Race between Trader Joe’s and Streets Market and Cafe to be first to Open on 14th is getting Close

2400 14th Street, NW (between Belmont and Chapin)

A reader sends word that the Streets Market and Cafe website is now live (though mostly a holding page):

“Our Top Priorities

Build honest relationships of trust and loyalty with our customers
Offer a wide variety of wholesome quality products
We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of customer service
Be a supportive partner to our communities”

And [email protected] sends an updated photo showing the store nearly stocked. Will they open before Friday?


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  • I know which one I’ll be going to first!!

    • My prediction: TJ’s for dry goods, prepared foods, frozen foods, cheese, dairy, snacks. Streets for produce, maybe for meat?
      All I can hope for is that collectively, they push Yes toward better prices, and vice versa.

  • Streets removed both their outdoor signs yesterday… anyone know why? As of this morning there were still no signs back up, maybe they needed repairs? I thought they were VERY poorly placed, should have been on the actually awning, not next to it, as the awning blocks the signs coming up 14th.

    • maybe they’ve had a last-minute re-brand? let’s hope so – not a great name, and really terrible design

  • So this will (hopefully) be CH’s revenge against lamiest of lame Ellwood Thompson.

  • And yet still no Safeway in Petworth.

  • I spotted what looks like a Boars Head deli in Streets. This is great news if its anything like the Boars Head delis in Brooklyn!

  • So I heard that the sign was taken down because it was too heavy for the placement on the overhang. My guess is a new, smaller sign has been ordered.

  • the website has been up for months, but hasn’t changed. They threw up a new theme one day, but took it down. Yes, I live next door and check it every day.

    I’m a bit nervous that they have Boars Head signs up everywhere and am looking for more freshly prepared foods and less deli meat…. We will see.


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