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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Planning my first trip to the DC Costco tomorrow. Hope my liver survives.

    Rant: I’ll probably have to bike home in the rain today.

    Rave: I don’t care about getting wet because:

    It’s Friday, Friday
    Gotta get down on Friday
    Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend
    Friday, Friday
    Gettin’ down on Friday
    Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend

  • Rant: Just found out that yet another former coworker has been diagnosed with cancer. That makes three in the last year. The world can be weird and scary and cancer makes no sense.

    Rave: Going on vacation tomorrow to the desert. Thoroughly going to enjoy some nice dry heat and swimming every day. Excited to spend some time with my family especially after hearing my coworker’s cancer diagnosis. Extra hugs for everyone.

    • Is the cancer possibly related to your work?

      • 2/3s of humans get cancer. I and another co-worker had cancer within one year or each other. Many cases have unknown causes. That’s one of the scariest things about it. Just a part of life unfortunately. When you have cancer, you become accutely aware of just how many people have (had) it.

        I sincerely doubt it is do to the OP’s work environment (unless they all had the same type of cancer, which is very unlikely).

      • I highly doubt it, we all used to work together in a pub that had been renovated so no asbestos or anything. Each have a different type of cancer. Breast cancer, testicular cancer, and Hodgkins lymphoma. Two of them I know are/were heavy heavy smokers and drinkers which may or may not have contributed a bit.

  • Rant: Beginning to think many of the people I work with are delusional. We have a bunch of programs that are a MESS, also unnecessary and time-consuming. But everyone talks about them they like they are ideal and don’t need any changes and we should increase the amount of time we spend on them. I can see selling things as rosier to the outside, but internally? I don’t get it.
    Need a change of scene job wise, but realize I’ve worked myself into a bit of a corner and am not very competitive for similar jobs. Totally intimidated about trying to search with the feds or NGOs.

  • Interesting date last night. Don’t think I will see her again, but certainly interesting.

    Rant: went to Wonderland last Friday, per suggestions from the dating post, and the girl I chatted with most of the night, who gave me her number, said she was hoping I was asking on behalf of my friend. That was interesting 🙂

    Rave: Still had a lot of fun last week, and heading out this weekend to go to same spot with a buddy from Virginia.

    Rave2: Buddy is coming to help me return my broken washing machine to Lowes, and I will again be able to do laundry!

    • Interesting like Martin Scorsese’s “After Hours”? Like Vince and Mia’s date in “Pulp Fiction”? We want details!

    • RE: the lady from Wonderland
      Wow, some people are just clueless. Did she think she’s in middle school again? Who asks for a friend instead of just directly expressing interest? It’s no wonder some people are helplessly single.

      • It was hard for me to understand haha. I said as we were leaving, hey I had a fun time with you tonight, and would love to see you again.. Can I have your number?

        Buddy of mine who was there was equally confused, with the same reasoning as yours from above.

        Oh well, her loss for sure. Onward and upward!

        • Ouch!
          On the broken washing machine… can’t you get Lowe’s to pick it up without charge, if you’re returning it because it’s broken?
          When I had a washing-machine disaster a few years back — new machine broke after 6 months and SEVEN repair appointments (with the incompetent A&E Factory Service) couldn’t fix it, I think eventually I persuaded Home Depot (or maybe it was Lowe’s) to pick the damn thing up and give me my money back.

  • justinbc

    Rant: STK is somehow one of the vendors for CityPaper’s “Best of D.C.” affair this year, despite the fact they’re 1) not even open yet, and 2) will likely never be called “best of” anything with a positive connotation during their brief tenure here in DC.
    Rant: Why are almost all my PoPville ads somehow related to butts? I promise that’s not a regular search item for me. It’s definitely caused a few awkward/embarrassing conversations.

    • agreed on your rant! POP, can you do something about these ads? That video with scantily clad women is back too. It’s reaching the wrong demographic with me 🙂

    • gotryit

      +1 I noticed the same thing on the PoP ads although I’m not sure if it’s a rant or rave.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I usually get lots of butts, but today I got side boob 🙂

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Are these ads on the right side of the page or from the “more for you part” underneath posts? Thanks.

    • Yeah the ads are getting super annoying and distracting. When I’m taking a break in my office and I scroll down to see half naked women in the ads it’s not exactly great…

    • For some reason I always get super close-up photos of eyeballs on PoP ads, and it always creeps me out.

        • I just looked more closely at the eyeball pic and it has a small cross in the eyeball (makes it even more creepy!) with a caption that says “what does the bible says about investigation?” Seriously?? I am totally not the target audience for that ad! I dunno what is going on with these “more for you” ads they are totally bizarre.

          • justinbc

            What does the Bible say about investigation? Haha, seriously? That’s so vague!

          • My creepy eyeball pic says “investing” — which is maybe marginally less creepy than “investigation”. Seriously, my PoP ads among the strangest mix that I get on any site — and SO not related to any of my interests , or browsing habits as far as I can tell.

          • WHAT is the “Testosterone Booster Takes GNC By Storm” a picture of?

          • Emmaleigh504

            Yeah that GNC creeps me out. It looks like an alien.

          • The “testosterone booster” image looks like some kind of cross between a dreamcatcher and a c*ck ring.

        • I just looked more closely at the eyeball pic and it has a small cross in the eyeball (makes it even more creepy!) with a caption that says “what does the bible says about investigation?” Seriously?? I am not the target audience for that ad! I dunno what is going on with these “more for you” ads they are totally bizarre.

    • gotryit

      Can I take a yearly subscription option in lieu of the ads? It’s not like I click on them anyway…

  • Rant: I got half way to the office before I realized that I forgot my laptop. I got off the bus, headed home, and took a cab to work. Argh.
    Rant: Stupid work projects that are requested with no time to prepare even though the powers that be knew about this meeting for WEEKS in advance.
    Rant: The ac is on in my office, and I”m freezing. Wow, I am grumpy today.
    Rave: THE WEEKEND! Almost there.
    Rave: Good things happen in the lives of the people I love.
    Rave: Having the good sense to stop every once in awhile and realize how lucky I am to have such an awesome community of friends and such a supportive partner.

  • Neither rant nor revel: Trying to decide if I should vote for the person I would like to win (Tommy Wells), or vote strategically for the person I think is most likely to beat gray (Bowser). Thoughts?

  • Rave: Just got Jeff Tweedy tickets.
    Rant: For two $50 tickets, they charged $17 “service fee” and $4 “order processing fee.” 21% in additional fees is ridiculous.
    Rave: It looks like it sold out quickly, and I actually got tickets.

    • justinbc

      I had the same thing for the Chromeo tickets I just bought for U Street Music Hall. 2 x $40 tickets with $11 in fees = 27% extra.

    • I had 4 tickets in my shopping cart to the tune of $238. $60/ticket was too rich for my blood. It’s not like the rest of his band is taking a cut of that price!

      • judging by how quickly the tickets went, you could have probably bought 4, sold 2 on CL for double, and gone for free. I used to do that, but now I’m just too lazy.

        • I don’t like to sell tickets for substantially more than I paid – I feel like I would be messing with my concert ticket karma. I once tried to sell a ticket to a sold out 930 Club show for $1 more than face value (surcharge for buying at box office) and the doorman wouldn’t let me. Was just trying to recoup my full outlay.

  • Rant: Came home last night to find out someone in my condo building fell from his 8th floor balcony. Still not sure if it was accidental or a suicide but last I heard he was dead. Its kinda morbid walking through the lobby and seeing the cleaning crew in the area where it happened. He didn’t hit the ground, rather there’s a concrete arch and that’s where he landed.

    Rave: It’s Friday, and I’m going to wingstop tonight.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Head honcho working from home so the office had a nice long morning conversation.
    Rave: I got to teach my coworkers about Gary Ridgway and Richard Ramirez.
    Rant: The party got broken up before I could tell them about Derrick Todd Lee.

    • Are you my twin? I have a pretty unhealthy fascination with serial killers as well that I do not break out as a conversation topic on first dates. Anymore.

      • Emmaleigh504

        lol I have more useless information than I know what to do with, not just about serial killers (tho they are fascinating).I try to hold back on first encounters too, but it’s difficult 🙂

      • RachNE, I had to chuckle at the “Anymore.” 🙂

    • Washington pride, baby! 😛

      My friend that still lives in the Seattle area has the last name Ridgway and during his trial people thought she was related to him.

      • Emmaleigh504

        ack! Did your friend get calls from reporters? Or just nosy questions and stares from people she met? Either way ack!

    • Ahh…I’m from Baton Rouge and talk about Derrick Todd Lee whenever serial killer come up in conversation.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I was in grad school at LSU during that time and had to travel back and forth between BR and NOLA for a night class. fun times.

  • Rave: Great wedding, beautiful weather, can’t wait for photos from Pablo 🙂
    Rave: Incredible honeymoon, but after 3 weeks, glad to be home.
    Rant: Important family who couldn’t attend the wedding due to a recent cancer diagnosis. We used Facetime on an iPad so she could still attend the wedding, which was awesome, but my heart is aching over the diagnosis.
    Rant: Forgot to bring my PoP shirt on our honeymoon.

  • PoPville poll: You’re offered a job, and your future supervisor characterizes the work situation as “there are opportunities in chaos”. Do you take the job? Why or why not?

    • What’s the pay?
      What is the nature of the chaos?
      Is it work I really believe in?
      How are the people?
      Whats the dress code?
      What is the culture of the office?
      Is there telecommuting?

    • depends.

      a) do you like chaos?
      b) how much power will you have? ie, are you going to be working for a chaotic boss, or be the boss of a bunch of chaotic people who you can instruct/fire?
      c) will it look good on your resume in case you hate it and want to leave?
      d) do you have the energy to take this on, or are other facets of your life already stressful?
      e) would it be a big raise?

    • It depends on whether you think you’ll thrive in the chaos or it will make you less productive. Everyone is different. I would run like the wind, but I appreciate a sense of order when it comes to work.

    • It would depend on other information (salary, subject matter, expected hours etc), but since that’s absent, just based on what you posted, I would definitely take it. In the past similar situations have worked out well for me and as a bonus your future supervisor seems honest.

    • Hehe, that reminds me of a job posting that said “we don’t overstaff our matters.” I took that to mean “you will have so much work you will be curled in a ball under your desk by day two.”

    • saf

      I don’t. I am tired of chaos, most of which is easily preventable.

  • Rant: My sister had to put their older dog to sleep last night, probably the sweetest dog we’ve known. The pic of my nephews hugging him made me cry.

    Rave: Interesting date last night. Pretty sure it wasn’t with Anon as I can’t picture the guy at Wonderland. Got an excellent dinner out of it and I’m calling it a good practice date regardless of the outcome.

  • Rant: I’ve been seeing more and more people walking their dogs on prong collars. I’m not talking about low-life thugs, I’m talking about presumably educated yuppies. I just can’t believe how many people are turning to this method when there are so many better, safer options available. No matter what prong advocates say, it is harmful to your dog both physically and mentally. Just google prong collar injuries.

    • I used a prong collar on my dog when he was younger, and I’m not a low life thug. But thanks for your judgmental attitude. Maybe you don’t know everything and there are other valid opinions and research in support of prong collars.

      • Erroneous!
        There can be only one side to this story.

      • If you read my post correctly I said I’m NOT talking about low-life thugs. I said I’m talking about presumably educated people.
        Look, I’ve volunteered for the past five years with an organization that works with reactive and aggressive dogs. Often someone will come in and say “my dog used to be fine with other dogs but started barking and growling when she sees another dog on our walks.” When we ask what sort of equipment they use many times the answer is “prong collar.” It’s not rocket science. If your dog sees another dog, pulls to greet them and is then jabbed by a prong, they will equate seeing another dog to pain, thus over time, start to become fearful or reactive.
        If you think using pain is a valid way of training your dog, then I feel sorry for him. Just because your particular dog didn’t have lasting psychological effects doesn’t mean it isn’t a huge problem. No wonder we see more and more reactive/aggressive dogs coming to us for help.

    • or just google prong collar benefits. this is from the first website that came up:
      Of all the tools used in dog training, perhaps none is more widely misunderstood and maligned than the prong collar (also known as the pinch collar). Many well meaning but misinformed people assume that judging by it’s looks, the prong collar is a barbaric device intended to “stab” a dog’s neck in order to correct misbehavior. While walking my own dogs I have encountered complete strangers who think nothing of telling me how cruel I am to use such a harsh device. While I am indifferent to this type of comment, I worry that similar incidents will drive responsible dog owners away from using this excellent, effective, kind (yes, kind) training tool on dogs that benefit from it the most.
      Sound like anyone you know?

      • It annoys me when people think a training collar is a “choke collar.” The collar doesn’t choke the dog. It adds a slight discomfort to the neck, which the dog learns to associate with a command. Doesn’t hurt the dog at all. I’ve successfully trained three dogs with training collar. Usually people who call it a choke collar walk their dogs with those horrible retractable leashes – probably the worst dog related invention ever made!

      • For the record, I DO NOT approach people on the street about it. I do feel very bad for the dogs though. Seriously. Put a prong collar on and give it a really good yank. I don’t mean a gentle tug. It isn’t comfortable.
        Honestly I really can’t believe so many of you are pro-prong collar. Where are the people who use non-antiquated training philosophies and methods? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering how many people I see walking around with them…

        • Eh. My parents’ dog has a prong collar, because he was impossible to walk on a leash (his lunging nearly dislocated my shoulder on several occasions). His trainer recommended it. We all tried it on ourselves first, because prong collars really do look like torture devices, but found that while it was a bit uncomfortable when yanked, it wasn’t painful. They don’t jab – the prongs distribute pressure around the neck.

          It worked for him – years later he is happy and (mostly) well-behaved on the leash, he can get several long walks a day without injuring my parents or other people walking him, and he is calm and pleasant around other dogs and people. So I’m a prong collar convert. I don’t think they’re necessarily harmful at all.

        • I’ve never used more than a gentle tug with my dog and a prong collar. Guess you don’t know how to use them, but are completely judgmental about them.

      • Also, where did you find that quote? Anyone can get on the internet and claim prong collars are “kind.” I have no idea who this person is so who knows if they know what they’re talking about or not.

        • As I said, google “prong collar benefits” and it’s the first link. From people who train dogs.
          And for the person who said “Seriously. Put a prong collar on and give it a really good yank. I don’t mean a gentle tug. It isn’t comfortable.” If you’re using a prong collar correctly, you don’t need to “give it a really good yank.” Like many things, you actually have to use it properly. Your analogy is like saying no one should drive cars because people who drive cars over 100 miles an hour get into a high percentage of deadly crashes.
          There have also been studies where necropsies were performed on many dogs. The ones who had worn prong collars their entire lives had a significantly lower rate of neck and trachea injuries than dogs who used other collars. If you need citations, google it yourself because I’m not your research assistant.

    • Are you suggesting that it’s not possible to be a “presumably educated yuppie” and ALSO a “low life thug”? Most of the true “thugs” that I have personally known have been “presumably educated” — although not necessarily “yuppies”.

    • Is a gentle leader much better? Used one with my dog for a while and he was miserable having a strap around his snout. Once we moved to a prong collar he became much better behaved and overall in a better mood on his walks.

      • I would say it isn’t. I cringe when I see those too. They can cause serious neck/spinal injuries. Really a front-hooking harness is your best bet to control a dog who has bad leash manners or pulls. Try the Freedom or Easy Walk. Personally I prefer the Freedom because it has both a front and back hook on it.

        • or keep using a prong collar, since it works for your dog and there’s ample evidence to refute everything this person is saying against them. You seem to think dogs are the same as humans. Have you ever seen huskies play? They look like they are tearing each other apart. But they aren’t. And their necks can handle the minor pressure of a prong collar even if your neck can’t.

  • Rant: I woke up with itch, tearful eyes. For the second day in a row. Is this, like the proverbial robin, becoming one of my reliable signs of Spring?
    Rave: Had a great time hanging out with an old friend. I need to do more mid-week stuff like this!
    Rant/Rave: I need to clean up my act.: Clean out my closets, find a healthier diet for the long haul; blah, blah, blah.
    Rant: What I REALLY need is sunshine. Fingers crossed.

  • Rant: Drizzly rain on bike ride this morning.
    Rave: It’s the weekend and I’m still alive.

  • Rant: I need a hobby other than work, drinking, dining, and Netflix.
    Rave: I’m a very happy person in a happy long-term relationship with loving friends and family.
    Rant: I’m admittedly lackadaisical and I don’t show enough passion, thus the need for a great hobby.

    • Take some of mine! I have too many hobbies taking away time/energy from work, dining, and Netflix.

    • Learn a musical instrument.

      • Can you (or anyone else) recommend places that give adult music lessons? I used to play flute in high school and college, and I think it would be fun to get back into it. But I haven’t played in years.

        • House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park.

        • I’m pretty sure that the Levine School of Music offers lessons for adults, and I know that the Strathmore has programs that include novices. If you decide to veer off from flute in the direction of guitar/bass/banjo/mandolin and/or piano, I can recommend R Street Music (on S street) highly.

    • These are my exact rants/raves pretty much all the time. The crappy weather doesn’t help because it only makes me want to stay inside more often and watch Netflix!
      My rave – Traveling to Phoenix next week for a meeting. Even though it’s for work I’m looking forward to some warm sunny weather.

    • My Netflix addiction is preventing me from my hobbies. I may go off the grid and cancel Netflix…

      Some random ideas for hobbies: making lamps (really easy and few tools needed!), making leather goods (a friend in Bmore makes messenger bags and the like, apparently it’s easy, zen-inducing, and fun), write a long form article on something that interests you (drinking?)…

    • justinbc

      Sports! There is no shortage of leagues to join for all levels of athletic prowess or ineptitude.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I need a hobby besides Netflix too, so I think I’m going to learn Swedish. Seems like a great idea since I’m in love with the country and I’m terrible at languages 🙂 There is a class in VA on the weekends that I’m emailing now!

      • Where is this Swedish class – is it Svenska Skolan in Falls Church or something else? Would also love to learn Swedish beyond the few words I know now (I’m part Swedish and fantasize about going there sometime).

        Also, hobby suggestion: knitting!

        • Emmaleigh504

          Yep, that’s the one I found. I think there is another one, but I did the initial research a while ago. I emailed them today because they don’t have a Fall schedule. Hopefully they are still active. I would like to go to Sweden some day too.

      • Great suggestion.
        I think photography can be an intimidating prospect for people. They assume that you need to live somewhere majestic, have lots of money to spend, and already be an “artist.”
        You can get an entry level dSLR for a couple hundred bucks (I’m partial to Canon, and I think that my first body+lens ran me just under $500), and there is a reliable market for used equipment.
        Spend some time online or at the bookstore to get introduced to exposure and composition (if you do composition first, even fully automatic pictures can look great).
        And then realize that not every subject needs to be extraordinary. I used to challenge myself to walk in to a room and take pictures of the first 5 things I saw. It is a great way to begin tinkering with exposure.
        Head out for a walk and just start shooting [pictures]. Even if you just do this once a week/weekend, you will see that it doesn’t take long to get pictures that you are proud of.
        I converted my sister a couple of years ago with this same advice. Now I’m trying to get my mother as well, and it seems to be working.

  • Rant: I have seriously had it up to HERE with the “Friends of McMillan.” Photos were posted from a recent fundraiser they had, and there was an “Idea Board” where people could write what they wanted to see. “Undergound laser tag”, “water features,” “a theater” were all among the ideas.

    A) They don’t even agree with each other, they just unite in opposition.
    B) They have NO evidence that there is any real economic viability for any of their ideas.
    C) They will never, ever, succeed. Which annoys me even more, because at this point I just want ANYTHING built there, even if it was an underground laser tag. Because then at least that could fail and we could move on. But they are just going to hold up any development to absolutely no end.

    And what sucks is that they continue to be the loudest, most irritating voices in the room and so nothing gets approved.

  • Rant: My rants have been the same for about two weeks. You guys must be sick of them because I sure as hell am.

  • Rant: People who will not give you adequate personal space to do business transactions. I’m in line at Starbucks and when I got called to the next register, homegirl behind me damn near moves to the register WITH me. Back up off me! I hate hate hate when people do this!
    Rave: Brunch with a classmate from college tomorrow. It’s so nice to connect with a familiar face every now and then and especially with someone who “knew you when”…

    • Last week at the supermarket the guy in line behind me was antsy and about 3 inches behind me the whole time we were waiting. And he stayed that close even as I was in the stage where you have to go back and forth (move forward to swipe your store card, move back to get last items onto the belt, etc.). It’s not like crowding me was going to make the cashier work any faster. I finally turned to him and said, “a little space, please.” Which totally amused the cashier.

      • How about the fellow shopper who leans on your grocery cart, since you’re in front of it. WHO THINKS THAT’S OK??? I have had to say “please stop bumping me with my cart” more than a couple times.

    • I was waiting in line at a 7-11, I paid the cashier, and was standing there with my coffee waiting for him to retrieve the other item I purchased. Dude behind me reaches across me, the credit card machine and practically puts his 2 liter soda under the cashier’s CHIN. I said “EXCUSE ME, I haven’t received all of my purchases yet!”

      We’re trying to live in a society, people.

    • or using the self-checkout at Harris Teeter, scanning a bottle of wine and being told to show ID, walk away to show ID and come back to find a person at your checkout trying to scan their stuff. Umm, there’s a reason all my groceries are still here. It’s because I’m not finished and just had to show my ID. Now get back in line.

  • Rave: Back to the Blender Boogie for meals. Last night “Death by Garlic” with Trader Joe’s Many Clove Garlic Sauce, TJ’s grilled asparagus, TJ’s kalamata olives, TJ’s ground turkey, TJ’s chicken broth and some flax seeds. Yes, I’m shilling for a sponsor : -)

    Rant: Trying to sneeze with 50% of your mouth sewn up. Ah AH AHHHHHH (smush)!

    • I forgot to mention the TJ’s Quinoa…gotta have a super food!

    • You’ve been a great and inspiring “dinner muse”. I’ll probably do a shrimp and asparagus omelet with kalamata hummus for dinner. Thanks much for the idea — I REALLY need to cook more!
      I’m glad that you can still find humor in this — and hope that you can smile and laugh a bit without untoward mishaps. I really am sorry for your plight — but you should know that “(smush)” gave me my first twitchy giggle of the day!

    • When I invent a way to prevent sneezing, I will make ONE MILLION DOLLARS from the post-surgical market. I’ve had abdominal surgery a couple of times, and there is no fear like the fear of a post-surgery sneeze.

      • If you feel a sneeze coming on, you can press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. It’s quite effective at preventing the sneeze.

  • Rant: Having strange dreams about someone I’ve cut out of my life for very good reasons. I have no regrets but its very eerie and troublesome.
    Rave: Big test will be over with this weekend and then I get to have a life again!

  • justinbc

    Rave: Yesterday’s light jacket weather now upgraded to cardigan weather. Please don’t go!

    • Really? I’m still wearing my winter coat and a scarf.

      • justinbc

        Haha well I suppose everyone has different tolerances 😉 I’m also usually in shorts the moment it hits 60 (and often freezing my ass off the moment I’m in the shade).

        • You were probably the guy I saw walking around shirtless outside Eastern Market last weekend (while I was bundled in coat, sweatshirt, sweater, and scarf). I always thought of myself as having a high tolerance for cold though (I love winter and don’t mind being outside when it’s very cold out) but maybe that’s because I dress appropriately for it.

          • justinbc

            I’ve never walked through Eastern Market shirtless, so definitely not me! I think more of it for me is stubbornness to accept cold days when I can see warm on the horizon. My Southern blood aches for warmth, so I’m quick to embrace it even when it’s ill-advised. Trust me I’ve got a fair collection of shearling lined everything for the days when I really need it! Things I did not own living in Charlotte: beanies, scarves, non-work-related gloves, coat lined with insulated material, basically anything wool … haha, had to totally change my wardrobe for this darn town!

          • You must be very hardy. I am from Vermont and I’ve rarely visited NC (even in March or April!) that I don’t need a warm coat (with lining) and a scarf!! I’ve never understood why people who live in the south claim they don’t need to own sweaters or coats, I’ve needed them nearly every time I’ve been there (if only for the air conditioning if I’m there in warmer months).

          • justinbc

            Oh I definitely owned sweaters, and light coats, but never needed anything heavy. The weather there rarely drops below freezing, and the winter season is usually pretty short. By comparison, Charlotte averages about 63 days per year below freezing, and DC averages about 112. It was even better when I lived in Wilmington where they only average 41 days 🙂

  • epric002

    rant: 6 weeks now and my company continues to eff up my transit benefits deduction. this time, they took an extra $130 out of my paycheck, just for funsies. the incompetence is staggering.
    rave: friday
    rant: almost run over in the kansas/quincy crosswalk last night. especially frustrating since DDOT is refusing to make that intersection a 4 way stop, and their reasons change with each interaction.
    rant: i had more rant/raves, but my browser crashed before i posted and now i can’t remember them.

    • Emmaleigh504

      ugh my company did that to me. They didn’t take out my transit for 3-4 months and then took it all at once with no warning. Later they did the same with my 401k deductions. Clearly not the brightest people work in that department.

      • epric002

        the only good i’m getting from this incredibly time consuming and frustrating colossal fuck up, is *always* check your paystubs carefully. my personal motto is “i don’t do math in public”. apparently the payroll department ought never to attempt to do math again. i couldn’t have screwed this up this badly if i tried.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I told one of the payroll people that was trying to explain my transit benefits to me that she was wrong about how metro works (they are out of state). Then I got hauled into the head honcho’s office for talking back or some such nonsense. His parting words were, “It doesn’t have to be fixed in a day.” By this point it have been over a week and it was still not fixed. I’m surprised I didn’t throttle him on the spot. Luckily, it only took 3 weeks to fix the transit benefits.
          Later my payroll department gave me tips on how to prevent them from messing up my deductions in the future. I think that pissed me off more than the actual mistakes. Seriously, you want me to do extra work so you don’t have to do your job well? It’s crazy-making.

          • I spent TWO YEARS!! sorting out problems when I changed my transit contribution from like $40 to 20/ month. That was all I changed! And it took them 2 years to get it right! Meanwhile my card kept filling up to the limit and I had to ask my friends to use it so the money wouldn’t just vaporize.

          • epric002

            ugh. y’all, this is not making me optimistic. fortunately, i have a good VP. he knows about the situation (though we both thought they’d finally *fixed* it for real). he will be getting a phone call from me about this. the best part about all this is they’re not even putting the extra money they’re taking out of my paycheck in my transit account- they’re essentially just STEALING my money. the transit provider is equally culpable for all the fuckups, they started this shitstorm by messing it up to begin with and silly me, i had our HR/payroll folks get involved to try and fix it. BLARG!

          • Emmaleigh504

            With me it took the transit benefits company to actually tell me where all the money was. My payroll office didn’t know, they just said they had to take it out all at once since the forgot to do it. The transit company was very helpful and told me exactly where the money was and how to use it without it getting taxed.

          • epric002

            the transit company is terrible. they started this whole fiasco by telling me that my deductions for the following month were due by the 13th. i submitted mine on the 12th, and then they told me that was too late, ignored all subsequent attempts at communication by me, and then refused to fix the issue when i (stupidly) got HR/payroll from my company involved. everything since then has been an attempt to fix the original error which has only resulted in them taking more and more money out of my paycheck and not allocating it towards transit, or anything else for that matter.

        • Speaking of monnitoring paystubs, my employer recently went to some new payroll service, and now only 2 or 3 deductions per paycheck are itemized and the rest are lumped together as “other deductions.” It’s impossible to check if things are being handled right, I don’t even know how I would figure out how much should be going to social security or whatever, and I’d have to know that to figure out if the amount being contributed to my retirement, etc. is correct or even happening. This format shouldn’t be legal.

          • epric002

            ew. i have no idea whether or not that’s legal, but i would totally be the squeaky wheel and email/call after every paystub and have them itemize if for you.

          • I didn’t realize the issue until I went to do my taxes. There is some deep dark area of the web that has the info, but not in a format that is easy to access (basically a different screen for each deduction). I do need to call HR about it, but I suspect they will offer that as the solution. Which basically means I have to manually produce my own paystub every month.

  • *Rave* – excited about going to The Engine Room tomorrow at Channel Inn. It’s one of my favorite bars in the city and one of the last of its kind (1970s hotel bar whose crowd has aged with it). Unfortunately, it closes for good Monday due to the SW waterfront redevelopment.
    *Rant* – missing an ex a lot, even though I ended things and part of me is still thinks that was the right decision.
    *Rant* – I feel like I’ve become a complete recluse, despite going out a fair amount. I think this might be related to the rant above.

    • Another rant: the explosion of SEO. Upworthy’s “You won’t believe what happens next!” headline writing has taken over Buzzfeed, much of CNN, and is creeping into the Washington Post. The Post had a terrible one a couple of weeks ago, something like – “Tragedy struck this woman. Find out what compounded it!”

      • jim_ed

        I noticed WaPo had a huge rash of the Upworthy headlines on Twitter a few weeks ago and it was INTOLERABLE. They seemed to have cut back on it recently though.

        • There are some obnoxious ones right now.
          “I’d never been kissed before. Now the guy I’m seeing is moving way too fast.”
          “Rogers’s retirement sets off a scramble for his Michigan seat. Here are the ones to watch.”
          “See where every execution has taken place since 1977, in one map”
          “One weird trick that could save the PC”

          That last one is sadly not a joke

  • Rave: Teleworking with my warm cuddly cat on my lap.
    Rant: My cat stopped sleeping with me about a year ago (after 6 months of sleeping at the foot of my bed every night). She’s slept with me occasionally since then, but I haven’t been able to get her back for good.
    I think she stopped sleeping with me because I was a little too rough in depositing her on the floor when she started pawing my chin early in the morning. Any advice on winning her back?

    • Rub your chin with catnip?

    • Maybe give her a good rubdown before bed…she will get tired and plop right down next to you. Or play with her on your bed, right before bedtime, so she gets tired and passes out right there.

  • this is a rant/rave as there is some good, but at what cost to the local pets in need of homes. i saw in the post this morning that warl was bringing in homeless dogs from russia to get adopted here since it was discovered at the olympic games that they were shot ting them to keep the streets stray free. my problem with this is that there hundreds of dogs looking for homes in our area that will be put down as there are not enough homes for them.

    • I hear you, but saving a dog is saving a dog- no matter where they come from. My guess is those dogs will be adopted very quickly just because of the publicity surrounding them and their spots at the shelter will once again be open for local animals to fill.

      • Yeah. I also think that some potential dog owners get scared away by the big bad bully breeds at shelters here. Homeless dogs elsewhere are usually mixes that are foreign to us, or breeds such as Canaan (Middle East). Perhaps these dogs that don’t look as threatening will attract people who otherwise wouldn’t adopt at all.
        (I’m all for the bully breeds, but also know people in the ME that work to adopt out Canaans to the US.)

    • I saw that post, and WARL is the one that took them in. One other thing to consider is that WARL will get increased donations from that publicity, which will help them rescue more animals. So I kind of see it as a good thing.

    • I feel the same way. Agree that the whole pity publicity machine may be generally good for raising awareness about adoptable dogs – while also annoyed that 100 or more adoptable dogs from US shelters will now likely die because emotion is devoted elsewhere.

  • Does anyone know of a store around downtown that carries Doctor Who novelty gifts? Birthday brunch tomorrow for a huge DW fan, and I bet he’d really like a TARDIS desk set or something. I don’t have time to go out to the burbs.

    • I don’t know for sure they have anything, but my first stop if I were looking for something like that would be Chocolate Moose.

  • Rant: Graham/ Gray rally at the Whitelaw at 13th and T. illegally parked cars at each corner including one bearing a Graham poster and another one a DC car.

  • Rant: Overdramatization of EVERYTHING. “I was almost run over by a car!” Translation: A car passed close enough to me to make me uncomfortable. “My dog almost dislocated my shoulder!” Translation: My dog is strong and pulls a lot. “Food was so bad I almost vomited.” Translation: The food didn’t taste good.
    I dismiss people who attempt to imbue every incident with Hollywood-level drama.

    • epric002

      i assume you’re referring to my rant in your rant. how would you describe a situation in which you are halfway through the crosswalk when you realize the car traveling towards you has not and has no intention of slowing down? they did not notice me until i waved my arms frantically above my head, at which point they slammed on the brakes. is that a close enough call for you? i’ll be sure to run all future rants through you, dear anonymous, since you appear to be blessed with a clairvoyant understanding of my own personal experiences.

      • Maybe that Anonymous is the same person from yesterday who made the toxic response to the woman who felt that she and her friends were growing apart because her friends were having babies. Sheesh — what’s with dismissing people’s feelings and saying they can’t possibly be legitimate?

        • It is possible to hold two truths. “Overdramatization of EVERYTHING.” is totally true. Your own personal experience (dangerous crosswalks and babies) is also true. Be at peace Grasshopper.

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