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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Hi Dan – Just wanted to drop a note to let you know about a couple of random acts of kindness we witnessed today during our drive to work. My husband and I were making our way up Irving St, NW towards Mt Pleasant St when a car in front of us got stuck on ice and couldn’t get enough traction to make it up the hill. Two people walking by saw what happened so they got behind the car and pushed it out. They were all smiles.

    Just after they were done, ANOTHER car had the same problem and the people came right back to push that car as well. Plus, a third person came over to help.

    All smiles again.

    Good work MtP!

    • Nice. I changed a woman’s tire recently after the last snow storm. AAA told her they had so many calls they weren’t taking any new ones. I told her my name and from our conversation she determined where I worked and tracked me down. I got a nice thank you note and a Starbucks gift card from her. It was a really nice gesture. The good people still out number the selfish pricks in this world, although it doesn’t always seem like it.

      • Nice of you, and nice of her!

      • This is why AAA sucks, when you need them, they’re overwhelmed, but you still pay dues. This is also what’s wrong with America, that they can get away with a horribly poor level of service.

        • You can often get a roadside assistance package with your auto insurance. USAA offers one, for example, that is cheaper than AAA. Allows me peace of mind without the guilt of financially supporting AAA’s anti-public transportation lobbying efforts.

        • In contrast, I’ve found AAA services to be an excellent value for a relatively small fee. I’ve consistently experienced prompt, courteous service — even when I had car troubles in neighborhoods that some would regard as sketchy. I don’t fault them for being overwhelmed in a snow emergency — that’s what “emergency” implies.

          It’s nice that these acts of kindness are being publicly acknowledged!!!

          • saf

            Just remember, they are using that fee, and the fact that you are a member, to support their lobbying against public transportation and for the expansion of car culture.

          • True. And I’m probably one of the most pro-public transportation/ walkaholic people in America. I’m also a car phobic person who had no other safe transportation options and no one that I could call in an emergency for many years. AAA consistently came when I called them – and, lacking other options, I truly appreciate that.

          • The roadside service provided by your auto insurance is exactly the same as from AAA — they both just activate local tow trucks or service crews based on where you’re stuck. But it will cost $6/year from your insurance instead of $50. There might be small differences in towing distance or one particular service that might matter to you, but in general most people won’t notice any difference except in the cost.

          • saf

            Your insurance may offer roadside assistance, as already noted by others.

            I have been pleased with the Better World Club.


          • Saf, calm down already.

          • Smilla

            I agree with saf. AAA sucks, because they are anti-environment and anti-public transportation. I’ve been a Better World Club member for almost a decade and I’m very happy with it.

          • saf

            Sorry, perfectly calm.

        • I had an average of three bad experiences with AAA to every positive one. Of course, the positive ones are virtual lifesavers, but they’re not the only game in town. I switched to my insurance’s roadside assistance, and have been much happier.

          • Speaking of insurance– Mint.com is telling me I’m spending too much on it. My 6-month policy is less than $400, which I thought was pretty good for this area. What do the rest of you pay?

          • Answers aren’t going to be very useful, really, given all of the variables — differences in the cars being covered, the level of coverage for different categories, your own age and driving record. Best bet is to call your agent and 1 or 2 others (or do an online quote) to see if your fees are in fact too high.

          • 433.19 per six months, with a good record and discounts for bundling my renter’s and auto. Under $400 is very good for D.C.

          • Old info perhaps – 4-5 years? But with my last beater car when I had to call AAA fairly often, the tow truck drivers told me that AAA got priority over others because of volume. Probably not an issue except in times of high demand.

            Also – do you know that there is a very high chance your school bus driver has been awake all night driving a tow truck? I was surprised and a bit alarmed to learn that – from several 2 a.m. tows.

    • When I went out to shovel yesterday afternoon, someone had already done the sidewalk in front of our house–and a proper full-width job, not just a shovel-width path. I don’t know who to thank (but I responded by shoveling the walk in front of my neighbor’s house).

  • Rave: I work for a public school district in VA, so I get another snow day!
    Rant: Snow days are significantly less fun when everybody else has to work.

  • Rave: Made it to work easily early despite a lot of bad side roads. Extreme frost bite just from a few seconds of cleaning my car though – not cool.

    Rant: Spending my tax money on new appliances, Home Depot Crap, and furniture… Not an easy feeling, especially in today’s economy. I hate being fiscally responsible, it’s such a drag to be an adult. I’d much rather buy totally senseless stuff like beer.

    Rant: Realizing there is simply too much to be done around the house for me alone. Maybe I just need a good cleaning lady that I can trust instead of a wife tho… har.

    Rave: Short work weeks are the best, especially with a Monday off. We should have these every week. I got nothing done outside of shoveling snow and I loved it.

    • A good cleaning lady is way cheaper than a wife, IMHO. Smart investment.

      • Best of luck to both of you in the romantic department, you guys are real winners. The fact that you think that joke is even funny speaks volumes.

        • Ouch!

          It was just a little bit of elbow humor. No need to stab us!

          I’d love to have a wife that would help me to clean my house, it would be much less expensive than a hiring a cleaning lady. πŸ˜›

          • Here’s a test: would you make that same joke about getting a husband vs. hiring a cleaning “guy”? No, because it doesn’t make sense. And it doesn’t make sense because the joke is based on offensive stereotypes and gender roles.

          • I’m not going to go to a male strip club because of gender stereotypes, I’m hetero. If I want a lady to clean my house rather than a man, This is America, and that’s my choice. You can’t take that from me, otherwise, I’d rather just have a dirty house.

        • Oh come on! Even in this city, even on this blog – you are way over-reacting!!

          And for your actual (silly) question – “would you make that same joke about getting a husband vs. hiring a cleaning β€œguy” – have you seriously never heard about all the “rent a husband” handy-man businesses?

    • Careful Jack, you are going to start some trouble with that second rant.

    • jim_ed

      For a completely non-solicited recommendation on appliances, we went through the Bray & Scarff outlet/return center in Laurel and scored a tremendous deal on really nice stuff. Haggling recommended.

      • Thanks for the recommendation! It’s unfortunately too late, I already ordered from Best Buy and can’t stand to shop any more πŸ™

  • I really just feel like ranting and then ranting some more about this never ending winter! I hate it!

    My only raves today are that a) I feel pretty caught up on work for the first time in weeks and b) the NPS is going to announce their cherry blossom bloom prediction today. It’s just one more reminder that even if it doesn’t feel like it, spring IS coming!

    • justinbc

      This winter seriously blows.

    • I’m probably in the minority here, but I love this winter! It’s exactly what winter should be like – cold and snowy. I like having cold winters to balance out the days of 100 degree heat and humidity we get in the summer.

    • Maybe we can take comfort that some of the mosquito larvae were killed this winter?? I’m hoping anyway πŸ™

      • Let’s hope. Tiger mosquito eggs die below 10 degrees. I think it’s dipped that low a few times.

        • I would take a week of below 10 degree weather if it would kill the tiger mosquitoes. Maybe even two weeks. And this is coming from someone who’s pipes freeze when it’s that cold. I really hate those gd mosquitoes.

  • Rave: The United House of Prayer at 6th & M NW always does a stellar job clearing its sidewalks of snow, and this morning was no exception…it was nice to have at least one clear block on my walk to work!

  • Rant: I was running late to work and like an idiot decided to drive. 14th St was gridlocked–downtown streets are surprisingly bad. Finally turned around at L went back to 13th and crossed over on S and finally made it south on 19th.

    Rant/Rave: Getting nervous about my appointment tomorrow with my Otolaryngologist to determine if I can go off liquid foods.

    Rave: Leftover African Peanut Stew today for lunch. I went crazy and didn’t even put it in the blender!

    • Good luck tomorrow!

    • Hope your appointment tomorrow goes well!!!!! And, selfishly, I hope you continue to post at least some of your menus. African Peanut Stew sounds yummy — and will inspire me when I hit the store this afternoon. Glad you’ve made the great leap forward from smoothies to stew!

  • Rant: It’s cold.
    Rant: I went for a job interview a week and a half ago, and it’s been radio silence since then. I assume at this point that I didn’t get the job, but the complete lack of contact strikes me as a little rude – particularly since the interview seemed to go well.
    Rave: Used the snow day to make banana bread. So there’s a silver lining there.

    • Did you follow up with them (individuals if there was more than one interviewer)? or are you just expecting a response?

      They could still be interviewing candidates, so maybe there hasn’t been any decisions yet……

      Was this the first interview or the 2nd, 3rd…..lots of variables. So, just send them a note saying you appreciated the chance to discuss and you thought it was very productive….look forward to hearing from you….etc

      • Thank you notes are a really great reminder that you’re still interested. I actually got my first “real” job out of college (at a consulting firm) because I was the only person who sent a thank you note to the interviewers, including a “thank you” email specifically to the admin assistant who showed me around that day. The admin assistant then forwarded my email to the “big boss” and he decided to hire me immediately.
        The little stuff matters.

        • Re: thank you notes – what do we think is best? A mailed, handwritten note, or is an email ok? An email the day of, and then follow up with a mailed letter? Asking as someone who is looking for a new position. Thanks!

          • For me personally, it might not be an absolute deal-breaker for a candidate who was head and shoulders about the rest of the other interviewees, but I would still consider it a major faux pas for a job candidate not to send a thank-you note, and a big risk in situations where there’s a razor-thin margin between Choice #1 and Choice #2. I used to be a little old-fashioned about sending handwritten notes (I thought it was a nice touch) BUT I’ve lately come around to e-mail, since it’s faster and I’ve also worked some places where letters took FOREVER to wind their way through the mailroom–and I realized that an employer could mistake that delay for my NOT sending a thank-you, especially if they’re getting e-mailed thank-yous from other candidates. But that also may be a function of my field. I work in an industry where personal connections and relationship-building are important, and there’s a fair amount of fundraising, communications, and event-planning involved. Not sending a thank-you note would be a red flag–if a job candidate can’t be bothered to follow-up with me (especially when it’s entirely in their self-interest to do so), are they going to be lax about following up with a funder, with guests at an event, with media, etc.?

        • everytime i have been hiring, thank you notes never made a difference when i was weighing candidates. and i *definitely* disqualified people because they called too many times. sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the ax. just saying.

          • Yeah, I was thinking the entry-level example above probably worked because they don’t have much to go on at that level. Later on it matters less.

          • justinbc

            Having done recruiting / hiring in the past I can tell you that it meant virtually nothing to me. Everyone thought they were being genuine in sending notes, so it just accounted for 20 more emails I had to delete.

          • That’s what I always thought– it would just be a nuisance for the recruiter. Is there anything an applicant can do to show genuine appreciation without burdening the recruiter?

          • Sometimes it helps. I still don’t think it hurts, so long as you’re not pestering the interviewer with multiple emails/letters. One and done. For that job, I sent nicely worded emails a few days after the interview. A nice, concise thank you letter/email can be a tie-breaker between two otherwise equally qualified candidates.
            That said, the admin assistant can make or break you. Trust me on this – you want that person to like you. Nothing good ever came from pissing off an admin.

          • I can see that endless follow-ups and thank yous is just a burden to the person/people hiring, but if you’ve been invited for a second interview I think the premise changes and you deserve some sort of response/status update within a couple of weeks of your interview (even if it’s just a “we’re still in process, thanks for holding tight” kind of message).

          • Re the admin assistant, that’s a good point, and it reminded me of something I read that Commerce Bank (I think they’re TD Bank now?) used to do. Their “thing” was friendliness and customer service, so when they called candidates into the corporate offices for interviews, they’d let them stew in the waiting area for a bit, and have the receptionist tell them a couple of times that the executives conducting the interview were running late, and it shouldn’t be too much longer. Unbeknownst to the candidate, the hiring team tasked the receptionist with reporting back to them on whether the candidate was friendly and gracious OR instead got huffy, indignant, or self-important with the receptionist each time he/she apologized for the delay. Normally I’m not a fan of game-playing in the hiring process, but I thought that one was pretty good.

        • I can’t imagine not sending a thank you note after an interview. Being on the hiring end, I appreciated a personal note sent a day or two after the interview. And although email is fine, one candidate stood out by sending a hand written thank you card.

          • Are you a man or woman? I’ve noticed that guys don’t care as much about thank you letters/emails or even think of it as a nuisance. Women tend to look much more favorably upon it, in my experience.
            Your mileage may vary.

    • I just went through a lot of interviews and NOT responding seems to be SOP these days. I started firming up a target response dates with HR recruiters (“I will contact you by next Thursday to see if there are any next steps”). I am sympathetic with recruiters though. The almost universally awful online applications systems and other channels they are using these days — liked LinkedIn—are bombarding with so much info, they barely have time to follow up with every candidate.

    • In the same boat re: radio silence. For one job, it’s been five weeks since my second interview, after which I sent an immediate thank you, and one week since following up. They’ve ignored the follow up. For the second job, it’s been two weeks since my second interview, after which I sent an immediate thank you, and several days since following up after the date they said they’d make a decision. They’ve ignored the follow up, too. What is it that I’m doing that warrants completely ignoring me? It’s not like I jumped on the table and tap danced during the interviews or anything. But hey, maybe if I did people wouldn’t ignore me. Dear hiring managers of the world, not sending rejection letters to interviewees is super rude.

      • Not sending rejection letters to people that you invited in for an interview is more than just rude. It’s unprofessional and poor reflection on your company. The person that you interviewed might be a future boss, client or partner. Don’t leave people hanging. Let them know where they are in the hiring process.

      • I totally feel you here. I understand that hiring managers/HR folks are probably bombarded with apps that they receive from various channels. And I don’t expect for them to follow-up with every single applicant, especially those that don’t warrant an interview. But I find it hard to believe that following up with the few that do make it to the interview phase is *that* much of a burden. If you thought enough to invite me in for an interview, at least send me an (even if it’s generic) “thanks, but no thanks” if I’m not moving forward in the process.

  • Revel – My neighborhood – Klingle Triangle in Mt. Pleasant. We all seemed to take turns shoveling for each other yesterday – not just sidewalks but steps, driveways, etc. I’m so lucky to live amongst such thoughtful neighbors.

  • Rant: I usually plant my peas the first week in March!

    Rave: dreaming about my peas eventually growing!

  • Rave: Snow day yesterday. I was one of the crazy bicyclists out in the snow. I hate being homebound on a snow day as I’m not government so when I do get one, they’re far and few between and want to make the most of my time off.
    Rant: Butcher’s bill today at work has come due for the snow day, going to be crazy busy all day.
    Rant: Have a toothache in the back of my lower jaw. It’s a little less painful in the gums today and I’m really hoping it’s not a wisdom tooth that needs to be pulled.

  • Rant/Rave: Reno started. Dust everywhere. Money flying out the door. Hard to picture the final result.
    Rave: had to pull all the appliances out of the basement. Can now put washer and dryer on the front porch, buy a case of mason jars and two cases of whiskey and have Alabama-themed cocktail parties all summer.

    • Don’t forget upholstered furniture on that porch! And put me on the guest list!

    • If you need someone to sit on the steps with a guitar, I’ll volunteer. And I can bring friends with banjos and maybe even a washboard if you want to go all out!

    • I can bring the mason jars!

    • Uh, that’s kind of insulting to people from Alabama.

      • I guess it depends on your perspective. I have fond memories of going “Down South” when I was a kid. I loved sitting on the porch steps, petting the dogs, listening to somebody play music and reaching in the freezer on the porch for ice pops.
        I also remember tasting something called “apple beer” when I was a young teenager, and being very upset when I wasn’t able to find it Up North. And, yes, as a gift for a friend, I brought back a mason jar of homemade white lightnin’. No insult intended. More like appreciation — on my part, at least.

      • Can everyone just stop with the whole being insulted/wounded/disrespected/ over-reaction to any little thing?

        • I could see it being tongue-in-cheek, but Irving Streete’s known for being kind of an ass. So yeah, I’d go with it being rude and condescending.

          • Eh, poTAYto, poTAHto. While I can’t claim to have pored over every single one of Irving’s comments, the ones I have read always come across to me as either tongue-in-cheek or in good-natured fun. (And I say this as a woman and a feminist–adding that qualifier because I think some of the past comments that a few people perceived as offensive have pertained to Irving’s lady friend. Personally, they haven’t bothered me…but everyone has their own interpretations.) I say carry on, sir.

          • “Known” by whom? You Anonymous? Or the other Anonymous? What might be “rude and condescending” to a dull mind is actually astute, whimsical and funny to most of us.

            (OK – I’m really just fawning to get an invite to the Alabama couch porch jar party!)

          • Well, you two are two peas in a pod. πŸ™‚

          • Can we stop with the Anonymous hate? Some of us can’t get an account set up, and either forget to or don’t feel like typing our names in the box every time. Doesn’t make our comments any less valid.

          • saf

            Yeah, it does make your comments less valid. It’s impossible to tell which anon said what, or even if all the anons are one person or each one is different….

          • I leave it up to PoP to decide if Anonymous comments are valid. Since he allows them I figure it’s OK. If he didn’t want anonymous posts he could set up the blog so Anonymous posts are not allowed, or even so that pseudo-anonymous posts without links to facebook or email accounts are not allowed.

  • What the heck is going on downtown? If Obama is going to Powell, why are all of the streets in downtown shutdown?

  • Another rave for Mt P – neighbors came out yesterday to collectively shovel the alley. In the front, my immediate neighbors and I usually shovel our sidewalk plus sidewalks on either side (small houses = short sidewalks). Yesterday one of the further neighbors shoveled his house plus just about all the other houses in the area.

  • gotryit

    Rave: Playing handyman this morning going to a brick yard to pick up fireplace renovation materials. I now have a 5 foot long block of concrete and a small stack of bricks in the back of my minivan.
    Rant / Rave: shoveling snow yesterday, but no sledding.
    Rave?: Obama at a public school near us.

  • Rant – Sidewalks are extremely icy, even downtown
    Rave – Had a great lazy snow day yesterday.
    Rant – Had a meeting this morning so I couldn’t take advantage of the 2 hour delay
    Observation – Lady walking to work this morning wearing ankle pants and flats with no socks or tights. Interesting wardrobe choice for today.

    • Oops, that was me, not anonymous

    • I saw a woman today in snow boots but no pants!

      • I’m wearing snowboots with fleece tights and a skirt. Does that qualify? I was warm enough, thanks to the fleece tights. And I still have my snowboots on at work because I love them.

        • I think even non-lined tights are warmer than pants. I’m wearing some with boots and a wool skirt and couldn’t be toastier.

          • justinbc

            My girlfriend left the house today saying the same thing. She was wearing a short dress with boots and I said “you must be crazy”. According to her it was virtually the same as wearing pants, go figure. I’ll stick to the couch and my blankets!

          • The tighter something is the warmer it keeps me, and I can’t wear skinny jeans to work. The tights are a much better option than trouser-style work pants.

        • to clarify – not just tights, no pants meaning totally bare skin.

      • I, too, have on a wool skirt and wore my snow boots. I also have on flesh-toned pantyhose. Perhaps the woman that the OP saw had on the same kind of pantyhose, too.

        Don’t be a hater. πŸ™‚

      • I saw a girl wearin knee high boots with the fashion socks peeking out at the top. definitely no tights i cant speak to the material of the skirt but for sure crazy!

    • On an earlier snow day, the one where there was calf-deep icy water at every corner, I saw a woman wearing 5″ stilettos. Given where I saw her, she had to have walked at least a few blocks already and had a couple more to go (at least).

        • Following up on the OP’s mention of seeing someone wearing flats today, with an even more unbelievable wardrobe selection.

          • I mean what’s the problem with stilettos? They keep the bottoms of the pants from getting wet in these situations, and the heel can pierce the ice/snow to keep from slipping. They’re a much better option that flats.

          • I don’t think stilettos OR flats are a good option when icy water is spilling over the tops of my Wellingtons at every intersection!!
            And I guess I can see that the tiny heel can pierce the ice, but speaking for myself I’m a lot less stable in stilettos even when the ground is flat and dry, it’s the last shoe I’d want to wear in icy and uneven conditions. Seeing that woman struggling that day, I suspect she’d be on my side on this one!

          • Yeah, my top choice would be rain/snow boots or at least something with a chunky heel, but why judge? Maybe she didn’t feel like carrying separate shoes to work, or maybe she was visiting from out of town and only brought those shoes. I’m trying to not wear skinny heels all the time, because the sidewalks chew them up so quickly, but otherwise they’re one of the more sensible footwear options for a petite woman with highly arched feet when the weather’s nice.

    • Boss told me that I shouldn’t have taken the whole 2-hour delay because there was a weekly meeting that occurred during that timeframe. How was I to know they hadn’t rescheduled the meeting to accommodate the delay, like sensible people would’ve??

  • RANT: Businesses not shoveling the sidewalks on major streets. You know who has it the worst? Blind people. I saw a blind man attempting to navigate U Street where multiple bars and restaurants had not shoveled the sidewalk. Poor guy.
    Make sure you shovel your property. If you’re out of town, arrange for a friendly neighbor to shovel your sidewalk or get a local handyman’s phone number and pay him $20. There’s so many mobility and visually disabled people in this city who are effectively housebound while there is snow and ice on the ground, even days after the storm has already passed through. So many townhouses in my U Street neighborhood have not even touched the snow in front of their walk.

    • justinbc

      So many townhouses in my U Street neighborhood have not even touched the snow in front of their walk.
      Maybe it’s the blind or otherwise disabled people you’re looking out for who live there.

      • Probably not.

      • Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

      • Why don’t they hire someone to clear their sidewalks?

        • Maybe they don’t know who to hire. Do you have any specific suggestions regarding such services?

          • There’s plenty of guys going door-to-door offering to shovel. There’s Angie’s List and Craigslist as well. Get on the phone and make some calls. The onus is on the owner or business to figure it out. No one needs to hold your hand.

          • In addition to the methods above, in the days leading up to the various storms we’ve had there there were a lot of requests for contacts for shovelers posted on my neighborhood listservs, and also a couple of high schoolers offering their services, so that could be a way of finding someone in your neighborhood.

          • The door-to-door guys in my neighborhood always come by when it’s still heavily snowing for another 3 hours. Why would anyone hire them?

          • Yup, on my street all you have to do is stand outside for a few minutes and someone will offer to shovel your walk. I’ve had multiple people offer to shovel my sidewalk WHILE I was doing it. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman and thus couldn’t possibly want to do it myself? Perhaps that’s not the case in your neighborhood, but in my neighborhood there’s no excuse for a snow-covered sidewalk

          • Actually, I was thinking about my elderly Dad, who lived in a corner house as the neighborhood changed. He didn’t have a computer, had never heard of Angie’s List, and the kids that used to live in the neighborhood who would shovel for a few bucks grew up. I’m also remembering times when being a good neighbor did indeed mean having people to hold your hand — and help out when need be. Not everyone knows everything you do. Not everyone has the resources that you do. It’s a lot easier to talk about “the onus” being on individuals “to figure it out” then it is to be a part of a supportive, functional community and offer help to those who need it — which benefits the community as a whole.
            Rave: The good samaritan and good neighbor posts.

  • Rave: Yaktrax, best $20 I spent considering the ice and snow this winter.
    Rant: Slipped and fell this weekend when getting out of bed (should’ve had my yaktrax on!) => giant and very colorful bruise : (

  • epric002

    rant: ice skating to metro this morning.
    rave: *most* people shoveled their paths.
    rant: my company. they totally effed up my pre-tax transit benefits by taking out more than what i requested, but put it towards another benefit that i don’t even use! it’s been almost 2 weeks and haven’t managed to un-fudge it. grrrrr.
    rant: my company, again. they continue to insist that we can’t telework and must take leave when the gov’t offices close. so they continue to get paid by the gov’t, but i must use my vacation time. mother fudgers.

  • Rant: My friend told me he received a bill from the Office of Tax and Revenue stating a check he sent them bunced, they wanted the payment and a feeof $65.00. He went down to the office with proof from his bank, he never bounced a check, he never wrote a check to DC for the amount in question. He asked for proof of this transaction. He was told, they couldn’t find it in the computer, but he still had to pay. Since he got the letter he had to pay. Now I understand how a employee could steal 40 million without those folks figuring it out.

  • Rant: Drivers blocking crosswalks when streets are covered in snow and dangerous.
    Rant: not feeling prepared for my GRE in two weeks.
    Rave: trip to RI this weekend and a new roommate!

  • justinbc

    Rave: Sorrel boots. After two years of not needing them (except for one trip to Iceland), they’ve come in major handy this year with all the shoveling and trips to the office in the snow. These guys make a seriously great product.
    Rave: Thai Orchid’s Kitchen for delivering to us last night. The food was mediocre at best, but we didn’t feel like braving the 18 degree weather anymore than we had to, and after shoveling almost my whole block I didn’t really feel like cooking. So thanks delivery guy for braving the icy roads!
    Rant: This winter. DC weather is getting more and more random every year. If this is the future of climate change then I’m all for going back to horse and buggies.

  • Rant: The dude who tried to cut in front of me to get on the bus this am. It isn’t going to be you to work any faster. And we’re all in this together. Slow down, and don’t be so rude.
    Rave/Rant: Fleece-lined tights, you really have saved me from a frozen bum this winter, but I’m tired to wearing you.
    Rave: When I no longer wear two layers of pants to work every day, I will feel like I lost a pants size. Instant diet!
    Rave: No awesome partner who has been working like a mad man lately. I’m being very intentional about picking up the slack on the home front.

  • Which country’s delegation is in town today? The Willard is blocked off with more cement barricades than usual. Half of 14th street is blocked off.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Happy Mardi Gras!
    Rant: I’m at work and not celebrating with my pals in New Orleans.
    Rave: KING CAKE

    • I’ve made King Cake a few times and never knew what the big deal was until my coworker brought in a real King Cake, shipped from New Orleans, today. Wow that is good.

  • Rave: Netflix! Got some good binge watching in this weekend. I know I’m a little late to the Orange is the New Black game, but it’s really good! I love Crazy Eyes… “Dandelion aint here right now, she gone to chase the chicken”. Best line ever!

    • I just finished the first season. I was hesitant because I thought it was going to be like Oz or something, but they cleared that up for us in the first episode. Netflix is winning for their original programming!

    • Crazy Eyes is my favorite. Too bad she won’t be back for season 2.

  • Rant: Static electricity! I’m sizzling the pets every time I touch them. I jolt myself every time I touch a switchplate, doorknob, even the metal drywall edgings under paint! Tried making a bed while listening to ipod on ear buds – fried my ears and zapped my brain.

    Rave: Roasting chickpeas smell so good.

    • Oh mine is so awful too! I look so silly when I turn on a light because I know I’m gonna get zapped so I try to touch lightly a couple times before I switch the light on.

    • The worst is when you kiss your significant other on the lips not expecting static shock. Lip shock hurts sooo baaaaaaaaad; I hope I don’t develop a Pavlovian aversion to kissing!

    • I was moving some blankets on my bed last night and got a massive static-eletricity shock, followed by my SMOKE DETECTOR beeping a couple of times!! Sheesh — I had no idea a static shock could set off a smoke detector!

  • Rant: took FOREVER to make it to work today (an hour, which is alot compared to my normal 35 minutes). Normally my commute is pretty easy but both 6th St NW and New Jersey Ave were terrible. What is it about this town that makes it lose its mind during snowy conditions?
    Rant: My heat went out over the weekend and it’s FREEZING in my place. I’m fine but I feel bad for my kitty.
    Rave: My HVAC company for working around my work hours! They are awesome.

  • Rant: Like everyone else I’m grumpy about this weather.
    Rave: Didn’t go to work yesterday – stayed in and played board games with my friends and roommates, had a solid buzz going from about noon to nine. Spiked hot chocolate is the best.
    Rave: Brady’s (fake Baileys), so good and so much cheaper
    Rant: Struggled hard getting to the metro this morning, sidewalks were all ice and my knee was not happy about it
    Rant/Rave: Paid a lot of money for an LSAT class. Tonight’s the first meeting but I can’t go because my materials haven’t come in yet. So I don’t have to sit and take a four hour diagnostic test tonight, but I’ll have to do that on my own time sometime later in the week when the only free time I have is the weekend.

  • Rave: Neighbor who shoveled my sidewalk.

  • Rant: My joints were aching so badly yesterday that I couldn’t shovel. Not much better today either.

  • Rave: Snow day with the roommate yesterday was what we both needed. We did some cooking, baking, painting, lounging, and generally relaxing.
    Rave: Getting to see someone (the guy that got back from Afghanistan) way more than I expected. WOOHOO!
    Rave: Neighbors helped shovel people out on my block. I did mine and my neighbors yesterday just after it stopped snowing and we were the last two on my side of the street.
    Rave: Short work week got shorter with the snow day.
    No rants…thank you Mr. Afghanistan πŸ™‚

  • RAVE: Oh, how I LOVE rice pudding! Love, love, love, love, love!

  • For those who have expressed interest, the next sewing meetup brunch will be on Saturday, 5 April at the Chinatown Vapiano’s starting at 11 am. Attendees are primarily into garment sewing, but there are some folks who also do quilting, home dec, etc; these are informal meetups with all skill levels welcome. We usually show off recent projects and bring unwanted patterns, fabrics, notions, etc to swap with extras donated at the end of the meetup. Look for us in the area near the front windows. I’ll try to remember to post a reminder the week before…

    • Oh please post details! I’ve been looking for someone to save/take over a couple of vastly over-ambitious sewing projects (vintage pattern needing extreme alterations – that I wound up incompetent to do – but gorgeous fabric.)

      • Somehow I doubt you can get someone to do your work for you. Nice try though. πŸ™‚

      • If you want advice on alterations, then by all means bring along your project and we will try to help out. If you are looking for someone to actually sew it up for you, a professional is probably the way to go.

        • Well, I was ready to donate or pay – but thanks for your completely un-informed, clueless and useless advice!

          • Offering advice on alterations is completely un-informed, clueless and useless advice? It sounds like exactly the kind of advice you were looking for.
            I’m likely skilled enough to take over your project, but I wouldn’t. Not even for money. That’s just my completely un-informed, clueless and useless opinion.

          • Seems this comment from Victoria is out of place/not a reply to saaracenia

          • I agree, I think her response was duplicated from above. Doesn’t seem like her to respond like that to a genuine post.

          • Her response above was in reply to basically the same thing (i.e. come for advice, but pay a professional if you need someone to actually do it).

  • Rave: The snow day yesterday gave me time to finish painting. I’m so happy it’s all done.
    Rant: I too am wearing fleece lined tights and a skirt. I was wearing wool socks and Thinsulate line Bean boots on the way in, but even with the wool socks and my under desk heater on, my toes are still cold! They were warmer on the way here than they are in the office!
    Rave: the bf worked from my home during the snow day and we took a nice lunch break together.
    Rant: how do I tell my boss I need to leave a work reception early for bocce playoffs (it’s honoring the poast CEO and is in conjunction with a meeting I planned)? We’re the #1 seed and another player is out of the country, so if someone else has something come up we’d forfeit.

    • Emergency doctors appointment.

    • Be honest with your boss? If he/she is any good at at, he’ll realize that morale is super important for productivity, and that flexibility improves morale. Not like one million pages haven’t been written on the importance of work-life balance. If you were my employee, I’d encourage you to go.

      • Unless this reception is being held in your honor or it’s your responsibility to clean up afterwards, I don’t think there’s any obligation to stay to the bitter end. Show up, schmooze for a while, then go kick ass at bocce!

  • Hey, healthy professional millenial adults in the group house next door. In a few weeks, when spring comes and you have cocktails and witty repartee on the porch in the evening, I’ll be calling the cops on you. Not that I really care, but if you can’t shovel your walk when it snows, then you’re a bad neighbor and I’ll be one right back.

    • Did you tell them that they need to shovel? They might be clueless about their responsibilities.
      Also, my old group house stated in the lease that we were responsible for shoveling. If we didn’t and a fine was levied, we would be responsible for paying it. If possible, get in contact with their landlord and let him/her know.

    • You are going to be sadly disappointed. When (and if) the police do respond to your neighbors, all they will tell them is to keep it down (if they are being loud) and possibly go inside.

      Sounds like all you are doing is setting yourself up for disappointment. I agree, they should shovel, but your post just rubs me the wrong way big time.

      • I agree, being a bad neighbor in passive aggressive retaliation is no way to encourage better behavior, especially when the recipients will never in a million years make the connection between not shoveling and cops being called months later when they’re using the porch in a reasonable way.
        A better option might be to nicely ask them to shovel next time it snows.

      • justinbc

        Oh my god, people are ON THE PORCH??? Officers, get to that house IMMEDIATELY!

        • gotryit

          Yes, drunk people outside about 20 feet from your window until 2-3am. New flash: when you’re drunk, you’re louder than you think. And it’s against the law after 10pm, so yes – that falls under the police responsibilities.

          • Drunk kids and condoms in the alley – welcome to city livin’ at its finest. This is why our Baby Boomer parents fled to the suburbs.

          • gotryit

            Drunk kids was the last place. And they STFU after the police finally fined the lady throwing the parties about $300.
            Condoms on the sidewalk is the new place – I’ll get them too. But quiet enough to hear crickets.

    • My girlfriend recently moved here from Northern Virginia (where they have sidewalks, but no one ever uses them) and had no idea it was required of residents here. Cut them some slack.

      • Why (and this goes for M. Lumbergh, as well) in the world would someone need to be told that you need to shovel your walk when it snows. Shoveling your walk is the very embodiment of courteous, neighborly, civilized behavior. Anyone who needs to be told that that it’s legally required is an ass.

        • Gee, thanks, I’ll be sure to tell my girlfriend. Incidentally, a smug urbanite who fails to understand that not everyone has lived in a city before therefore intuitively knows the protocol is an ass. If you live in a place where the sidewalks are just “for show” and are never walked on because everyone drives everywhere, you’re not exactly disservicing anyone by not shoveling.

          • You should. I moved here from Phoenix and I know to shovel my sidewalks.

          • Really? Never occurred to her that shoveling the walk might be “the right thing to do?” That here, in DC, the sidewalks are not “just for show?” I’m thinking that, at worst, that ligh tbulb ought to go off the first time someone decides to take a stroll in the aftermath of a storm.

            This idea that walk-shoveling is a fairly obvious obligation , by the way, was an idea implanted in my bosom long before my days as a smug urbanite — in fact, during my days as a callow suburban youth.

          • Amazing that you somehow missed the message about not insulting people.

          • I didn’t say it never occurred to her that shoveling the walk might be β€œthe right thing to do”. I said she didn’t know it was the law to shovel in DC. I feel like you’re trying to create a reason to get worked up and angry at someone. If so, have at it, but I think you can find better targets than me.

          • Day one of living in the city – oh look there are lots of people walking around! All kinds of people! Old people, young people, blind people, people with strollers and crutches.

            Day 10 of living in the city – how cool that I live in a place where so many people can walk around!

            Winter day in the city – oh wow – that white stuff is really slippery and hard to walk through. Maybe I should clear off that 20 feet of sidewalk in front of my house so people don’t slip and fall.

          • victoria, did my last comment not post or something? Or do you have problems with reading comprehension too?

          • Day one of being on the internet – oh look there are lots of people commenting on stuff! All kinds of people! This is so cool!
            Day 10 of being on the internet – oh wow I can flame comment threads by acting like a jerk, and there are no consequences because I’m semi-anonymous!
            Day 11 of being on the internet – this is getting kind of old and I feel bad for making other people feel bad, so I’m going to stop acting like a jerk.
            Welcome to the internet, victoria. πŸ™‚

        • saf

          I have to agree.

        • Aren’t you the one with old appliances sitting on your front porch?

          • LOL. Checkmate.

          • how does that affect others?

          • It’s an eyesore.
            And please, stop trying to argue that a shoveled sidewalk, with the inevitable little icy patches that no one can remove, is somehow safer to walk on than packed-down snow. I know I’m not the only one who deliberately steps off to the side, in the snow, to avoid the icy patches.

          • The appliances are just a thought at this point.

            For what it’s worth, I am an ace shoveler, and with the collaboration of a couple of neighbors during different points in the storm, cleared the walks in front of 8 or nine houses including the vacant one, the two occupied by older ladies, and a couple occupied by ungrateful freeloaders.
            If I may revise and extend my earlier remarks, I’d like to suggest that the “ass” characterization applies to those who are not motivated by the legal obligation, aren’t aware of the ethical obligation, and and don’t shovel (like those group housers mentioned by OP), and I stand by it. Those who are unaware of the legal obligation and moral obligation but who do shovel when reminded are merely a little clueless. Urban dweller who act for the common good only when legally required to do so are morally suspect.

        • I think it might be more common than some people seem to think. I lived in the country before DC and when I first moved here I lived in a condo….The condo cleared the sidewalks, etc. Moving into the city I assumed that the city would clear the sidewalks just like they do the roads. Once I saw other poeple shovling I figured it out…but….

          • But, but, you should have read all the laws before setting foot in our fine city! How dare you assume some poor civil servant would be shoveling for you.

      • Why would you buy property without learning all the corresponding laws? Or rent a place without reading the lease?

        • Seriously? I’ll bet there’s laws here you don’t know about.

        • My previous tenant did not read the lease, as became apparent when I found out she was drilling all kinds of holes in the wall.
          For my next tenant, I made sure to boldface the sections of the lease that I wanted to make sure she didn’t miss.

          • You should make the whole thing boldface, and then very dryly tell your new tenant to “please pay special attention to the paragraphs marked in bold.”

        • Well, since you asked, she’s visually impaired and therefore only reads what’s absolutely necessary and relies on me for everything else. I thought the law was obvious too, and was surprised she didn’t know about it when I mentioned it yesterday, but when you can’t read much there’s a lot you end up not knowing.

          • Does she walk? Does she like to walk and not fall? Does she know that people walk on the sidewalks of a city? Does she know about snow? Being able to read a law or lease is irrelevant. This is about common sense. And if you knew she was unable to fulfill the responsibility to be at least marginally aware of the needs of other people, why didn’t you go shovel the walk yourself?

          • We both were out there shoveling it last night. After managing to carve out a little path for our sidewalk, and our elderly neighbor’s sidewalk, we were thoroughly exhausted. She said that’s good enough, and I said no, we could get fined if it’s not totally clear. She expressed surprise that the city could give out fines for that. And somehow that makes her the recipient of your neverending ire.

          • Do you like to breathe? Do you like to ask stupid redundant questions just to get people worked up? Go away, troll.

        • hahahahaha.

      • I lived in Northern VA and have forever. I know that I have to shovel my sidewalks (which I do use, by the way. It is possible to walk places here!). The only time I didn’t have to shovel was when I rented an apartment and it was their responsibility.

        • To be fair, there’s a huge difference between a place like Arlington and a place like Chantilly. Some parts of NoVA are very walkable and others not at all.

    • Wow, who pissed in your cheerios this morning?

    • Passive-aggressive behavior like this will backfire and leave you more bitter than you are.

      • Exactly. Holding a grudge against these people for the next 4 months is going to do way more harm to you than to them. Let it go.

    • Or maybe their lease says the landlord is supposed to do it and he or she is the one you should be retaliating against.
      Besides, come summertime there will probably be a whole different set of people in there.

  • Anonynon

    Rant: havent been able to sleep well the past few nights, i find when my roomate is gone i have a harder time putting my self to sleep…kinda weird. So my date last wednesday, turned out to be a bust (not leading to another date). Which i guess i am not that upset about because the more and more i find that if things do not naturally just happen right off the bat the chances of things taking off are very small.
    Rave: Snow day making another shorter week. New date friday, girl seems a little more bubbly and outgoing so hopefully this is my next gf (joking). But i am happy that the date is on a friday so we can just kick back relax and not worry about getting home early for work the next day.

    • good luck with this friday’s date. one thing i’ll say that might sound jaded but i think will serve you well, go into these first dates with zero expectations. and if you like the girl at the end, firm up a second date at the very least before you part ways. go get em tiger!

  • Rant: I was that neighbor who shoveled a half-dozen houses’ worth of sidewalk, and now my back is completely wrecked! I’m too old for this kind of good samaritanism. I should stick to baking cookies for the younger set.
    Another rant: BACON FUNERAL HOME. They shoveled right in front of the original building, but left the sidewalk in front of the cinderblock monstrosity untouched. Even THEY don’t want to claim that eyesore. So it should be taken away from them, like, yesterday.

    • Yeah, I got in the shoveling groove and did about 3/4 of my block. Now my whole apartment reeks of bengay.
      (And to make matters worse, after I shoveled and put down a light deicer, the landlord came by and poured some nasty heavy stuff down. Now it is getting tracked everywhere.)

    • justinbc

      That just makes me think about being wrapped in bacon when I die, awesome.

      • I think that is an awesome name for some kinda pork restaurant.

        • + 1. I think this is the only possible saving grace of Bacon Funeral Home – turn it into a restaurant! Just polish the shit out of the cinder blocks for that hip industrial feel and BAM! folks will be lining up to enter.

  • Rant: My dog screaming in pain because she stepped in salt this morning. I’ve never heard her cry out like that and it was the most heartbreaking sound in the world. It’s like it triggered some maternal instinact I didn’t know I had.

  • Rave: PoPville is usually a nice place.
    Rant: Lots of bad feeling and people jumping on other people today. Play nice, people!

    • Do people ever get banned from here? Seems like getting rid of a few of the troublemakers would make this place a lot nicer (of course they can just come back without logging in).

      • PoP deletes “offensive” posts sometimes (of course he decides what is and what is not offensive) but I’m guessing he doesn’t ban users. In theory he could delete accounts or block certain IP addresses but that wouldn’t really do much since anonymous commenting is allowed. I’ll bet if he required signing in to post, comments would be a lot nicer but also a lot fewer.

        • As noted above, a lot of the nasty comments seem to be coming from sign-ins. So I’m not sure it would help.

          • Maybe not, but it seems to me that the more active “sign-ins” tend to be fairly chummy with each other. Ironically, they seem more emboldened to condescend to the Anonymous posters.
            One pattern that does seem clear to me is that the more active a signed-in user is, the more likely they are to attract (and give) unpleasant comments. I’d say moderation is important in posting here, as with most things in real life.

      • I’ve definitely been banned from certain threads or had my posting privileges blocked for a certain period of time (normally a few to 12 hours). I think PoP can ban or disable posting by using your IP address.
        But to be fair, I can be a trolling shitbag.

    • Define “nice.” I’ve read this whole thread and there are no ad hominum attacks. Disagreeing with someone on an issue, or calling someone out for bad logic, or simply challenging a poster about their position is simply debate. Who is a “Troublemaker” in your world?

  • Holy angsty! Everybody seems to be suffering from cabin fever.

    Victoria: Can I buy you a drink? You seemed to have borne the the brunt of it today. We can talk about peas in gardens and our favorite method of composting.

    • The old “do unto others” adage is a good one to follow. If she can’t handle the abuse she shouldn’t be dishing it out in the first place. But that’s sweet of you to offer her a drink.

      • ibid – ration, logic. Don’t fret – I’m hardly “bearing the brunt” of anything. A few people here engage in intelligent debate and novel pov – which makes it interesting – but many do not. Not a big deal – I’m always happy for gardening advice, compost, and of course free drinks!

        And for anonymous who feels I am dishing out abuse – please be specific and I will certainly consider my remarks and apologize if necessary.

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