President Obama Visiting Powell Elementary on Upshur Street this Morning

1350 Upshur Street, NW

From the Mayor’s schedule:

“10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.: Visit by President Obama to Powell Elementary School
Mayor to Welcome President to Speak at DCPS Campus
Powell Elementary School
1350 Upshur Street NW”

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  • andy

    Yay Powell!

    Don’t forget

  • andy

    Don’t forget to sign up for

  • andy

    Don’t forget to do the school lottery today!

    • andy

      sorry for multiple comments – on phone browser keypad disappears at inopportune moment and post comment button is right underneath! yarrgh!

      • I applied for Powell and really liked the school on my visit. I’m very excited to see President Obama visited today. But the deadline to apply to the common lottery was midnight on Monday.

        • andy

          Glad I posted this and you replied. Actually there is one extra day due to snow!

          Per “deadline to apply for grades PK3-8 is Tuesday, March 4 at 11:59PM ET.”

          If you didn’t apply – you still can! If you already applied – you can resort your choices until the deadline tonight!

          • Andy – are you promoting Powell as vigorously at DCHA public housing sites and homeless families outreach centers as you are on this site?

  • I live in the neighborhood and am very excited for Powell. Another big winner is Vince Gray– getting some photos with the POTUS today is going to give his campaign a timely boost.

  • Please sign the petition to keep a jail diversion facility from being housed 20 ft from Powell’s playground. DYRS is refusing to work with the surrounding community or commit to not housing sex offenders in this facility.

    Also related: a recent WAPO article ran on the pay to play politics surrounds this group home, the Mayor’s fast track influence and those financially profiting from it’s placement next door to Powell Elementary.

    • Not to say that your concerns aren’t legitimate but… Do you realize that there is already a sex offender living on that block of Taylor? And another around the corner on 13th?

      As far as I know, there is nothing to stop other sex offenders from moving to your neighborhood. Why should this group home be treated any differently?

      • The list is out of date, or these offenders have not updated their whereabouts. I know the people that live in this House on the 1300 blk of Taylor and these two men do not live there now.

        • Okay, but even without them, there are still six within a quarter mile of Powell (not to mention that there may be more who, like the two you mentioned, haven’t updated their addresses after moving INTO the neighborhood). How close is too close? How many is too many?

          I ask because nobody actually knows whether any of these kids will be sex offenders. Where should people with criminal records live? What are the rules in DC with respect to where sex offenders can and cannot live?

          • How close is too close? I think 20 feet is too close and that is how close 1345 Taylor St is to the Powell Playground.

          • Stated differently: How far is far enough?

            This is from the MPD website: “The Metropolitan Police Department does not have the authority to direct where a sex offender may live, work, or attend school. Unless the Courts have placed specific restrictions on the offender’s release, he/she has a right to live wherever he/she chooses.”

            And this is assuming that there will be sex offenders in that house, which is by no means a guarantee at all. Also, no outrage about the eight other sex offenders living in the neighborhood? What should we do with them?

            Your attitude seems to be that sex offenders should be locked up for life, or at least corralled into some kind of sex offender ghetto. Is that what you’re suggesting?

          • Mike, are you a sex offender?
            You seem pretty defensive.

            Stated simply, no I don’t want sex offenders living near my kids school. Unfortunately it’s not up to me.
            If we can have drug free zones around schools, it doesn’t seem like too far of a stretch to have sex offender free zones too.

          • Um, no, anonymous person. Are you?

            If you don’t mind, I’d rather have a polite conversation than resort to name-calling and that sort of thing. I was merely pointing out to you that there are registered sex offenders living all over DC, and that neighborhood in particular, and was wondering if you were offering some kind of solution to what is obviously a difficult policy problem — one that won’t go away simply by driving away this one group house.

          • I didn’t mean to appear I was attacking, I’m not. I don’t have a solution, I just see a problem. I’m open to a fix, but I think the placement of this facility should be on hold till we can have a discussion and talk about the problem, that’s what the community has asked for… it’s not happening.

            The discussion should at least start before some kid gets hurt, not after.

          • Thanks for the reply. For the record, I’m not trying to defend the group house or the company that runs it. And since I live nearby, and expect that my child will attend Powell someday, I share many of your concerns.

            However, I also realize that I live in the big city in a neighborhood that already sees a lot of crime, and that teens who are in these diversion programs need to live somewhere. Who am I to say that it should be in somebody else’s neighborhood and not my own? To me, there isn’t all that much difference between a convicted sex offender being 20 feet from a school and being 2000 feet from a school. My guess is that the folks on Taylor Street would be just as vocal in their opposition to the group home whether Powell was there or not. I could be wrong.

  • And the First lady visited Yu Ying today. Great day for showcasing the improvement in education options EOTP!

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