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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Trying to plan a trip to the Caribbean and holy schnikes, are prices more expensive than they were 3-4 years ago. IDK, if it’s because it’s a holiday weekend or its just expensive in general.

    Revel: Grateful to be able to go somewhere! Can’t wait!

    • Probably because you are trying to go on a holiday. Prices are often based on occupancy. Have you looked into Mexico? Typically much cheaper that the Caribbean and there are a lot of nice options on the Yucatan. Also, direct flights from D.C. and the same basic distance, depending on where you are going. Yucatan is safe too. Also, some Caribbean Islands are cheaper than others – DR and Jamaica for example. Good luck. Beach vacations are one of my very favorite subjects to talk about.

      • Belize is supposed to be nice and very inexpensive.

        • Belize is great – don’t know about prices.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I love Belize! My aunt got sent there by the Peace Corps and I was lucky enough to visit her. It was not very expensive, but this was about 2009.

        • justinbc

          It’s absolutely gorgeous, and you can do coastal or jungle, but the prices have gone up quite a lot over the past couple years. Honduras is a cheaper alternative with most of the same things, except it’s not an English speaking country like Belize.

        • Belize is beautiful indeed. The downside is the food–it was an English colony. An upside is that they speak English.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I had really good food while I was there, but that’s probably because my aunt had already found all the good eateries. Not all the food is bad. We had an excellent meal at a Cuban place, I wish I could remember the name.

          • Aha, you had Cuban food ๐Ÿ™‚ There is good food to be had in Belize. It’s just that in general, the local cuizine is bland and unexciting.

      • The wifey is a little gun shy on Mexico. I think we’ll eventually make the trek out there, I’ve always been interested in the Riviera Maya area, and seeing the Mayan ruins. We talked about it at length, even asked other people to see if they were interested, and they all said no. Decided on DR, should be a lot of fun. We did Jamaica last year and that was incredible, just wish it was sunnier!

        • The Mayan Riviera is barely Mexico, at least in terms of crime/drug cartels/probability of getting Montezuma’s revenge.

        • I was actually surprised at how carefully everyone drove in the Yucatan and Mayan Riviera. Before I went, I was sure that I would be killed while being driven on the highways, or trying to walk across highways, but pretty much all of the drivers drove the speed limit, used turn signals, slowed down for road work and night, etc. They were significantly better and safer than Maryland drivers!
          Anyway, Riviera Maya is my new paradise. It doesn’t have the hikes that Hawaii has, but it does have ruins that you can climb. And the food is even more amazing. Mayan and Yucatan food done right is divine! Plus it’s only a 3.5 hour flight followed by an hour drive.

        • I just got back from Mexico last week, and felt totally safe. I wasn’t even in one of the resort areas, just a random town in Northern Mexico. FWIW, I’m a young, single woman who was traveling by myself.

        • We did Excellence in Punta Cana, DR for our Honeymoon, it was awesome.
          We got a decent deal at cheapcarribean.com including all flights and our VIP Package. We LOVED it.

      • epric002

        went to curacao for a week last month and loved it. highly recommend!

    • Annie88

      I’m a little nervous to give this secret away, but cheapcarribean.com was fantastic!

  • Rant – I missed the building 19 discussion yesterday. I used to work at Spags which is the original of the wholesale type stores.

    Rave – the candid and thoughtful discussion on MJ and social justice issues yesterday. I have always loved this site because for the most part people are very respectful and not over the top with bashing others on here.

    • Spags? Where are you from?

      I’m orginally from Millbury, MA and the mention of Spags brought back 100,000,000 childhood memories.

      You made my day ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I have probably already given away my identity with the Spags reference but I was born in Worcester. Funny story, I was inside a secure government facility in Crystal City once and there was a young woman there about 10 years my junior that was wearing a spags t-shirt. I got to talking to her and it turns out I was friends with two of her older sisters. Small world.

    • Spags reminds me of a very specific childhood memory – being dragged there by my parents, and having my patience rewarded by 2 packs of Topps baseball cards (the kind with the really stale bubble gum in it). God, I loved those baseball cards…

      • Nice. The great thing about that place in the old days was that you never knew what they were going to have. One day they would get a truck full of ladders, the next day mulch, a day after that lightbulbs. They always had some crazy deal. Anthony “Spag” Borgatti was a real innovator. It’s closed now by the way. They sold it to Building 19 about 10-15 years ago and now I think it is all closed. Too hard to compete with BJs, Cosctco, Sam’s Club, etc.

      • After our Spags run, and if the planets were PERECTLY alligned, we would get to have lunch at the Ground Round next door to Spags. We didn’t have a lot of extra when I was a kid. Man, I thought we were RICH on those occassions!

        Again, best memories ever. Thank you!

        • I used to go to that ground round all the time. It was a Howard Johnson’s before it was a ground round. I believe it is also closed now.

  • Rave: Maybe we’ve finally broken winter’s back? Great weather this weekend and beyond. Crossing fingers we’re in the clear.
    Rave: Depression is slowly going away. Seeing a great girl helps and I’m aware to not ignore base causes with a bandaid relationship. But it still helps.
    Rant/Rave: I still have money issues but it’s only money issues. I’m trying to focus on what good I do have in my life.

    • therapy has helped me exponentially in the past couple months. the best thing i’ve ever done for myself

  • Rant: Cold, tired, barely got any sleep last night. I’m ready for this week to be over.

    Rave: My vacation starts tomorrow.

  • Rant: People who take up two seats on metro buses during rush hour. For the most part I see women putting their bags on the chairs next to them (if it physically exhausts you to put a purse in your lap, don’t carry so much damn stuff) and men taking up two seats by sitting with their legs open (just stop). Drives me crazy.
    Rave: Met the sweetest older gentleman on the bus today. It is shocking to me how taken aback some older people are by something as simple as letting them take their time and exit the bus first. Makes me wonder how they’re normally being treated ๐Ÿ™
    Rant: First round of relationship problems reared their head last night.
    Rave: The weather is going to be so nice again this weekend! Thinking about a trip to Eastern Market just so I can be outside!

    • I cant agree with you more on your transportation rant and rave. People generally are very good about leaving seats open on the bus (ex: moving to the inside seat and leaving the outside seat empty), but sometimes people just take up so much room with no regard for others.

      I am so disgusted by how often I see a young man or woman in the front seats by the door and don’t move for someone who is pregnant, with a young child, or for an older person. Get your ass up!

      • Chivalry is dead on the bus! I thought that for sure I would get a seat on the bus when I was pregnant, but people just keep their heads down and pretend not to notice the extremely rotund woman standing in front of them.

    • Last week I saw a girl on metro, sleeping in a fetal position and taking up two seats. People like her should be publicly shamed.

      • Someone exhausted enough to sleep like that on a metro probably has enough on her plate without the threat of public shaming. I’m startled — although I shouldn’t be — by the number of proponents of “public shaming” that post anonymously and pseudonym-ously.

      • I’m assuming that this happened outside of rush hour, on a train that had ample available seating? If so, who cares?

        • No, it was during rush hour and she didn’t need to take up two seats!

        • Why would you assume that? Rush hour or not, “ample seating” can turn into a full car in one or two stops. Metro isn’t your living room. Sit on one seat and then get off the train when you reach your destination – it’s real simple.

  • Rant: Still sleeping like crap and waking up so tired. What’s wrong with me this week?
    Rave: Wizards game and hanging out with friends last night.
    Rant: My work computer is so slow. This is what happens when you request a lap top, and IT gives you one that is a old hand-me-down. It takes me back to childhood when the majority of the wardrobe consisted of my cousins’ cast-offs. I moved faster in those old sneakers than my computer processes now. Oy.
    Rave: It is almost Friday. I’m so in need of a chill weekend.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Double shift planned for today.
    Rave: Looking forward to a Bub and Pop’s Bolognese Parmesan tonight that I have planned in between since it’s on the way to office #2. It’s my current favorite sandwich in the District, especially with their hot peppers on top.

    • I haven’t tried that specific sandwich, but EVERYTHING from bub and pops is amazing. I cant get enough of that place ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I LOVE Bub & Pop’s Italian hoagie, with the arugula, but everything else I’ve had there has been a disappointment. I hate hate hate it when I get my sammich back to the office and unwrap a mushy soggy mess that I need to eat with a knife and fork. There’s a delicate balance: Moisten the ingredients enough to be palatable, but maintain bread integrity. Too many of the B&P sandwiches disrespect their bread.

      • justinbc

        I wouldn’t know about that, I always eat them in the shop. Most of their stuff is loaded with sauce or something though, so I can easily see how if you had a long way to go it would get soggy eventually. Maybe you could ask them to crisp your bread a little longer, since you know you have that problem? That might help it hold up better for the journey.

        • Don’t you think if I had a “long way to go” that I would have chalked the sogginess up to that, instead of a failing on their part? I work *next door*. When I pick up a sandwich from capriotti’s across the street, it’s still too hot to eat when I get it back.
          No, Bub & Pop’s uses too much wet stuff on their sandwiches, period. It’s not a question of “eventually” getting soggy, it’s an inevitability. I guess some people like mushy gummy crud surrounding their sandwich ingredients. I do not. So I stick to the Italian hoagie and the homemade chips.

  • Belated Rave (but wanted to give PoP a hat-tip): Took a PoP tip and impressed two Stones-freak* friends by dragging them to the Petworth Library for the โ€œOn The Road and At Home with The Rolling Stones (How a Nice Boy from Brooklyn got Mixed Up with the Rolling Stones and Lived to Tell About It)” reading/lecture. A fun time hearing from a guy who started out xeroxing a hand-lettered fanzine as an obsessed high school kid and ended up being put on the Stones’ payroll to publish the ‘zine professionally, and who seems like a nice guy. Also dropped by the other Petworth library, the reading room at the Petworth Citizen, for a beer and to say hello a couple hundred of my old books (there hare hundreds more — anyone have a favorite charity that takes book donations? Everything from trash to Trollope, and a lot kids/YA titles).

    *I worship the Rolling Stones, but these guys actually bought, and listen to, “Bridges to Babylon” and “Dirty Work,” one actually tracked down James Phelge’s memoirs of the year he spent as the “disgusting” roommate of Mick, Keith and Brian.

    • You could donate the books to this organization: http://turningthepage.org/

    • For kids books – I always take them (in a box marked “free”) to the playground or benches in that public housing complex between 13 & 14th & Columbia & Harvard. There are hundreds of kids running around who never get taken to a library.

    • You could also donate the books to the first Petworth Library. They were accepting donations a couple of weeks ago.

    • A bit of a hike, but The Book Thing in Baltimore is a great place to donate books (near Hopkins/Baltimore Museum of Art). It’s a free book exchange – donate as many as you want. And if you want to fill your empty shelves back up then you can then take as many as you want.

  • Rave: Love this photo! I’ve been doing the Northeast corridor run since college – and this is the view that says “I’m home!”
    Rave: Harmony! I’m getting it, I’m loving it. Things are Good.
    Rave: It’s warm enough to wear a regular coat instead of a heavy duty model. Birds are twittering. Forsythia and daffodils should be coming soon!
    Rave: Using Lent to put in place some positive changes. I’m hoping for a growth spurt.
    Rave: No Rants.

  • Rant: My car got broken into on Riggs yesterday, on a quiet residential street! I’m so mad.

    Rave: I’ve learned my lesson and keep nothing of value in there, so the only thing they got is a 7 year old GPS system.

    Rant: I have to fix the window.
    Rave: They were considerate enough to only punch out the small window in the back so it will be cheaper (I hope).

    Rant: Our A/C didn’t get repaired yesterday, the guys never showed up because of heating emergencies.
    Rave: I hope some people got their heat fixed as a result of our sacrifice!
    Rant: Our trash didn’t get picked up yesterday.
    Rave: 60 on Saturday will make all of these rants go away.

    • justinbc

      When I used to live on Corcoran I would see a window smashed out almost daily on my way to work. Walking through Riggs was pretty much the same thing (we used to park over there a lot because a lot of people forget about that street). It’s a great neighborhood, but also a prime target for smash and grabs, bummer! (and it’s almost always that small back window)

    • This is why “quiet residential street” does not always translate into “safe from urban horrors” — so much easier for the smash and grab to happen.

  • anyone know a nice, chill place to stay in Puerto Rico? Not too far from San Juan (but far enough ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    • I always stay in the Condado neighborhood when I go to Puerto Rico. It’s outside of Old San Juan, but you can still take the bus down Avenida Ashford to get there in about 20 minutes. There are bars and restaurants all around and if you head a little further east, you end up in more residential neighborhoods, where the food and drinks are much less expensive. The last time I went, I stayed at El Canario. Nothing fancy, but it was a clean room with a free breakfast and a short walk to the beach, so I was more than content.

    • My friends and I stayed in Ocean Park when we went a couple weeks ago. We found a nice condo on Homeaway.com and it really worked out for us. There were a couple of local restaurants and the beach was only 3 blocks. The condo was in a very residential neighborhood, so it away from the touristy stuff, but only a 30 minute walk to Condado.

  • Rant: Trash pick-up fail. Tuesday morning after Mon. snow (our regular pick up for recycling & trash) I checked DC.gov online – no info on trash pick-up. So I called 311 – they told me regular recycle & trash would be picked up as usual. I asked again – are you sure? – mentioning my alley was very icy. Assured once again it would be picked up as usual that day. NO pick up.

    Called 311 Wed. morning – was again assured they were coming. Called again Wed. afternoon – same thing. The recorded message on 311 meanwhile is telling me that regular scheduled pick ups will continue as usual, not “sliding” a day, but that Monday scheduled pick-ups will not be picked up until the next regular scheduled day.

    This morning – again no pick up. This time 311 forwards me to DPW who says we will have no pick up until next week. Why – I ask – didn’t 311 know this? (Long “it’s not my job” response.)

    I get that the snow messed things up. That’s why I called to ask before I hauled a 3 family household worth of particularly prolific recycling and trash (4 loads of large cardboard boxes) out through the snow. I wouldn’t even have minded if they told me yesterday morning that it wasn’t going to be picked up. We could have kept it all inside instead of shifting increasingly wet piles back and forth to let our cars in and out.

    Clearly everyone else on the block also believed because the entire alley is now over-spilling with garbage.

    Rave: DC gov. is not as bad as Putin.

    • justinbc

      Our regular day is Monday as well, still no pick-up as of yesterday. We also get Thursday pick-up, so hopefully they come by today since the nearby roads are all clear.

      • Our regular day is Tuesday, not Monday.

        Regular Monday pick-up for recyling will not be picked up until next Monday. Supposedly the usual 2nd weekly trash day (Thurs. for you?) will be regular.

      • they were grtabbing the trash this morning out front (cap hill) so you should be good on trash today

    • You should have contacted DPW from the first since they’re the ones who actually pick up the trash, not 311. Always go to the source when you’re looking for information.

    • You are more of an optimist than I am. I think we live on the same block, and I didn’t even try contacting the city, just assumed there would be no trash pickup, and left it piled inside our fence.

  • I don’t read this section of Popville often, and perhaps this is a common rant….If you have a pup, please pick up your dog’s sh*t. The sidewalks, when not covered in snow and ice, are littered with dog sh*t. And I don’t just mean the grass next to the sidewalk – which there is also plenty of poop (and that’s not ok either), I’m talking ON the sidewalk. I dodge landmines daily and that shi’t ain’t right. 17th Street is especially disgusting and the fact that there is a dog park on 17th (where there are dog bags…free bags!), there’s really no excuse……well there’s really no excuse regardless for this absurd amount of laziness.

  • Rant: recently left the district due to financial reasons. I loved living here for grad school but found the last year here miserable because I wasn’t working in the area and just didn’t feel connected. Moving somehow feels like a personal failure and I am finding myself romanticizing all the things I hated while I was there, which isn’t making the transition any easier :/

    Rave: Wonderful family and boyfriend who are helping me with my crazy and new community to explore.

    • justinbc

      Where did you move to?

      • Leesburg. It’s a great community and BF loves it, which makes me feel worse because I’m not enjoying it like I wish I were

        • justinbc

          Leesburg, VA? At least that’s not so far that you can’t still enjoy the benefits of DC on the weekend!

          • Well, technically you could, but it’s not exactly a quick trip. Not bashing Leesburg, but if you live there you’re probably not going to end up making a lot of recreational trips into DC on the weekends unless you’ve got specific reasons to do so. And if you do then there’s a good chance you’re always going to wish you lived closer.

          • justinbc

            Well yeah, otherwise it would be more expensive. But it’s also not like being stuck in Des Moines and wishing you could go check out the Monet on display at the Art Gallery and not having the option. Or see the cherry blossoms on the Tidal Basin. Or coming back in to try your favorite brunch spot on the weekend, or whatever it is this woman likes to do here.

        • did you enjoy dc like you wished you could?

          • It’s true, it’s definitely still close enough to come back on weekends. I think it’s just the overall feeling of failure I guess? Like I failed to become a DC person like my friends and make a life and immerse myself in the city, if that makes any sense at all?

        • I’ll bet you could do a weekend house swap with DC people who would love a little country vacation while you enjoy a taste of city life.

    • Part of the process of transition is being neither here nor there. It takes time to settle into a new environment – give yourself time to adjust. I’d also say it’s normal for you to be looking at DC through rose colored glasses, especially if you see moving to Leesburg as a “failure” – which it isn’t – it was a smart decision based on your circumstances.
      Frederick is closer than DC and has lots to offer – have you explored that area yet?

  • Rant: Our communications department. I am in government relations, and I have to significantly edit everything they put out (including grammar and spelling mistakes). Once I edit it, I am said to have “approved it” even though its still not a great document because it started with them. Is this a common problem in other workplaces?

    • epric002

      unfortunately, yes. i have a BA and MA in professional writing and have become the unofficial document reviewer/approver in our office. we do a lot of departmental and interagency policy review and it is MADDENING to review documents rife with errors and then be told not to make administrative corrections b/c they’re only looking for substantive/critical comments. they NEVER want the administrative corrections, so you regularly see final, published documents that look like a first round draft.

    • This reminds me of an e-newsletter I got recently from some sort of organization that promotes walkable communities. In one blurb, there was a hilarious typo about a program in Jew Jersey. The next blurb advertised the organization was looking for a communications editor ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yep. I used to be responsible for the final edit on all of my office’s written materials (in addition to my billable project). It was really frustrating when I could say that I had corrected the blatant errors, but still didn’t want my name associated with it.
      I found that the best thing was to communicate my concerns. I tried to be friendly about it, but made sure to let people see all of the red on the documents they passed to me. I would sit down with them and go over my process a few times, showing them what aspects of the process were unnecessarily burdensome. The end result was usually that I would get pulled in to the actual writing of the materials, but it generally meant a better finished product (and less back and forth at the end).

  • Rant: So I ordered a pizza last night as my first non-liquid meal. After 50 days of no wheat, processed food or sugars, quite frankly it was kinda disgusting (I wonโ€™t reveal where I ordered it from. Itโ€™s not the pizza, itโ€™s me!).

    Rave: I also had an iceberg lettuce salad with carrots and it was the bestest. Nice to have crunch back. Iโ€™m having leftover African peanut stew for lunch and I think I am going to take the suggestion someone made yesterday to make gumbo as a transition food.

    Rant: Am I going to become a food scold?

    • Hoooray! I’m so excited for you. All the hugs again!

    • I had the same experience after spending a few months overseas in a situation where I couldn’t get any of that stuff, just beans and rice and rice and beans. The good news is that the taste for some of it will come back, and the other good news is that the taste for some of it (the really bad stuff) won’t!
      Glad you’re on the mend and moving back into solids!

    • what is the recipe for the african peanut stew ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rant: So underemployed, I’m basically unemployed. I went back to school to get a graduate degree, hoping to improve job prospects, but I’m not getting interviews for anything.
    Rave(?): I have lots of free time.

    • Hang in there. I moved to DC right out of grad school to take an internship that I just *knew* was going to turn into a full-time position. I spent a whole year temping, working retail, and doing other side hustles (perfectly legal ones) to make ends meet. The entire time I was hardly landing interviews at all and my self-worth was rapidly declining (and I was just so so sad..All…The…Time) I finally got a full-time job last August. Things will get better!

      Here’s a song to help. Crank it up and let go!!

    • Someone posted taskrabbit.com yesterday in response to a person looking for part time work, and I looked at it, just out of curiosity. It made me kinda sad that I have a full time job, because I really want to do some of those tasks! I LOVE assembling Ikea furniture. I do it for all my friends for free. If I had free time, I’d do it for strangers and get paid! So maybe look there, and see if someone else hates doing something you like doing, and will pay you to do it.

  • Rave: Not crowded packed like sardines bus this morning (S-Line) that seems to always happen on thursdays for some reason, less people work that day. Fridays usually good too.
    Rant: Friends who are passive agressive

  • Race: Register at Roti wasn’t working so they gave me my lunch for free.

  • Anyone know what occurred in/around the CVS on P St at 14th (by Whole Foods) last night around 10 pm. There was a large police presence, ambulance and the cops were searching the neighborhood. The police helicopter (aka ghetto bird) showed up shortly after.

  • Rave: Cross Country skiing on the rock creek golf course. I saw an eagle, a flock of cardinals, and deer crunching through the snowpack for food — all in the middle of the city.
    Rant: Some groundskeeper threw me out. I’ve been skiing there for over a decade, never had a problem. He drove over hill and dale in his buggy- I guess there was nothing else for him to do. In colder climates, golf courses set up ski tracks, so I don’t agree that this is a destructive activity.
    Double Rant: Especially since on Tuesday morning that same groundskeeper was using his buggy as a shuttle, and snowboarding down the slopes ! No kidding. Looked like fun, and I didn’t report him. Yet.

  • Rave: Finally mustered up the courage to get professional help for my depression against after bad experience with previous therapist. Psychiatrist first to settle on meds and next a therapist to work through obssesive think. Fingers are crossed.
    Rant:I take the Red Line to work everyday. Need I say more?
    Random question: Yesterday, I saw a couple of guys with a cross drawn on the foreheads. First in Panera bread on H street NW and then later at Starbucks. Anybody knows what it’s about? (sorry if this has been addressed earlier)

    • gotryit

      Ash Wednesday – it’s a Catholic thing

    • Yesterday was Ash Wednesday (to explain the crosses on foreheads).

    • Yesterday was Ash Wednesday

    • LOL, reminds me of my first major exposure to Ash Wednesday as an adult. Grew up in a small western town with few Catholics but went to college in Pittsburgh. Spent the whole day wondering why all these people had black smudges on their foreheads. I think I finally figured it out the next day.

      • It’s not just your small town. When I was a kid, in a town with plenty of Catholics (and my very own Catholic dad), people went for a tiny smudge AT MOST, and plenty of otherwise Good Catholics just skipped it. Sometime in the last 10-15 years, this pubic proclamation of faith became a big thing, and now everyone gets half their forehead covered in ash. It has become more common and more physically noticeable than it used to be.

        • epric002

          hehe. good typo ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I grew up in Seattle, half my family is Catholic (I’m not), and I don’t recall ever seeing this until I moved to the east coast. I too wondered what was up with the dirt on people’s foreheads. I’m not sure if it’s an east coast/west coast difference or if the practice has changed generally in the last decade or so.

  • Rant and Revel: I might be leaving the district this summer to go live near my significant other (who got a really wonderful job elsewhere) which also happens to be my homecity. There is also great job potential there for me. I am similutaneously very excited and terrified of this decision. I moved to DC without thinking twice and it makes me less certain about this relocation since I am having such a hard time with it.

    • whats the city?

        • I’m shocked to hear there is great job potential for anyone in Pittsburgh. I thought that city was pretty jobless. Curious what your field is?

          • Haha I shouldn’t say “great job potential” but as an artist the job field is pretty limited/highly competitive in most places and at least in the ‘Burgh I have lots of connection between family, friends and fellow alums. And it is relatively inexpensive so a decent place for an artist to live. Don’t get me wrong, other cities definitely have more job potential, but for me and the type of art I create/promote, Pittsburgh is not bad.

  • Rave: Spring cleaning – my house needs it. Hoping all the snow will be gone this weekend.
    And rave: Going to hear the Dalai Lama speak at the National Cathedral tomorrow.
    And rant: Bruised ribs still very sore and everyday movements are painful. Advil is my friend.

  • rant / rave (not sure): Sentencing is coming up tomorrow for a case that I testified in. I’m glad they were found guilty on all counts, but I’m concerned that sentencing can be kind of light around here.

  • Rave: RHONYC marathon on today. I missed most of Scary Island but caught Turtle Time. So Ramotional about the new season. RHOBH has been horrid- what a bunch of mean girls.
    Rant: my work colleague highjacked my conference call yesterday. Totally talked the whole time. He apologized after. We work together a lot. Letting it go.
    Rant: this head cold is lingering and now my ears hurt.
    Rave: the congressional report I was the lead on was submitted to the Hill last nite!

  • Rant: I was going to rant about coming home and finding that my trash hadn’t been picked up but after reading the comments I see others have eloquently spoken for me.
    Rave: The smell of the food coming out the door of Ben’s Other Place drew me inside. I thought it would be a tourist haven but it was anything but. The food was wonderful. I’ll definitely be going back.
    Rave2: Came out the door this morning and was greeted by a big turtle chowing down on the plants in my yard. I love turtles and hope he stays.
    I was invited to go to Destin, FL this May. If anyone has gone there where are the good places to eat? This will be the first trip for both of us.

  • Observation: I’m not sure what to make of the fact that a lost dog has gotten far more comments in two hours than a lost child has garnered all day. This was initially a Rant, but I changed it to an observation. I”m really not sure what it means — if anything. It just seems odd to me.

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