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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Can’t be mad at the people from Oculus for taking the huge pay day, but I’m not happy with Facebook buying them. The Rift just moved from “interesting” to “something I’ll never touch” for me.

      • Development will benefit from the additional resources FB brings, but I would have preferred those resources came from a company whose chief gaming experience was with something other than Farmville.

      • Typical Facebook “purchase” – some cash (certainly a lot by any measure) but the vast majority of the price paid is in Facebook stock. So the bigger payday only happens if Facebook pays off, which it may or may not – Personally, I think it won’t.

        What’s really interesting is the vitriol directed at Oculus by some of the people who funded the company on Kickstarter. I can’t help but wonder whether these folks are angry because they feel the company sold out, or angry because their investment laid the groundwork for the founders of this company to make $400 million in cash while the Kickstart funders got squat – except for the satisfaction that their investment helped make a few people millionaires.

  • Rant: I’m so over the snow! (I’m snowver it.) The last straw was this morning when I broke my snow scraper trying to get the snow and ice off my car. Even my snow scraper decided it was a flake too far.
    Rave: dinner with my sister tonight.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Found the artist we want to mural the side of our rowhouse!
    Rant: No idea what it’s going to cost yet, especially since she’ll have to come down from Brooklyn to do it.
    Rave: Another outstanding haircut from Melissa at Trim, so glad I was referred to her after my previous stylist ditched down.
    Rave: This is a retro-rave from last week, but that PhoWheels taco pop-up at Dodge City was outstanding. Can’t wait for a round 2 somewhere, and hopefully a brick and mortar in their future.

    • ssshhhhh don’t let the secret out too much about Melissa. She’s great. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • justinbc

        Trust me, I was hesitant because I had to wait 2 weeks for a booking this last time (and it had already gotten too long). But good service folks deserve good respect!

    • Just curious, were you unable to find anyone locally to do it? Then again, maybe you weren’t interested in a portrait of Bill Cosby or something that looks like it’s from a Gorillaz album cover ๐Ÿ™‚

      • justinbc

        I definitely wasn’t opposed to someone local, I just hadn’t seen anything that struck me as my style. I actually found this girl at Crafty Bastards here a few years ago and loved her stuff, but it wasn’t until we were playing around with the idea that we found out she’s a NY’er.

    • Is it really worth it to spend $45 on a hair cut? I like to keep mine fairly short and i just feel like its better to get two $20 hair cuts to keep it around that length, but i had a bad experience at diego’s last time i went so i am curious

      • justinbc

        It’s worth it to me if they actually do a good job. Just the idea of it is not worth it, but the girl I had previously ($40 per) I used for 3 straight years and she was phenomenal. I usually get my haircut about every 1.5-2 months, depending on the time of year, so it’s not that bad of a hit. I tried Diego’s for the cheap $25 route once and it was just awful. I felt like a sheep in line to get sheared. I also only use scissors on my hair, no clippers, and most of the cheaper places won’t do that. For a less expensive option, if you happen to live in Virginia, I really loved Young at TLC in Old Town (only her, she owns it, and the others there aren’t nearly as good). She runs about $30.

      • I got a guy in my office building on K Street who cuts for $25 (cash only) and is awesome. Way better than Diego’s – ugh, awful haircuts and rushes you out the door.
        I was paying $45-50 before to go to a salon stylist until 3 of my coworkers recommended the guy downstairs. My salon stylist was also changing salons every 6 months and raising the price by $5-10 every time he moved. I think his men’s cuts are now up to $60. Way too much money and hassle to keep up with him, imo.

    • I adore Melissa! She’s the best kept secret in the neighborhood.

  • Rave: Endorphins!
    Rant/Rave: Starting 30 Day Shred tonight. Terrified. Not really doing it to lose weight but rather to tone/strengthen so I’m excited that I should start seeing results by mid-April!

    • Good luck! I tried it and its surprisingly hard. But for a 30 min workout, its great and hits everything. Stick with it and you’ll definitely see results.

  • Rant-Jim Grahams desperate attempt to discredit Brianne Nadeau. She fully disclosed her bonuses but only argued that it shouldn’t count as annual income since it fluctauates. Maybe Jim is just confused because money wasnt being passed around in an envelope by his now convicted felon ex chief of staff? Bye Bye Jim.
    Rave-at least the sun is out. And I am eating dinner at Komi.

    • gotryit

      Yeah, I really can’t get excited about that “scandal”. I would also write letters to people in the city government if I needed some pressure on a city agency to fix something. Big deal. I do hope Nadeau gets elected.

    • It is interesting, but I don’t consider it damning. I don’t blame Graham for raising the issue, either.

      The HPAP program reduced the amount you could get between the time when she qualified and when she would have purchase (while the condo was being built). So few people could get a mortgage in those days that HPAP was not being utilized, anyway, so its not like she displaced another buyer. In any case, it is a loan, so she’s paying back the city as required.

  • Rave: Endorphins!
    Rant/Rave: Starting 30 Day Shred tonight. Terrified. Don’t really have any weight related goals but rather toning/strengthening ones so I’m hoping I won’t have any false hope that leads to disappointment. In any case, should start seeing results by mid-April which is exciting!

  • Rave: Acela VIP Lounge passes and court seats to tonight’s Wizards game. Not a basketball fan, but cannot pass up the opportunity to do it right!

  • Rant: jackhammering going on outside my window that is shaking the foundation of my building. hello, migraine.
    Rave: long distance S.O. just got his first interview in DC!

  • msmaryedith

    Not sure whether this is a Rant or a Revel–my work building is up for sale, and my (cheap) boss has suggested that instead of moving to other office space, we start working from home. This might be great, but I’m having a hard time thinking of all the things I would need for a proper set-up. We aren’t even able to telecommute at this point (everything is on a Network drive accessible only from the office), so I have no sense of how it would go. What would she have to provide me? Internet? A phone? Does she have to provide a desk or anything? I’m frustrated because I just moved into a MUCH smaller space and was planning to rent out the smaller second bedroom for at least the intern season, but if I’m going to be home all the time, I’m not sure that’s feasible. But I can’t really afford the apartment if I don’t rent out the second room at least part of the year. But I also hate the idea of setting up an office space in my bedroom, but that’s absolutely the only place it could go since my living space is small.
    Rant: I really hate my boss. She’s terribly cheap, and I suspect she is planning to have some sort of office place in her home now so she can write it off. She’s currently on a “business trip” to Europe that just happened to coincide with her daughter’s fancy-pants private school spring break, so I know she’s writing off her daughter’s meals, etc. She’s so shady.

    • Hope your boss doesn’t read the Prince.

      • msmaryedith

        She had to ask me how to compose a text not so long ago (and this is the Director/CEO of a nonprofit who pays herself more than 300k a year). She’s completely out of touch (and doesn’t live/work in DC). I think it’s safe to assume she doesn’t read PoP.

    • You would also be able to write off the home office, but that won’t cover the extra cost of missed rent.
      Will working from home impact your ability to actually do your work? Don’t underestimate the value of casual conversations with colleagues. Plus I live alone, it would not be good for my mental health to work at home alone every single day. But I know it works well for others.

      • I was thinking about setting up my second bedroom as a home office, too. I have a friend who has a home office and she said that there are some pretty strict rules about what else you can use it for, so if you’re thinking about doing this, it might be good to consult someone who knows what those rules are. Ultimately, I decided that I didn’t want to deal with the hassle for the deduction (but I only work from home once a week).

      • msmaryedith

        Anonymous, those are big parts of my concern. I don’t spend a ton of time chatting with coworkers, but I think it would reduce my productivity/make things more of a hassle if I didn’t have access to them. I suspect it may be bad for my mental health–I also live alone and don’t think it would be good to cut out that interaction.
        I tried to look into what you could write off, and it seemed like the write-off would only be a tiny fraction of what I could rent that second bedroom out for to a temporary roommate. I don’t think I could do any sort of write-off if I just have a desk in my bedroom. Plus I HATE the idea of working from my bedroom–I think bedrooms are for sleeping. I don’t even want a tv in there, so definitely don’t want my work station right next to me when I’m getting into bed. I am concerned that it would start to impact my sleep. And there is still a lot of printed material I have to consult on a regular basis (it isn’t on the web), so just figuring out where I’d put those manuals, a printer, a big enough docking station/monitor to get my work done, etc., has me overwhelmed.

        • justinbc

          If you had to do it in your bedroom that would absolutely stress me out. I completely agree with the bedrooms are for sleeping (with a few obvious exceptions). We finally went with the “no TV in the bedroom” rule with the new house and it’s been so much more relaxing.

          • msmaryedith

            I would absolutely have to. I don’t even have a table/chairs in my apartment–it would be desk in my bedroom, or sitting on the couch. And lately I’ve been having back issues and I definitely need a supportive desk chair if I’m going to have to be sitting all day. It’s stressing me out all around.
            Haha, yes, a few exceptions. But I don’t even have a digital alarm clock in my bedroom. I realized the light affected my sleep, so I have an old-school bell alarm clock (though I usually just set my iPhone alarm). The idea of WORKING all day in my bedroom has me seriously stressed out, but I don’t think I could do my work as easily on a laptop in a coffee shop or whatever. And even that scenario is not the best–I don’t want to start shelling out several dollars a day to be that a-hole who hogs the tables/wi-fi in coffee shops.

          • I don’t think this is the best solution, but if it comes to it many public libraries have nice spaces, and you don’t have to buy lattes to work there all day!

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’m with Justin, but I have horrible sleep issues. Only sleep in bed. No TV, no internet, no texting etc. If I do work in my bedroom (area, I have a studio) it messes up my sleep even more. But I do know some people who have no problem what so ever working, exercising, watching TV in their bedrooms, so do what is best for you.

    • justinbc

      Throw some sand under your desk to at least trick your mind? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • msmaryedith

        ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish my bedroom was that big!

      • Love this!!!!!! I might actually try a mini version of this. It would make my feet — and me — so, so happy!

      • Emmaleigh504

        That would be awesome for exfoliating one’s feet for summer sandals! Too bad my cat would use it for other purposes ๐Ÿ™

        • justinbc

          Yeah I’m constantly missing living at the beach, I so want to do this. But I know we’ll wind up getting another cat in a year or so once she’s finally done processing the loss of the last one, so it would just wind up pissing me off (no pun intended).

    • re home office deduction – the area must be used “exclusively and regularly” for the business. You can deduct a portion of utilities, mortgage/rent for that space but it may not amount to much. And if you don’t itemize your taxes this doesn’t benefit you at all.

    • Are you looking for another job? Sounds like the home office isn’t workable unless you use your second bedroom which means you lose out on that rent. It doesn’t seem reasonable for a boss to expect you to set up a home office because it saves her money – it will end up costing you money.
      What is the time frame for making this change? Is it a done deed?

      • msmaryedith

        The building is under contract but I think we’d have until late summer before we would have to be out. But yes, I think the logical conclusion is “get a new job.” Just easier said than done.

        • I think you should have a conversation with your boss to let her know that your living arrangements do not allow you to work from home (and there could be lots of reasons that wouldn’t be possible – roommate/spouse who is a music teacher or a day care provider or other disruptive at-home occupation, living in a small space like yours, etc.). Maybe there’s a compromise of the office paying for one of those communal office spaces for you? If it’s a cost-saving thing for them, then that would still cost them less than an eestablished office but would allow you to actually perform your job.

        • Would they pay for you to use a drop-in work space? I have no idea what they cost, but there is one in Dupont and seems way more ideal than working in the bedroom. The bedroom should be a happy place….

          • And this may be less convenient depending on where you live, but I believe The Hive in Anacostia also offers co-working spaces (and maybe with better rates than Dupont Circle-area due to lower overall real estate prices East of the River?)

          • I think there may also be something similar in the Tenley Circle area near the Metro.

  • Rave: Got my new LLC approved/launched through Legalzoom! One step closer to actually walking the walk when it comes to my entrepreneurial dreams.
    Question: need to set up a bank account now. Anyone out there with good suggestions on what bank they used for business account? Looking for low transfer fees, in particular.

  • Rant: co-worker is leaving
    Rant: going thru resumes for our other open position. We’ve already interviewed the best candidates. Boss didn’t like the one person who would be a good fit (the panel all agreed). They want the v. overqualified person with personality; I just want someone who can read a chart and who can do work.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Got out of bed in the worst mood, thanks insomnia.
    Rave: At work, being productive, and no longer hate everything. I might actually smile now and then ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rant: Show I like killed off a favorite character of mine (and the hottest character!)
    Rave: It’s a fantasy (scifi?) show so there is a possibility he will come back.

    • i dont want to ruin it for others, but is the show you are referencing on sunday nights?

      • Why do actors’ personal desires need to impact my beloved fictional world? I am right there with you Emilie.

      • Emmaleigh504

        No, Monday nights. I just watched it last night and was so disappointed!

        • I’m 90% sure you are referencing LG if it is a monday night scyfy show. WTH! Why did they do that?! One of my favorite characters too and I really liked where they were going with the romance. Not cool, LG. Not cool.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Yes! I loved the romance!! Those 2 are my favorite characters and they go and kill off 1 of them! Just plain evil..
            On the other hand, have you noticed that the other 1/2 of that romance looks different this season? Something is just off about the face, plastic surgery? Or maybe it’s the the hair?

          • I thought she looked different too this season but figured it was because she is getting older. She looks more like an adult now and less child like in the face, maybe late bloomer? Her hair is different, so it could just be that too. I’m not sure what it is, but she still looks pretty darn good. Also that scene! I didn’t know she could act so well! Made it even harsher.

          • Also, none of my friends watch or have even heard of this show so it makes me so happy to discuss this last episode. I’ve always wondered how big it is in Canada since it has so many seasons.

  • Rant: Pumping. It’s the worst. It makes me want to quit everyday and be a SAHM.
    Rant/Rave: Reorg is happening in our office. Maybe my position will be cut and I can be a SAHM?

    • i hear you on the pumping! i’ve been pumping at work for almost a year…3 times a day…that’s almost 750 times. ugh. the only thing that keeps me going is knowing it’s allowed me to keep nursing when we’re together. i really can’t wait to stop pumping, it’s going to feel so freeing!

    • Pumping sucks. My daughter spent the first 3 1/2 weeks of her life in the NICU, and because of the circumstances surrounding that, she never took to nursing, so I am still exclusively pumping. She is now almost 11 weeks old and I am already tired of it. I keep going because I know the milk is good for her, but I am already looking forward to being done, even if it is a long time from now.

      • pumping sucks and I quit at 4 months right before coming back to work, stopped nursing too. Don’t make yourselves crazy ladies. My kid is rock solid at 15 months and once I stopped I never looked back. Do what works for both your baby AND you.

  • Rant: Rudest break up text ever. Had me in tears. He hit on every insecurity all while telling me I am absolutely worthless.

    No raves because of that.

    • Rave: You’re free of a grade A dickbag? Anything awful he had to say only reveals nasty stuff about HIM. None of it’s about you.

      • thank you. my friends said the same. i know he had some insecurities, but i would never touch on them to hurt him the way he did me.

    • So why do you think he wanted to break up with you? Was he right about any of his rants or was he just being an @sshole

      • Sounds like the texter in question just arrived in this thread, lol

        • no! I am single (as hell) just very curious about relationship politics because every story is unique. Anyways maybe thats TMI revealing that

    • Sorry to hear that ๐Ÿ™

      You couldn’t have been dating too long if breakup was over text (unless he was a dick…). But in that case he shouldn’t have had to say much of anything aside from the timing not being right. So I guess either way he’s a dick.

      • binpetworth

        I had a good friend whose ex broke up with her by text–they had been living together for 5 YEARS…which shows you what an ass some people are. Apparently he concluded the text with “Maybe you want to talk about this when you get home?”

    • And via TEXT to boot? Geez. is that common these days? (I’ve been off the market for 7 years.) how cowardly!

    • So sorry this happened. I don’t know you, but I know you’re not worthless. And what a dick for a) breaking up via text and b) listing your insecurities. What a jerk! On to the next one!

      Can we get the actual text – just so we can bash him even more?

      • here’s the text….

        I am never going to speak to you again so you might as well stop calling me. If you were a super model, and the best sex of my entire life, the fact thatyou are selfish, rude, needy, boring, savagely racist, and quite possibly mentally ill, would make you impossible to put up with. The truth is that you are, in fact, bad in bed and would need to lose a substantial amount of weight to raise yourself up to the level of moderately unattractive, which means you have NO redeeming qualities.
        I was never actually sick this week. I actually felt great because I didn’t have to deal with you. The truth is you make me sick. Your bullshit, your saggy tits, your pathetic (albeit completely justified) insecurity. You are stupid, you’re ugly, and suck in bed. The only time being with you felt right was when I was pissing on your worthless face! Your going to die alone because your are impossible to love! the only reason I fucked you to begin with was because I was bored. It was the worst mistake of my entire life.
        You are a liar and a failure as a human being, and I would sooner pull out my own toe nails with a pair of pliers than suffer through another moment of dealing with you. Good bye.

          • ha. i wish it wasn’t. not sure where all the vitriol came from.

          • justinbc

            It just sounds so unnecessarily hyperbolic, like he was doing it for show (a blog post or something) or he got hacked or his friend stole his phone. I mean, pissing on your face? Savagely racist? Why include stuff like that unless to illicit some response from someone other than the reader.

          • I second this not being real. Who lets somebody piss on their face?

          • “Who lets somebody piss on their face?”
            You don’t read Savage Love, do you?

        • holy crap. this isn’t a breakup text. this is hate mail. you must have had some kind of fight or transgression or something to result in this. you cant just go from dating to THIS without some terrible interaction in between. can you?

          • i have no idea what happened. he told me he had the flu, so, i left him alone for a few days with just an occasional text to check and see if he was ok or needed anything. he said he was lying about the flu on monday, so i was like, ok. i didn’t really care, figured he just needed some space. then i got the text yesterday morning from out of nowhere.

          • Reminds me of the movie “In the Company of Men”

        • This is awful – who would write this to another person? How old is he? Did he treat you like this when you were dating him? Ugh.
          Chin up – you don’t deserve this.

        • whoa. he’s got issues that are in no way your fault. this much anger and hatred is not normal. i know it’s hard to see- but consider yourself lucky.

        • This is pure insanity. I am so sorry. You cannot let this get to you – this guy sounds like a psycho. The vitriol probably came from you not being more worried about him when he faked an illness. Your best move is to stay as far away as possible. And I wouldn’t take anything he says to heart. Hopefully this makes space for someone that appreciates who you are – not a weirdo!

        • Unless he is a flawless Adonis – disregard everything he said.
          delete this text. never look back at this relationship. focus on the positive. start by looking in the mirror and give your self ten minutes of compliments about all the things you love about you.

        • Wow, that guy is full of hatred. I don’t know what his problem is, but he sounds like an out-and-out misogynist.

        • Oh my God. I am so sorry that you had to be on the receiving end of that. He obviously has some serious issues for him to say something so incredibly mean and cruel to you. You don’t deserve that, you deserve so much better. I hate he reduced you to tears, but weeks/months/years from now you will be so glad he is gone. Imagine if he were your husband and talked to you that kind of way…in front of your children or your family? Better gone now.

          Lowkey though…you let him pee on you? I mean, to each his own, but that’s interesting. Still sorry you’re going through this BS.

          • That alone would seem to contradict all of his “bad in bed” jabs!

          • wasn’t my proudest moment. he was really keen on trying it, so i let him once.

          • Woah, so you actually partook in water sports?!? Where did you meet this guy? Fetlife?

          • No need to feel ashamed about trying something once, just as long as you weren’t coerced into doing it.

            I really feel for you, though. Just want to send you lots of e-hugs right now.

        • Mommy issues

        • Good lord. You dodged a bullet. What a dickbag. Even if all of these things were true (and they obviously aren’t) his personality comes through and he comes off as the bigger loser here. You should send him some pliers as a parting gift and tell him to enjoy himself in his future alone, because there is no way this a-hole will ever find the perfect flawless supermodel he is clearly searching for.

        • jim_ed

          Holy crap. I normally loathe the public airing of dirty laundry, but unless you’re underplaying something TERRIBLE that you’ve done to elicit this, maybe you should name the dude and save other people from whats clearly emotional abuse.

        • Wow, what a total douchebag. He obviously has a lot of self-hatred. Good riddance, I say.

        • Jeez! “me+u=:(” would have been much nicer.

        • gotryit

          If that’s not a joke, this guy has some mental problems… and that’s a best case scenario.

        • That’s some serious mental illness on display right there. My guess is undiagnosed schizoaffective disorder. The unforeseen violent outburst via text message, the delusional thought process, the projecting of issues onto you, concoction of a bizarre lie, etc.
          He probably needs a full battery of testing and mood stabilizing medication. The terrible thing about schizoaffective disorder is that you can lead a totally normal life for 20-30 years and then the symptoms arrive. The effects on men are much more severe than for women.
          Very sad to hear this happened to you. But please stay away from this man. My guess is that he will come to his senses, be confused about what happened, and then somehow apologize/ask for forgiveness. Unfortunately, episodes like these will continue more frequently and with greater severity over time without treatment.
          A life with him will be a life filled with pain and agony.

        • This is disgusting, misogynist, and completely out of line. I imagine that this is someone who has deeply embedded masculine insecurities and grossly incorrect assumptions about privilege and power. This is exactly the type of BoyMan that makes our gender look like asshats.

        • Emmaleigh504

          whoa! I think you dodged a bullet!

        • The only good thing about this is that there is absolutely no question that you are better off without someone this scummy, this evil, and this psychopathic in your life.

        • I’m only going to say this once. All of you judgmental jerks are basing your opinions on ONE SIDE of the argument. And for what it’s worth she ASKED to be pissed on so why don’t you think about what kind of person wants that.

          • Obviously, you wanted to participate as well, so why do we need to judge OP?

          • If a man CAN piss on someone, doesn’t that mean he can’t get it up? I mean… you have to be flaccid to pee.
            But really, OP, are you sure the text was composed by the limp-dick in question? Not a jealous ex or a bonehead bro?

          • This is how a psychopath talks, btw.

          • How do you know she asked for it? Are you the douchebag in question? If so, please do tell the other side of the story…

          • She “asked” to be pissed on? Not from what she said: “he was really keen on trying it, so i let him once.”
            It’s possible that the OP has low self-esteem (and that’s why she ended up with this jerk in the first place). Are you trying to say that somehow justifies the guy abusing/exploiting/belittling her??

          • No the point is she is purposely leaving out details to this story. HOW CONVENIENT. I’m done here with you jerks.

          • So you’re the guy with the other side of the story then? Why don’t you enlighten us what someone could have possibly done to deserve being treated like that? Unless she’s going around kicking puppies and pushing old ladies down the stairs, I’m guessing you have nothing to justify behaving like that.

        • Wait….what? That is insane.
          How long were you dating this guy? You didn’t see any signs before this that something might be wrong?

          • She saw them but maybe didn’t recognize them. For example, “I’d like to pee on you” is a sign.

        • Is it possible the text was written by a jealous girlfriend? Maybe “the flu” meant he was hanging out with someone new, who wanted you out of the picture? Either way, the person who wrote the text is a terrible person, no matter what may have happened in the past. No one needs this kind of negative bullshit. Put it behind you and be happy!

          • +1 on “Either way, the person who wrote the text is a terrible person, no matter what may have happened in the past.”
            And for “All of you judgmental jerks are basing your opinions on ONE SIDE of the argument” (who is this, the guy who wrote the text??) — yes, it’s one side, but that one side is so appalling that there is NOTHING on the other side that could possibly justify it.

          • * yes, itโ€™s one side, but that text is so appalling

          • justinbc

            I’m guessing either the OP got trolled, or we’re being trolled now. This is way too out there for reality, unless the person has severe mental issues.

          • Justin, like you, I’d like to believe that it’s too out there for reality, but something tells me this isn’t a prank. There are a lot of seriously unhinged people out there.

        • Disclaimer: Yes this text was mean spirited…….But I chuckled a bit…And I can see me telling this story while having drinks with friends and we all agree” that dude is crazy” but still find a way to laugh about it.

          • Maybe you and your friends are misogynists too (albeit not to such an extreme)? Or just compassion-deficient? Hard to see how anyone could find this funny.

        • I’ll give this guy credit — he must be a facile texter. That’s one long text message, and well punctuated, too. Parentheticals!

          Other than that, though, he sounds like a complete zero whose assessment of bedroom-performance is based more on fantasy than on actual experience. I don’t know you, but you sound quite sporting so on that front he ought to have been appreciative.

    • ughh…. i hate this dude for you ๐Ÿ™ what is WRONG with people?
      clearly he isn’t capable of a mature relationship, even though that hurts so badly right now and probably doesn’t help.

    • Yeah, someone who cites your flaws in breaking up with you is just a jerk. I’m sorry. Every decent human being I know does their best to spare feelings when breaking up with someone. This person does not sound socially normal.

    • special_k

      What Bright Side said! I know it hurts, but if he would say those things to you, he’s not the person you want to spend a lifetime with. Hugs to you!

    • msmaryedith

      That is not simply a break-up text. It’s proof that he is a hateful, hurtful person.
      Just try to focus on the fact that you’ve got some good friends who are there for you to vent to, and that you’re free of him. Even scumbags who I’ve dated usually tried to at least be kind in the break-up process and say “it’s not you, it’s me, and you’re great and will find someone.” If he had any balls at all, he would have just said “I’m sorry, this isn’t working for me” and left it at that. But for him to lash out with all that when it sounds like you had no way to see it coming and had only been sensitive/concerned about his “illness” is ridiculous. He sounds like a sociopath.

  • Rant: New neighbor shares our bedroom wall and likes to watch action movies, loudly, between 1 and 3 am. We’ve talked to him twice to ask him to turn it down, and it’s a little better, but still wakes me up at night. He’s in a studio, so I get that he doesn’t have a lot of options for where to put the tv, but last night it seemed to be stuck on some sort of repetitive DVD intro screen while (presumably) he slept through it. Ugh. I miss our quiet former neighbor!

    Rave: Teleworking at home with my puppy today with a new, widescreen monitor hooked up to my work lap top.

    • epric002

      white noise machine/app?

    • His being in a studio does not give him the right to keep you up at 1 am. Keep on knocking on his door and/or talk to your management/condo board. I don’t get people who act like this. When you live in close quarters with others, you can’t watch TV really loudly at 1 am. Get some headphones or get some treatment for your apparent insomnia. Either these people are completely oblivious or just selfish and rude. I’ve had to knock on the door of an upstairs neighbor a couple times now (always being polite). But if there’s a third time, I’m tempted to knock really loudly with my u-bar. That would give him a jolt. RRRrrrr.

    • First, ask him to NOT watch TV with his surround system turned on (if that is indeed the case)
      Second, ask him to invest in wireless headphones that are specially made for TV watching.
      The average cost is $50 to $60 on Amazon. Or you can buy them for him, if you don’t trust him to do it.

    • Me neighbor snores VERY loudly. If I am not asleep before he is, then it takes a long time for me to fall asleep. But really the worst part is that he is still snoring away while my alarm is going off and I have to get up and go to work.

      • that is HORRIBLE

      • Can you use earplugs? Our bedroom is street-facing so we get some noise and also my dog snores pretty loudly sometimes. Earplugs are the only way I’ve been able to get a decent night’s sleep without being woken up constantly by noise.

        • Emmaleigh504

          +1 on earplugs. My mom bought me some fancy silicon earplugs for when I visit them (you can hear my dad snoring 2 states away). They are soft and lie flat so no poking into the pillow. Plus you can adjust the size. They are way more comfortable than the foam earplugs.

  • Rave: Bought a house!
    Rant: Have to sell my condo QUICKLY and it’s going to rain both days this weekend when our open house is planned.

    • I’m in the market for a condo- what neighborhood? How many bd/ba?

    • Rain is not going to hurt you in this market. Give us some details please!

      • It’s a 2 bed/2 full bath in the U Street area – about 1000 square feet. The place is great, we have just outgrown it. I swear my child’s toys multiple overnight (like Gremlins).

    • I feel you, I’m also listing my condo this weekend. Mine is 1 bed/1 bath upper level unit at the north edge of Columbia Heights, with views of Rock Creek Park. I would love to hang on to it – I’ve put a lot of work into it over the last few years – but me and my boyfriend are buying a house and we can’t afford to keep it. Hoping it goes to someone who will love it as much as I do!

  • rant: got first pair of glasses last week and my eyes are still not used to them. i’m near-sighted so i need them for driving and walking around but then if i look at my phone or computer screen with them on, my head hurts.
    rave: first meeting of our new book club tonight and i’m hosting!
    rave: 5 bottles of wine for $30 at trader joe’s last night!!!

    • If you’re really not adjusting after wearing them all the time for a week or more, there may actually be a problem with the lenses or the way they’re lined up.

      • +1. My prescription has been a solid -3.50 to -3.75 for years; when I was a teenager, my optometrist prescribed -4.00, which gave me headaches (solved immediately by lowering the prescription).

  • rant: can hear my neighbors have sex AT LEAST 2 times a day
    rave: I LOVE it (shhhhhhhhhh)

    • Hahahaha!!

    • Hahahahaha, awesome! Sounds like good neighbors ๐Ÿ˜‰
      The couple in the apartment next door recently changed their wi-fi network name to “We can hear you having sex.” Pretty sure they are referring to us. Oops.

    • My g/f and I lived in an apartment where you could regularly hear the ecstatic cries of a neighbor lady echoing through the courtyard (no a/c in their building, so the windows were always open). Call us pervs, but boy did that get my g/f going in a flash, often right there on the balcony. Of course, knowing what we knew, we tried to be a little quieter than she was.

    • justinbc

      Sounds a lot better than my grad school neighbor who used to just watch videos of it. For a long time I thought he was just continually getting lucky, til one night I heard him rewinding the same scene over and over again.

  • I take it PopVille wasn’t suppose to reveal the layout of City Center, hence the post being taken down?

  • Rant: I lose most of my broadband speed using my wifi. I’m down to 1.4 Mbps on wireless vs. about 26 wired. It almost feels like I have dial up. Sometimes I can’t even load webpages. Comcast was no help other than offering to send someone out (no – next time someone comes out here, it is to install a new service other than Comcast). Already power cycled both router and wireless router. Checked the speed with wired connection and it was fine. Any thoughts/advice?

    Rant: Bought an HDMI splitter for my TV so I don’t have to keep physically switch the cord when I want to watch a DVD or my Roku. Won’t work with my Comcast box. Again, Comcast no help in telling me what the error code on my box means (and an internet search didn’t help either). This is the switch I’ve tried and the same thing has happened. Offers to send someone out (see above.) Desperately want to cut the cord, but can’t because wifi doesn’t work (also see above) and won’t be able to successfully use netflix, etc.

    Question: Anyone gone back to grad school later in life – what do you do when they ask for academic references and you can’t get in touch with your old profs (died, retired, moved on, etc)?

    • Re: getting academic references for grad school. I believe most schools don’t require old profs’ references if you’ve been in the workforce typically five years or longer (confirm with the school, though). I think most agree it is not practical or oftentimes even possible to track professors down after that amount of time. I got into grad school about seven years after graduating from undergrad with purely professional references. Good luck!

    • Re: wi-fi rant, sounds like there’s something wrong with your wireless router. If it’s provided by Comcast, ask them for a new one, or ask them how to completely reset your current one (not just cycle the power, but reset all settings). If it’s not provided by Comcast, then you’re on your own. The only other thing I can think of is it might be your device – check the wifi speed on a couple different laptops to make sure it’s the router that’s slow and not your laptop (or whatever device).
      Re: grad school rant, you should be able to use professional references instead of academic if you’ve been out of undergrad and working for a long time.

    • Are you using the Comcast provided wireless router, or one that you purchased yourself?

      If it’s Comcast’s, it might just be a crappy router. They’re probably charging you a monthly rental fee, and you can return it to them and buy yourself a decent router that will pay for itself in a year or less. Asus makes very decent routers that you can get from Best Buy or NewEgg.

    • What kind of router do you have? How far is the router located from your computer, and what sorts of obstructions (walls) are between them? In my experience it’s worth spending a bit extra to get a nice router.

      I’m guessing the HDMI splitter did not work because of HDCP (High Definition Copy Protection), and that you can’t use a splitter at all on HDMI. You need a switch. This looks like a decent one:

      • I’m not home, but I think it is a belkin router. It was highly rated when I got it last year. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment and I put it in the middle room. Given the size of my place, it isn’t very far away. And it isn’t pre-war construction, so my walls aren’t terribly thick. I’ve checked and the speed doesn’t seem to vary all that much whether I’m right next to it or in the living room or master bedroom.

        When I said I had a HDMI splitter, I did mean I got a switch. Again, I got one that had once been recommended on cnet. And it is the second one I’ve tried (including I think the one you posted). I just think for some reason my cable box won’t work with a switch. Irritating, but oh well.

    • Thanks! On the grad school, that is a good idea, although I’d be going back to what I originally went to undergrad for (did a bit of a detour for 15 years). I may try to find at least one from undergrad to show I was well regarded in the field at the time and then others from current work (although I don’t particularly want work to know I’m thinking of changing fields until I find out if I get into grad school).

      For the router, I really don’t know if it is a comcast provided one. I’ll have to check. I did push the reset button on the router, but that didn’t help. The computer is brand new, so I don’t know why it would be the computer. Routers aren’t that expensive, so maybe I’ll just get a new one and try it and see what happens. I’m just SO tired of Comcast. About 6 months ago my internet just died and they had to send someone out twice to get it back up and running. I’m tired of dealing with them.

      • “The computer is brand new, so I donโ€™t know why it would be the computer.”
        Check it anyway. Just because it’s brand new doesn’t mean it’s working right. I understand your frustration with Comcast (I am doing the same thing with FiOS right now) but you can’t blame them if, for example, your computer isn’t working right. Having said that, my guess is that your router is either broken or the settings are wrong somehow.

      • If you have not done this yet, make sure the router’s software and firmware is up to date. When I first connected my iPad Air to various Airport Express units in my house and tried to stream music, the sound kept dropping out. After consulting some online advice forums I logged into the router and updated the software. In fact, as soon as I logged in I got a message saying that there was an update available. After updating everything, the problem was gone.

      • Thanks everyone for being so helpful. I did check the software and firmware last night and they’re up to date. I will check the computer just in case (although my iPad is really slow on the network too – not as slow, but slow). I’m going to see if I can run this down for another couple days, then I’ll have to buy a new router or – sob – hardwire my computer (until I can get it fixed by someone). It can be done with my setup, but I’d much prefer to leave all of that junk in my spare bedroom than on my kitchen counter.

  • Rave: Steak cooked in a cast-iron skillet. I usually gril steak, but I didn’t feel like grilling in the snow last night. I forgot how good a steak could be cooked that way. Next I’m probably going to try cornish game hen.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Yum! I love a steak cooked in a cast iron skillet. Maybe I need steak for supper tonight. Do you cook it the Alton Brown way? His method of cooking steak is the best IMO.

      • Not quite the Alton Brown way, but similar. I preheat the oven to 400 and wait til it comes to temp. Then I put the skillet on high on the stove for about ten minutes. I sear each side of the steak (rubbed with olive oil, salt and pepper) for two minutes then put the skillet in the oven for around four minutes. Then, take the steak out and let it rest on a plate for another minutes before serving. The kitchen gets less smokey this way, and you still get a great sear on the steak.

    • I love cooking with cast iron – they get better with frequent use.

  • Rant: have completely lost all interest in my job, which is not good.
    Rave: Trying to cheer myself up by shutting out the office and listening to music. Drawback to this is it makes me look at this dreary existence and want to get on my desk and start singing with the music.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Just scored SAVOR tickets for the Friday session. Glad to see the Ticketmaster site not crash within minutes like years past. Anyone else attending?

  • msmaryedith

    Revel: Just scored Komi reservations for my birthday dinner. So excited!

  • Rave: Incredible birthday dinner with my girlfriend at Le Diplomate last night. The food was divine, the service was flawless, and the company was perfect. Great way to enter my 27th year.

  • Rant: Not feeling very blithe. Spent almost two hours on the phone trying to sort out payment issues with a relative’s health insurance. People were very helpful, and very patient, but the issue is still not resolved. Although I’m sure it will be resolved at some point, I hate that it’s hanging, and that the process of untangling things is as grueling as it is.
    Rave: Made a decent lunch: a crabcake and spinach omelet. And planning to go out for a walk and enjoy the sunshine a bit.

  • GiantSquid

    Neither Revel Nor Rant: At the suggestion of PoPville & a good friend, I peed on a stick this morning. Result was negative. However, since we’re over a week out from optimal testing time, accuracy is below 50%.
    Rant: Mr. Squid is bummed. Not sure how to cheer him up.
    Rant: The weather today reminds me of Upstate NY. There’s a reason why we left.

  • PLEA/Rant: Amber Alert media attention for Relisha. Not enough coverage, hoping for the best possible outcome.http://www.wjla.com/articles/2014/03/relisha-rudd-questions-surround-amber-alert-for-missing-girl-101483.html

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