PoPville PSA – Don’t Do this on Metro or any other Public Transit for that matter


In addition to not clipping your nails on metro please don’t do this either. Thanks to a reader for sending this ridiculousness:

“This morning on a crowded rush hour train a lady kicked off her boots and put up her stocking feet on the only open seat in the car.”

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  • justinbc

    That’s got to be a child, right?

    • The feet look adult-sized to me.

      I think I’ll be charitable and assume that she has some sort of injury/circulation issue that can only be relieved by elevating her feet.

  • epric002

    for the love of everything, why do people put up with this?! you don’t have to be rude about it, go up to the seat and say ‘excuse me’. they can roll their eyes and sigh about it all they want but YOU get one seat, and I get one seat.

    • What epric002 said. Not so hard, is it?

    • I would just assume that someone who thinks it’s ok to act in this manner is mentally unstable and I wouldn’t want to engage him/her.

      • epric002

        i think ‘excuse me’ is limiting enough that there’s not really much interaction. they’re usually just being selfish/clueless and will move their stuff. if they react completely irrationally, go sit somewhere else. the craziest person i ever sat next to (she kept leaning over and mumbling that i was evil. i thought she was going to stab me before the ride was over) appeared totally normal until i’d been sitting next to her for about 5 minutes. i guess my long-winded point is, being reluctant to even say “excuse me” to a stranger means you have to put up with a lot of BS. i wish more people would politely prompt people out of their obliviousness with “excuse me”. it’s not accusatory and gives them an opportunity to do the right thing.

        • Folks have no spine nowadays. They’d rather be passive-aggressive and silently seethe than take the initiative and speak up. DC is full of these types.

          • Odd, isn’t it, that a city of Type As could be so passive aggressive?

          • Definitely. So odd, in fact, that it makes one realize how shallow such generalizations actually are.

          • “I love sweeping generalizations. Sweeping generalizations are the key to everything, and they invariably contain nuggets of truth. Sometimes infinitesimally small nuggets.” – Simon Doonan

          • Says the person posting anonymously on a blog …

  • Smilla

    I hope at least one person asked to sit down. That’s the only way to combat such selfishness. If the person has a medical condition, they can say so.

    When I get on a train that has only a few empty seats, I deliberately pick seats that are occupied by bags/feet and ask to sit down. I can be as passive-aggressive as the rest of ’em.

  • In all honesty, when I see someone doing this, I just kind of assume they are mentally ill.

    • epric002

      you are much more generous than i. i assume that they are selfish/clueless/oblivious/etc. i’ve definitely sat next to some truly mentally ill people on metro (WHOLE nother can o worms) but this happens way too frequently for that to be the reason.

    • Me too.

    • Huh? Why would you assume that? That’s a huge leap of logic.
      They know what they’re doing. They are just (correctly) assuming that everyone would be too chicksh#t to say anything.
      If the person was obviously mentally ill (babbling incoherent nonsense), I doubt the OP would have submitted the photo.

      • Because only a mentally ill person would rather be marginally more comfortable than have everyone around them assume they are either mentally ill or an entitled prick. I don’t mean they need to be babbling nonsense, but they could be autistic or something.

        • epric002

          must disagree with you. there are plenty of entitled people out there. doesn’t mean they’re mentally ill, they could be, but more likely they’re just assholes. (or clueless)

          • It could be a cultural thing. I used to live in an area with a high population of east Asian immigrants, and this kind of behavior was really common. I don’t think it was seen as inconsiderate where they’re from.

          • Anon 5:04, my only problem with that is surely an east Asian immigrant riding the metro knows that they aren’t in east Asia. It doesn’t take a keen eye to figure out that lounging across the seat is not the norm (at least in a rail car not full of other east Asians), and I don’t believe immigrants are too stupid to catch on to stuff like that, so it still indicates a fair amount of “I don’t care” to me.

  • At least she didn’t sit on anyone…the story of the woman randomly sitting on people on the Metro is still a classic!

    • What?? Somehow I missed that one. Details?

    • It wasn’t on Metro…but when I was at Social Security to change my name, someone sat on me.

    • i had just moved to dc and i was on the metro and had a guy sit on me. when i asked him, very kindly because i was a city newbie, to move he asked why i was putting that on him and that he’s had a hard life. he was very intoxicated, it was the middle of the day. he then proceeded to stand up and yell at me. finally a very nice man behind told him to sit down and shut up and to stop bothering me. it was a weird experience for me, since i had just moved here.

  • Next time get the face in the pic. I’m old fashioned and the world needs more shame.

  • I had to do this on an Amtrak train once. But, in my defense, I was in pain from gout and had to keep my feet up AND was in business class where there was no lacking for seats. Obviously, metro is a different situation.

    • Yeah, I hope this is socially acceptable in situations where it’s a longer journey and the seat next you happens to be empty. I’ve certainly done this on planes before. 🙂

  • Chill people, just trying to keep the hipsters using words like CoHi from sitting next to me!

  • It’s even more offensive when it’s a WMATA employee.

    Last week I rode a standing room only bus with a WMATA evaluator spread across two seats and into the isle. Jerk!

  • Mental illness is not the same thing as selfish inconsideration. If you aren’t up to asking someone if they would move their legs, then don’t pawn off your disappointment by misusing the language.
    About a month ago at a Bethesda parking garage, the elevator doors opened to reveal 2 hipsters in pork pie hats, puffing away on Cohiba cigars. What an insult to the Cohibas! Told them to get out. Fools. It’s what you’ve got to do. Otherwise it will happen more often. I don’t like playing heavy, but someone has to draw the line.

  • I saw a large overweight woman on the Orange line once walk over to a college-ish girl doing this on a crowded train. The large woman just turned and sat down on her legs, and the college-ish girl screamed. The large woman just looked at her and said “if you wasn’t being such a b___h and taking up to seats, you wouldn’t get sat on, but you are, so you did, so shut up”. I clapped for the large woman, and so did several other people on the train, because she was awesome.

    • That’s kind of cool if it was just for a second or two but I hope she didn’t stay put. It’s couldn’t have been good for the girl to have all that weight on her legs.

    • That’s hysterical.

  • Assuming she’s not mentally ill…
    can we tickle her feet until she moves them? how about play keep-away with her boots?

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