tack on if someone commits a robbery or felonious assault with pepper spray/stun gun. It’s a way to increase the penalty on delinquents who use them as weapons, rather than for self-defense purposes.
      Fwiw, I don’t have my pepper spray registered and I had it delivered to my GF’s address in Virginia.

    • But you’re *not* a law-abiding citizen if you’re a DC resident carrying unregistered pepper spray – and upholding the law is precisely their damn business. See how that works? I get your point but you gotta tighten up your argument.
      But seriously, if you feel this way, just get the pepper spray and let them cite you when you use it, like you say. You’re going to give yourself an infarction for nothing over this. Whew.

  • Rave: I wore thigh high stockings on the off chance of a quickie in an inappropriate place tonight.
    Rave: I can tell I like this guy – I don’t usually think like this!
    Rave: And it feels really good (and a little dirty).

  • Rave: So far so good in the pregnancy.
    Rant: Work situation very iffy. Getting laid off while pregnant is looking like a very real possibility.

  • Can’t believe no rants or raves about the school lottery today!

    Rant: Kid didn’t get in to any of our top choice schools.
    Rave: He did get into A school which we don’t love but will try. Doesn’t feel like much of a school choice system.

    Thinking we’ll have to move to the burbs anyhow in the next few years, but at least we have a school we can try out for next year.

    • Your kid didn’t get into one of your top 3? Where was it on your list?

      • No, we got into our 10th choice. Which is close, but immersion for a language we’re not into. Lots of the highly regarded schools are quite hard to get into unless you’ve got a sibling going there or get in when they first open, unfortunately. Even some of the schools people thought were good safety choices aren’t really easy to get into.

  • Rant: Spotted three Muriel Bowser stickers on a Tommy Wells sign in the New Hampshire Avenue median near the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro station. Defacing another candidate’s signage = not cool.

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