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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • justinbc

    Rave: Tax return, woop! All that money that got siphoned away all year comes in the biggest return I’ve ever gotten. Hooray for mortgage interest deduction.

  • Rant: The group home full of young activists at 4024 Arkansas Ave that made no attempt to shovel the snow and ice from in front of their house.

    • Shoveling is so bourgeois.

      • Anonynon

        get over it man, there are so many places that didnt bother to shovel. From public housing complexes, to day care, to just plain old residence. it sucks but just curse under your breath and get over it

        • Generally I’d agree with you. But it is the only house on a really long block that didn’t bother to shovel. Of the 20 or so houses I’d guess that maybe five people actually get out there and shovel and they generally shovel in front of a few houses so that the whole block gets done. I live on the other end and shovel in front of my neighbors. They must have pissed off their neighbors if no one was willing to shovel the 18 feet in front of their house.

        • Why get over it. It is kind of a big F U to not shovel. Read the story below about someone with MS falling on the packed snow and ice. So other people are also dicks, that means they shouldn’t complain about the particular dicks in their neighborhood?

        • I’m going to paraphrase this comment back to you every time you post a rant on this site.

        • saf

          You are young, and have no mobility issues?
          For those of us who are older and have a little trouble getting around, this is a big issue.

          • Totally. If you don’t have time/don’t want to shovel yourself, why not pay someone? There is no shortage of people going door to door during a snow storm offering shoveling services. My neighbor approached me about it last snow storm and now we have a standing agreement that I’ll pay him to shovel my sidewalk/front steps whenever it snows. It’s a win/win.

        • corey: we dont need another justin on this site

  • Rave: Fabulous photo today!

  • Rant: remember the guy who faded out on me about a month ago? guess who’s back and acting like nothing ever happened. after ignoring a few calls/texts, i wrote him one more message saying that i thought the disappearing act was shitty and wishing him well for the future. which prompted another round of phone calls. I think at this point my responsibility is done and i don’t owe him anything.
    Rave: snowdays!
    Rant2: POTHOLES.

    • msmaryedith

      The one you had dated for well over a year? And met families, etc? He disappears for a month, then expects you to act like nothing was amiss?! Crazy. Hopefully being able to brush him off made you feel a little better!

      • YEAH! that one. totally time MIA: 6.5 weeks. i was so proud of myself for writing what i thought was a polite “see you again never” message when really i wanted to tell him to go F himself. and i only listened to his messages to see if he had some unbelievably awesome explanation like getting abducted by penguins for disappearing, but no.

        • msmaryedith

          Good for you! That takes a LOT of self-control. Best of luck to you as you move on, but it sounds like you’re definitely taking the high road and much better off for it!

        • I second the good for you! Having been in this situation before (…more than once), I know how difficult it is to walk away with your head held high. It takes a lot of strength!

    • Check the symptoms of a sociopath and see if he exhibits any others. (One is that people act as if nothing happened when they do something that others would consider hurtful.) My friend had a guy do this to her and when she looked up that list he ticked almost all of the boxes. If that’s the case then you’ll be glad to have gotten rid of him!

      • Better yet — Google narcissistic sociopath.

      • msmaryedith

        My book club read “The Psychopath Test” and it was really interesting–I definitely could identify a couple in my life. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy fit the bill! http://www.arkancide.com/psychopathy.htm

      • Either that or he just watched the Seinfeld episode where George has sex with the cleaning lady and then tries to play it off with the boss like this is something that happens all the time at other businesses. Maybe the guy said, hey, worth a shot to act like I didn’t go catting about for 6.5 weeks to see if I will be taken back. Act normal, could work.

    • Wow, I didn’t think that story could get more ridiculous. I’m glad you told him he was shitty and peace out.
      I guess the upside is that you’ll always have an outrageous dating story to tell. One that you will, hopefully, eventually consider funny.

    • Is there any chance he could have been arrested and is too embarrassed to admit? The timeline would make sense.

      • If I were seeing someone for a YEAR and got arrested and thus out of contact, that person would be the first person I call when I got out and would let her know.

      • nope, unless he was arrested by a traveling circus. we’re still facebook friends, and he was out and about for the past month+. i also got hints from mutual friends that he was maybe looking to date other people so had some friends do some snooping (yeah, what can i say, i was curious) one of my friends found his profile on an online dating site so i’m 99% certain he was just out playing the field.
        i have half a mind to see him again just so i can tell him about the 2 other men i’ve slept with in the 1.5 months that he was gone. he might think he’s such hot shit to play the field, but two can play that game.

        • Wow, he’s a huge douche-nozzle.
          Good on you for getting some action in the interim. LOL.
          That said, never talk with him again. It will be too emotionally draining for you. Ain’t no one got time for that.

          • +1 on not talking with him again. You’ve already given him more acknowledgment than he deserves, and he’s wasted too much of your time/energy.

        • I hope he randomly runs into you one night when you are looking incredibly hot while on a date. Yes, I’m petty that way.

          Good on ya for handling the whole situation with such grace.

          • Anonynon

            This whole relationship is toxic. You really need to just let things go. Honestly as a guy (who didnt get faded out like that but summer came and went and we werent as close as before) dont wish bad stuff to happen to people. That is just destructive, and also sleeping with more people is not ‘better’ but it might make you feel that way temporarily. Sounds like no one wins or looses in this one just both keep moving along

          • @corey — i didn’t sleep with other men because it made me feel better (whatever that means). i did because i had emotionally and mentally let the other guy go after i hadn’t heard a peep from him in a month and went out and decided to get on with my life. part of that is going out and meeting people. and if i decide to sleep with someone i met because i’m attracted to them, why not? there was no “revenge” motive or something that you seem to be reading into the situation. If i were still hung up on the other guy who disappeared on me, i wouldn’t have been able to be with other people.
            i was only reminded of him and how he treated me because he belatedly tried to re-enter my life. I can’t stop someone from calling me, but I can choose how to respond. So i responded with a very politely worded message saying that i didn’t think he treated me the way i deserved, but i still wished him the best for the future. since he is now the one pressing the issue (and showing up uninvited to my apartment) I offhandedly mentioned that perhaps the best thing for me to do is to tell him that i have moved on both emotionally and physically and that i wasn’t sitting around waiting to just hear back from him, there are now other people in my life.

          • He showed up uninvited at your apartment?!? Yikes — read Gavin de Becker’s “The Gift of Fear,” if you haven’t already.

        • “I have half a mind to see him again just so i can tell him about the 2 other men i’ve slept with in the 1.5 months that he was gone.”
          We used to call that, “waiting (for you to come back) as fast as I can.” It’s a strategy I’ve always appreciated. But would it more fun to say something like “i missed you but at least I had your toothbrush for the DNA sample. What do you like in a boy’s name?”

          • LOL! This!!!! Or maybe just sign him up for a subscription to “Parents” magazine, and, from afar, enjoy the possibility that he’s twitching a bit.

          • LOL since i threw his toothbrush out in my bathroom trashcan, but haven’t emptied it out yet.

  • I don’t know if this is a rant or a rave yet: Our air conditioner is being fixed today. They have to cut open the walls to install a new return vent, so I really have no idea what to expect….

    Rave: Work going really well this week. I’m caught up and excited about my projects.

    Rant: I worked through last weekend, which was fine at the time, but now I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday morning. I really feel like it should be Friday.

  • Rant: Verizon FiOS. TV and Internet are out again. They want to send out a technician, again. Last time they did, the problem turned out to be something that could have been fixed over the phone. If I’m taking time off work again to wait for a technician, it’s not going to be a Verizon technician. Just a warning to all you folks who are clamoring for FiOS to come to your neighborhood, they can be just as bad as the other companies.

  • Undecided rant or rave: My property assessment increased 101K for 2015. Then I read an articale that says Trinidad(where I live) neighborhood assessments jumped double digits to 24.8% year over year.

    • Received my assessment in the mail yesterday – jumped nearly 75K for 2015 in Truxton Circle. Since we bought in 2013, are we seeing some sort of adjustment for the purchase price (which was still 90K over the 2015 assessed value)?

      • I’m not sure. I bought 9 years ago, and though I refi last year, but I didn’t cash out and my assessed value is about 70K higher than my loan balance but about 125K under appraised value. Shows that the land increased about 65K and improvements just under 40k(don’t know how they came up with that).

        • Don’t know if this is a coincidence, but my land value increase is also about 61K; improvement about 14K. Quickly checking my neighbors on my block, seems like most had a similar land value increase but had both positive and negative improvement numbers.

          Did you pull any permits last year? Purely speculating here, but I’m guessing that the improvement increase may be tied to the permit I pulled to rebuild my back fence. 40K seems high w/o any visible improvement…

          • So seems like they made an across the board land adjustment of about 60K in a cluster of neighborhoods. No I didn’t pull any permits other than a postcard permit for replacement of gas stove.

      • I wouldn’t worry about the sudden jump. Assuming you are getting the Homestead Act Tax deduction, your official “assessed” value can only rise 10%/yr max. So let’s assume your house was previously assessed at 400k – the most you would be liable to pay taxes on would be 440k.

        • So how does this work in a fip situation? Where say the purchase price is 250K more than the pre-flip price. How it is reassessed?
          Also- why is there such a huge discrepency between the homes on a block in regards to assessment.(minus sensior citizen exemptions etc.)

          • DC is trying to make it easier for long-time residents to cope with the ever-rising housing values.

        • Not come off miserly, but the $100-$200 increase aside, this doesn’t represent a one-time increase. The assessed value will likely go up every year, so if you don’t address the possible over-valuation as soon as it happens, you could end up paying more than you need to for as long as you own the home.

          These increases could be all legit, but it’s hard to verify when the process is so convulated and not very transparent.

          • Assuming that the original assessment fell far below market value, it doesn’t matter if OTR thinks your unit is worth 10m more – all you would pay is an extra 10% increase on your old assessment. Assuming the market price stagnates, your assessed value will continue trying to catch up to the actual market value (at 10%/yr max). Folks seem to be missing the point here ….

          • But that only applies if I’m claiming the Homestead Deduction, right? When I move out and rent out the unit, my increase won’t be capped by the 10%…

          • Correct. You are then subject to whatever crazy tax assessment they want to slap you with and it will be on you to prove it’s reasonable or not.

      • My assessment went up 82K (20%) in Mt Pleasant. It inexplicably had gone down the previous year so it’s about back to where it was in 2013.

    • Yeah I’d call that a rant. I live on the west side of H St and my assessment went up $100K, but luckily I’m receiving the homestead deduction so my actual taxable assessment is only $40K more than this year. I thought about trying to appeal it, but I’d have to present concrete evidence that it’s too high and I’m actually on the low end for my block (save for a few very long-term residents).

      • Agreed – it’s simply not worth the hassle of appealing if you’re still paying less than market rate and are under the Homestead deduction.

  • This video was a punch in the gut, but not a gratuitous one. I’ve been thinking for the last year how Damascus is like any other city in the world where I might live, and now it’s a bombed out hellscape. Not that war is any better when it happens someplace less developed, but it is less relatable. So this second-a-day-video by Save the Children pretty much summed up my sadness and fear for Syrians (and by extension all the other civilians living through someone else’s armed power struggle). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBQ-IoHfimQ

  • gotryit

    Rant: Kitchen faucet sprang a leak and was spraying all over the kitchen for a minute before I noticed.
    Rave: MacGyver-worthy (temporary) repair to the o-ring using saran wrap.
    Rant: Apparently MacGyver isn’t cool anymore #thingsoldpeoplesay

    • MacGyver will ALWAYS be cool. It’s the young’uns who are getting less cool. Trust me.

    • Emmaleigh504

      When I was a kid a pipe in the bathroom sprung a leak at a very inconvenient time to get it fixed. A McGyver like friend of my parents suggest chewing gum as a quick fix. It was the best day ever since were were not allowed to chew gum. My sister and I each got to chew an entire pack of gum in 1 day! I still remember the gum I got, the kind with a gooey center. It was heaven for a little kid 🙂
      And the gum patch totally worked.

      • epric002

        so i’m not the only kid who was deprived of gum! when we moved to the philippines we were each allowed to have a pack of gum for the flight to help with the ear pressure, and i chose a grape bubblegum. OMG. 23 hours of travel chewing GRAPE BUBBLEGUM. the thought of it still makes my stomach turn.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I was so deprived as a kid because my parents were hippies! We weren’t allowed sugar cereal (rice crispies, raisin bran, shredded wheat, or grape nuts), we didn’t have cokes unless it was a special occasion, and dessert was only allowed on Monday “family night”. Luckily, they relaxed as we got older and we could have cookies and stuff in the house, but still no sugar cereal!

          • epric002

            i think we grew up in the same household. my mom made homemade wheat bread, yogurt, peanut butter, etc. she STILL makes cookies with whole wheat flour. no white bread, no boxed macaroni and cheese, no sodas, etc. they even gave out stickers instead of candy for halloween one year. they’ve calmed down a bit after 4 kids, but yeesh!

          • I was never allowed to chew gum either. My mom has A Thing… she’s seriously grossed out by it, way beyond a normal reaction.
            And what do you know, now that I’m a parent, I don’t want my kid doing it. Kids are terrible at it. They chew with their mouth open, they occasionally drool a little, chewed gum ends up places it shouldn’t… So I tell her that she doesn’t have enough teeth yet. She has to wait for her 12 year molars before she can successfully chew gum.

          • We weren’t allowed to have gum… and so, around age 4 or so, I shoplifted gum from the grocery store.
            My mom caught me with the gum at home and took me back to the grocery store and made me apologize… but after that, she relaxed a bit and was willing to buy limited quantities of gum.
            We were allowed to have soda, but only in limited quantities (I think a 6-ounce glass).

          • Emmaleigh504

            hahaha epric202 my dad made the yogurt 🙂

  • epric002

    rant/rave: spouse did not get the job in austin.
    rant: after the CEO specifically sought him out and asked him to apply, and 2 interviews, and telling him they’d have an answer in 2 weeks…they never got back to him. so unprofessional.
    rave: slept like a log last night. i didn’t realize that the austin thing was stressing me out, but apparently it was. nice to have that over with.
    rave: my new nephew is the cutest little elf baby!

    • This seems to happen a lot. I agree, very unprofessional. How long does it take to send an email?

    • I think it’s VERY unprofessional how companies these days take interviewees so far in the process and then do a fade! My father couldn’t believe some of the stories I have from friends on the job hunting front, very similar to your husband, many rounds, visits, C-level contacts and personal messages… then cold shoulder. Things have definitely changed over the years in the hiring realm. I guess some companies feel no need for good manners in this “employers market” where people are so desperately clambering for jobs.

    • epric002

      totally agree. i’m trying to convince him that he should politely let the CEO know how his HR folks handled this. they used to work together and are friendly, and quite frankly if i were the CEO i’d be pissed if my HR folks pulled a disappearing act, especially on a candidate i’d personally requested.

      • That is very good advice. He should definitely contact the CEO and let him know. Usually C-level is very far removed from these day-to-day issues.

        • epric002

          thanks! glad to hear someone else agrees with me. he says he doesn’t want to burn bridges, which i totally understand, but i think you can politely inform him of this w/o making a big thing of it.

      • I totally got the run around from HR when I was completing paperwork for a job – they said they’d call and wouldn’t, would tell me they’d get back to me about questions and didn’t, etc. I told the head of the agency and he was mortified and glad I told him because he didn’t want that to be the perception of how the office is run.

  • Rant: we havent had an update on the v st pop up in a while (i dont think)

    • looks like they’ve been delisted. Plugging 1013 V Street into redfin just brings back sold listing of the old rowhouse before it was frankenhoused, but shows the three active listings were taken down on January 23rd. Going to the website for the Ella condos says “price available upon request.” Guess they got sick of having people come to the open houses and ROFL.

  • Rant: R Street bike lane hasn’t been paved, and is home to snow, ice, a dead rat (and the usual potholes).
    Rave: DEAD RAT.

    • Sorry, hasn’t been shoveled*

    • most bike lanes have not been plowed/shoveled at all around time. it’s kind of infuriating… plus couple that with all the new potholes the shoveling that does happen creates, crazy conditions out there. but it ain’t stopping me from riding.

  • Rave: Potted bulbs on sale at Giant => purple hyacinth in bloom on my dining room table. Smells like spring, hope the real thing isn’t far behind. I had some yellow crocus in my yard last week, others should be blooming soon.
    Rave: Spring in DC, spring forward next weekend. I might tempt fate by putting away my sweaters : )
    Rant: Bruised rib still very sore…..

  • Rave: A bright, sunny sky this morning! The air even smelled clean and refreshing! An omen of spring? Or am I deluding myself?
    Rave: Lent. Well, okay, one doesn’t usually rave about Lent. But at the end of it, I get to spend a girls’ weekend with my best friend who lives on the best coast. So, I will take it as the beginning of the countdown clock. If I can get through Lent, I will see spring and warm weather. Must. Hold. On.
    Rant: Sleeping like crap this week. I’m tired.
    Rave: Hair that’s long enough to pull back into a ponytail. This is the longest my hair has been in years. I kinda like it.

  • Rant: Really struggling to find a good therapist. Even just going to see someone took months to finally do, and when I did, I felt that the person didn’t listen to what I had to say, didn’t take me seriously, made huge assumptions after only a handful of multiple-choice questions and 15 mintues of talking to me, and dismissed outright the main reason why I sought help. An intake session really shouldn’t prompt a complete breakdown, but this one did.
    Rave: I made an appointment to see another therapist in the office. Also, the unsuitable therapist gave a supportive response when I told her that I couldn’t work with her.
    Rant: A good friend’s dog died. He was one of the most amazing dogs I’ve ever met—a lhasa apso who was a true philosopher. He lived a long and happy life but will be missed by all who knew him.

    • Taking the first step to see a therapist is hard and when it doesn’t work out it takes even more energy to try again. Hope the second therapist is a good fit for you. My background is in social work and I know some really excellent therapists – if you’d like a few additional names you can contact me via sharon wdc at gmail.

    • Wow, I had a nearly identical experience last year. It’s hard enough to go, and when you have a terrible experience it makes it tough to go back. I am working the energy up to find a new one as well. good luck to you.

  • RAVE: Set up two good friends and things are going great for them.
    RANT: My relationship is imploding, and I will soon be on the singles market (uggh online dating) and will now have no one to commiserate with.

    • Anonynon

      Good for you for setting up your friends. Advice – if you know its emploding just let it happen, dont resist. And online dating isnt that bad…at least you are a female!

      • You think females have it easier with online dating? I guess if you are interested in a quick shag. I takes me on average of 2 months of being online before I have one real life date.. I know it would be quicker if I were using a bone app like Tinder (but noooo way). Also it was hard to set aside almost an hour a day to peruse profiles, message&reply. And sucks when you compose a good message to hear zilch.. Uggh I just wanna stay at home and play with my pup.

        • @Panna – Actually no I am not in for the ‘quick’ shag very much the opposite and that is usually the last thing to fall into place with someone i really like (kinda shy). I agree that Okcupid is kinda bad because there are so many people and 90% of the time i never expect a response. Tinder is just way too much flipping through people based on one picture, and also i wasnt getting any matches. I downloaded a new app called ‘Coffee meets bagel’, you get matched with 1 guy (or girl) each day at noon. You have 24 hours to decide if u like them (based on pictures and a mini profile), if you both like each other u get a text message sent where you can communicate with the person for i think 5 days. I really like the app because i dont need to spend hours going through twitter or stalking profile ok OKC. I have already been on one date (which appear to have just been that 1 date) and i have another friday.

  • msmaryedith

    Rant: Very close friend is making a series of terrible decisions about guys. She’s “dating” a just-turned-26-year-old who happens to be her boss’s son. They had “dated” once before, and when he started treating her like crap, they segued into a f*ck buddy relationship. He has a baby, some baby mama drama, and according to her coworker (who has known the guy since birth–she is best friends with his mom/friend’s boss), he’s “just looking to get his d*ck wet.” My friend has admitted to me that he is dumb (as in he can’t even compose a coherent email), and that he has treated her terribly. But now she is just claiming he has done a 180 and that things are great. I know there is only so much I can say, but I largely kept my mouth shut when she was involved with a loser she ended up marrying, then divorcing. I know she wants kids, so dating a loser who is 8 years her junior makes me worry about her. She was basically addicted to the last guy she had a quasi-relationship with, and when he started sleeping with her (underage) coworker instead of her, my friend pretty much stopped eating and quickly shed at least 20 lbs. I just feel like I’ll be a bad friend if I keep my mouth shut, but she has shut me down every time I have tried to suggest that I think this is a bad idea. So frustrating to watch this happen to her.

    • Ugh all around. Broach the subject gently if you can. I want friends around me who don’t BS and will act as a mirror for me if I’ve got my head up my bum…

    • Yikes. I think all you can do is try to be the voice of reason. In the end, however, you can’t make someone make good choices for themselves.

    • I once had a friend who was making terrible decisions regarding men. Pointing out the mens’ various fatal flaws and red flags did nothing in terms of getting through to her. Then one day, after she had freed herself from a particularly damaging relationship, she told me “you know what you said that actually made me realize he was wrong for me? You asked me if I was happy. You asked me if he makes me happy. And I knew the answer was no.” (Now, years later, she is engaged to a wonderful person!) So maybe instead of talking to your friend about what a terrible person the man in question is, you can just act as a constant emotional check-in reminder until she comes to her own senses.

      • good advice.

      • msmaryedith

        Actually, I almost sent her this link this morning! https://www.facebook.com/humansofnewyork/photos/a.102107073196735.4429.102099916530784/619288501478587/?type=1&theater
        I’ve said just that–that I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of what she wants out of a relationship and for her future, and what she needs to be happy, and that I don’t think it seems like he can provide that. I had completely refrained from saying anything like “he’s a loser” to her. With her ex, I finally asked her “What if this is your life 10 years from now. Will you be happy? Will you be ok with that? Or 5 years from now? A year?” And when she said no each time, I told her I would follow up with her in a year, and I did. And they separated shortly thereafter, then divorced. It’s been two years since then, so I know maybe she is still not completely moved on, but she’s also getting old enough that I don’t want her to waste a couple of years on this guy when I know she wants to marry and have babies and all that. It’s just heartbreaking!

    • If she stopped eating and lost 20 lbs over a quasi-break up, her issues may be bigger than (or related to) her choices in men. If you’re close enough to her, could you suggest therapy? And maybe don’t make it about the men that she dates, but concern for her physical well-being due to the fact that she starves herself in response to stress.

      • msmaryedith

        Honestly, I think that is what has me most worried. She doesn’t seem fundamentally insecure, but her behavior patterns when it comes to dating seem to contradict that. I am very close to her–and fairly close to her family (incidentally, she is living with her parents right now)–but she is stubborn as hell. I don’t think she would take well to my suggesting that, no matter how carefully worded. I think she is mad at me right now for just implying that I was concerned about her getting back together with him–and mostly mad because she knows I’m right. But I’m afraid if I throw in a “and by the way, I really think you should see a therapist,” she may cut me off entirely.

  • Rave: I have a great life and a lot to be thankful for.
    Rant: Despite this, I am feeling very bitter about someone I know who seems just have everything fall into their lap. Things like this normally don’t bother me so I hope this feeling of resentment goes away soon.

  • houseintherear

    I am fostering a *wonderful* cat through the Homeward Trails Rescue organization. He’s about 4 years old and came from a neglectful home in West Virginia, where he was left to live outside year round… he now has flopped over ears (from an ear infection that was left untreated), and a gratititude for a happy home life that is unparalleled by any pet I’ve ever met! He loves human contact and is a big cuddle bug. Very well-behaved, no potty or health issues, and has a short little tail that wags because he is part Japanese Bobtail. Here’s my twitter page with a couple of tweets at the top about him with a pic- please tweet or respond here if you’d like to meet him! https://twitter.com/houseintherear

    • houseintherear

      …and I’ll be taking him to the Homeward Trails adoption event on Saturday from 12-2 at PETMAC DC at 4220 Fessenden St NW, if anyone wants to meet him in person!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Awww he’s cute! Hope he gets a forever home soon!

    • I had a Japansese Bobtail that we rescued from a shelter growing up! They’re quite the vocalists, aren’t they?

      • houseintherear

        Well I read that they are quite vocal, but this guy is actually a mute so far. He uses his paws to communicate- lots of petting at my cheeks, or petting my ankles when he wants to be picked up. I wonder if he has a problem with his vocal chords (or whatever cats have).

    • Do you have a link to his Petfinder page? (My work blocks Twitter.)

      • houseintherear

        We are still waiting on the Homeward Trails/Petfinder page to be posted… I can email you some pics and info, if you’d like. enotsnil (at) gmail.com.

        • Ahh, I see. My cat doesn’t like other cats, so I can’t adopt the little guy regardless — I just want to see his pics. 🙂

          • houseintherear

            I’ll post the link when it goes up on another R&R post. He is SO FREAKIN CUTE I cannot even tell you. Wish I could be a failed foster and adopt him, but my cat doesn’t like him much and there’s a lot of tension in the house, sadly.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Can’t concentrate.
    Rant: Insomnia that won’t go away.
    Rave: I am thinking very seriously about taking a trip to Sweden in the near future. I’ve been obsessed with that country ever since they started their awesome twitter account @sweden.
    Rave: I have a trip to Israel in the Fall to look forward to!

    • I’d take a trip to Israel any day over a trip to Sweden. Sweden’s “nice.” I’d happily move to Israel to live. I love it there. Just my opinion, obviously.

      • Emmaleigh504

        The trip to Israel is already planned so I’m going no matter what. I just want to get to Sweden sometime after that.

    • If you go to Sweden, I recommend trying to visit at the height of summer. I went a few years ago at the end of August, and it was pretty chilly.

      • Emmaleigh504

        For sure! I hate the cold! I’ve been monitoring the weather there so I can plan my trip at the right time for my comfort 🙂

    • Some things that helped my insomnia this winter:

      1) light therapy lamp
      2) magnesium supplements
      3) yoga nidra (there’s a lot on YouTube)

      Good luck! Insomnia is the worst.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I have the lamp and someone told me about the magnesium, but I forgot to try it. Thanks for the reminder! I’ll check out the yoga nidra, too. thanks for the tips!

        • Have you tried using a hypnosis app? There are some free ones out there — and I”m sure that there’s one for insomnia. I’ve used one for weight loss at bedtime and It’s so soothing that I usually crash out before the program finishes.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Yes, I have tried some. I can’t find one I like for sleep, but I’ve found some for relaxation for when I’m feeling stressed.

  • Apparently there is a bird in our HVAC room. Any ideas on how to handle that, sans bird net?

    • Open all your windows in that immediate area (if any), flush bird out… it will fly out on its own.

    • If you can make the room pitch black, and then provide one teeeeeny tiny light source (no more than the “on” light of a computer, for example), the bird will fly to the light and then not move again. You can gently pick it up and take it outside. Most birds are blind in the dark. They don’t like it, so they will seek the light, and having found it, not abandon it. The light has to be small enough not to illuminate the surroundings (a cell phone screen is too much), or the bird will have somewhere else to go and you’ll have a harder time catching it.

  • Rant: Took a major dive on 4th this morning on my way to work and now waiting for x-rays. If I miss another running season, I’m going to be the saddest sack. I was all bundled, wearing my right proper winter boots, but the two blocks of packed snow/ice just did me in. I have MS and have days where my balance is like a toddler’s. Today was quite seriously the perfect storm.
    Rave: I have pretty great health insurance and an amazing partner who was there to pick me up after said fall. Feel really lucky anyway and am looking at new knitting patterns.

    • Sorry to hear about your fall and fingers crossed for no serious injury. There was a great piece in the NYTimes yesterday about a high school runner with MS. Super inspiring–she sounds like a total badass.

    • I feel your pain! I have a bone disease and my balance is terrible on a clear day, so this ice and snow is awful. I just went through a four-month relapse, and I was SO worried something would happen on the ice because I need to get back in a gym routine. I really can’t believe the city won’t use this as an opportunity to fine businesses who don’t shovel/de-ice.

      • Unfortunately, the city can’t fine the jackholes who don’t shovel. The enforcement mechanism is for the city to shovel it, then charge the home/business owner for thee service. That is never going to happen. I really think there needs to be a law change.

  • We have reached a new low in the lawn chair saga in my neighborhood. I noticed people putting out chairs to mark their spots before it snowed. I am willing to admit that I see the logic in thinking you are entitled to a spot that you cleared with your own labor. However, marking your spot before it snows (I don’t mark ever), is just like that guy that we internet shamed who puts his planters out over by Howard (the covered Miata I think).

    • gotryit

      Sounds perfect for a craigslist ad… “Free lawn chair – curb alert!”

    • I don’t understand — so your neighbors were basically trying to reserve street-parking spots before it snowed? (Like Saf’s neighbor who tries to reserve a street-parking spot 24/7?) What’s the rationale of reserving pre-snow — do the neighbors have off-street parking, but don’t want to use it pre-snow because they’ll be stuck until the alley snow melts?

  • Rave: District city council votes 10-1 to decriminalize cannabis, Gray intends to sign. Woop woop!

  • Observation: While stuck in traffic this morning I noticed about 20 kids walking to a local school and noticed they were all wearing the uniform of tan pants and (i assume under their coats) a white shirt. After about the fifth kid I noticed a pattern. All of the boys had baggie pants on that hung down, and all of the girls had on skin tight pants that clearly did not fit them. Do you suppose the company making the pants is sexist or racist and purposefully designing the clothing in such a fashion? I only noticed one person out of twenty that did not fit that pattern, a young lady that possibly could have pinched 3/4 of an inch of material on the leg of her pants.

    Rant: First world people who don’t understand the difference between a cross walk and a cross signal. I suppose the only thing worse are those people who don’t understand either of them and cross anywhere they damn well please.

    • No, I suppose the boys are purchasing pairs that are too big and the girls are purchasing pairs that are too small because that’s what is “cool.”

      • Yeah, I agree. The super skinny cut of pants is in for the youngs.

      • There is no company for pants. Students just buy khakis. They (the student) chose the style and size. It has nothing to do with racism.

    • gotryit

      “Do you suppose the company making the pants is sexist or racist and purposefully designing the clothing in such a fashion?”
      That made me laugh. Are you really serious?

      • jim_ed

        I’ll have you know that we specifically design ill-fitting pants targeted for minority school children to prove our racial superiority over them. We’ve been in business over 85 years with the same business model, and I’ll be damned if we change it now that someone finally caught on to our scheme.
        – Sinister McPlotter, CEO
        Racist Pants Co.

      • It was dry sarcasm. Duh : )

        It did make me wonder though, obviously parents know what their kids are wearing to school. What is it that a parent finds good, respectful, positive, beneficial to a child that their butt crack or camel toe is jumping out for the world to see? If the parents are in agreement with that, (otherwise why would they allow it) I would like to better understand the mindset that sees that as something to benefit their child. My mind is open enough to think that I may be missing something, just as open as it is to think the parents don’t really care about the outcome of their child’s life. I would like to hear the argument from their side at least.

        • Emmaleigh504

          My parents let me wear pretty much whatever b/c the fight wasn’t worth it. They figured there would be bigger more important issues (grades & staying out of trouble with the law) to deal with than if my hair was pink or my skirt was too short for their liking. They were right. We had a great relationship when I was a teen and still do. They didn’t smother me and I turned out just fine.
          I don’t know if this is the case for these kids, but what teens wear is such a none issue in my book. Teens like to push the envelope, especially if they have a school uniform or strict school dress codes.

          • gotryit

            This is a timeless pattern. I recently saw a classic picture of my grandparents on a rowboat from when they were very young and noticed that she was wearing an uncomfortably (for me) short skirt… that would have been around the 1920s. Not news.

        • Also, some kids may wear the same uniform khakis a few years in a row, despite growing, because they can’t afford a new pair. My heart almost broke when I was on the bus one morning and a little boy was crying to his mom that he was going to get in trouble with the teacher for wearing regular sneakers instead of black uniform shoes. The mom said she’d write him a note to give to the teacher that said he outgrew his old ones at the end of last year and they can’t afford new shoes.

        • Maybe you were once a teenager. Maybe you once pushed boundaries as most teenagers are won’t to do. Maybe your parents chose their battles wisely – and decided to leave cosmetic things like hair and clothing for societal consequences while they concentrated on biggies like health and education. Just because kids do things doesn’t mean that their parents agree with it or support it. And if you have a child — or if you’ve been a child — you can likely find examples of this from your own experience.

    • Although I will say that I’ve never found a pair of chinos that fit me properly – and I’m not the only one to note that most seem designed for people without butts. While I doubt that that’s a major factor here, it might be a minor one.

  • Sunday brunch rants and rave:
    Rant: Why do I drive up to Chez Billy’s on a Saturday/Sunday brunchtime about once every other month only to realize they don’t do brunch. Don’t they? Didn’t they?
    Rant: Why do I keep confusing DC Reynolds with Meridian Pint? Last weekend I called DC Reynold’s while parked in front of Meridian Pint and asked if there was a wait for brunch (didn’t want to drag babies out of car from restaurant to restaurant). Then when I walked in to Meridian Pint and they told me there was a 20 minutes wait, I was upset. Gahh, so sorry all.
    Rave: Mothership was alllll booked up for brunch on Sunday. Yay Park View!
    Rave: Kangaroo Boxing Club, wow are these people nice. I could not believe how sweet everyone was in spite of the chaos of a chock full service. And yum. So lucky to live in this neighborhood!

  • RANT: I was in the Petworth Post Office today. I saw a sign offering a reward for a break-in on March 2nd. I thought to myself, did I miss a break-in? No, it was from 2013!!! Another unsolved break-in (crime) in Petworth. After many of the businesses on Georgia Av near the old Moroni Bros leaving because of break-ins and many neighbors being broken in to, I’m wondering what the heck the police even do in the 4th District? What is the deal?!?!

  • Rave: POPville recommendation for My Fitness Pal
    Rant #1: Struggling to keep to what it allotted me. 1,200 calories seems impossible unless I skip a meal per day.
    Rant #2: It also shows me that I have a kind of high fat diet. But I don’t eat junk food or fried food. Any ideas/meal recommendations?

    • epric002

      1200 calories is pretty low, esp if you’re exercising. are you eating good fats or bad fats?

      • I marked my lifestyle as sedentary. I exercise but not regularly (working on that lately as part of this). And I’m not very tall, so five pounds ends up being a lot. But I am eating mostly “good” fats.

        • epric002

          i’m also a smaller female, and while i’m not sedentary, i only do vigorous exercise once or twice a week, but i walk around 5 miles a day. i’ve tried the 1200 cal thing before, also based on a what a food tracking app recommended, and it was HARD. i was always hungry. for me, the most benefit i ever got out of fitness apps/food tracking/food diaries was just a more comprehensive view of what i was actually eating, and what serving sizes actually are (they’re always smaller than you think). if i were you, i’d focus on adding more exercise and working on portion sizes and not be quite so strict about a total calorie number.

    • The 1200 is pretty restrictive. I think that is just a baseline set by the app. You might want to do some research as to what suits you better, and then adjust the allotment on the app.

    • Look at some of the Paleo recipes. While you don’t have to follow the diet, the concept is pretty great. I find that following Paleo has me eating significantly more vegetables, and I don’t feel bad about the fat in my diet.


    • I have used this app for years. If you want to eat a little more than you just need to bank some cals by exercising. Also the 1200 is probably because you selected that you want to lose 2 lbs a week. If you put it down to .5 – 1 lbs a week, you will be alloted more calories. 1200 is normal for a dieter. Just budget wisely and put down the avocado (too many cals). Opt for Greek yogurt, pistachios instead of almonds, 100 cal a slice bread, warm tea or iced tea made with stevia/agave.

    • Snack on raw veggies constantly throughout the day- tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, radishes, whatever you like. They have very few calories but keep you eating something. (I guess that only works if you like raw veggies; I’m lucky that I do.) For a late night snack, I like eating a salad of tomatoes, olives and a little bit of low fat feta, maybe a couple croutons. Tasty but not too bad for you or high cal.

  • Neither rant/rave: Giving up soda and sweets for lent.
    Rant: Anticipated future rants regarding the above.
    Rave: It’ll be good for me on more than one level – I need to break my addiction to diet coke!

  • Rave: The good news is the DR cleared me to go off the liquid diet although he wants me to phase it in over 5 days. “No rib eye tonight” he said. I had already made my gruel for lunch so I’m still thinking about what to have tonight to celebrate.

    I have surgery scheduled for Friday March 21 on my lip. He calls it a “lip swap.” They will take part of my upper lip and sew it to my bottom lip…yeah this sounds like fun! My face is so McGyver these days!

    Rant: People who don’t shovel their sidewalks. I’m looking at YOU 2000 block of 13th St West side. If I can shovel with a MyGyver face, you should be able to shovel also.

    • congrats on the progress, and please post tomorrow what you decided to have for dinner! 🙂

      • How about a crabcake sandwich with french fries? Those are pretty soft to start with, and delicious!

    • Yay! Could be a good week for seafood gumbo. Followed by a week or so of ribeyes! Glad you got good news! “Lip swap” sounds like the stuff of nightmares — and probably more smoothies and custard. All the more reason to stock up on steaks and ribs while you can. Let us know what you decide about dinner. If you can make weeks of smoothies sound entertaining, I’m looking forward to hearing about your celebration meals! 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      Yay that you can start solid food again! I second the rec for gumbo or some hearty stew (I love gumbo so I may be biased). Good luck with the lip swap! Are you taking before and after pix for posterity?

  • Rave: I just had a Bobby Blue burger for lunch from Bobby’s Burger Palace and it might have been the best burger ever. Or I might be influenced by a mild mardi gras hangover

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