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  • i have been its a nice addition for the lunch crowd around there no doubt. I would say overall definitely check it out if you work around there.

  • +1 for serving vegetarian sandwiches on waffles

  • What’s the story behind this building? It’s essentially a double-wide amonst a sea of high-rises. Seems like there could be a much better use of this space.

    • brookland_rez

      I go by there frequently since I work in the area and I have always wondered the same.

      • There was some proposal to build something else there for a long time, and eventually that went away and this appeared. I work around the corner as well, and when Tony’s closed permits went up, nothing ever happened, they came down, and eventually this appeared.

        The flower shop was ramshackle, no doubt, but run by a super-nice guy. I sort of liked the real-peopledom they provided. Now that the newsstand in 2000 Penn is gone as well (I loved that place, and it had a great selection, but you knew they couldn’t get by on selling dead trees from around the world for long), there isn’t much of anything in the area with any personality. Not that that’s a surprise.

        • brookland_rez

          That area has been devoid of personality ever since I’ve been here. Didn’t know about the newsstand, not my thing. I do miss the Tower Records.
          The best thing about that area is how deserted it gets at night. Lots of fun places to ride my skateboard, just have to watch out for overly aggressive security guards!

  • All served in the kichen sink.

  • It’s hideous….

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