Please Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Lost Tabby – Boris – Update: Found!


“Dear PoPville,

Please help us find our lost tabby Boris. He’s an inside cat who doesn’t have street smarts anymore and it is breaking my heart that he’s outside in the cold right now. I have reached out through all the appropriate channels (humane society, etc).

He is an orange tabby, sweet personality but most likely scared. He’s ten pounds, with a bit of a belly. He doesn’t have tags because he’s an indoor cat, but he has a chip from the HS. He ran out of our apartment on T street between 13th and 14th, in the back alley that we share with people in Wallach street. He ran down three flights of stairs and I know he must be somewhere close. I can’t imagine not having him in my life and my boyfriend and I can’t stop walking around and looking for him. Please help us, I would be eternally grateful.

He’s so affectionate. My phone number is 337-412-3717 and if someone knows where he is they can post on facebook, call or email [tinkrm(at)], at any hour and I will come get him.”


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  • So sorry. He’s really a cutie. Hope he is home soon.

    • “He doesn’t have tags because he’s an indoor cat”
      REALLY hope all indoor cat owners shed this illogical thought, for this very reason. My cats have name address and phone number tags and wear their collars all the time (the one who protests just has a softer collar now with a flat tag, and is fine)
      Admonishment aside, I’m sorry this sweet cat is lost. Good luck.

  • Hoping you find Boris soon. I have two cats myself and couldn’t imagine missing one of them. Keeping my eyes peeled for you.

  • I live at 13th and T and will keep an eye out for him.

  • I hope you find Boris! He’s adorable. Fingers crossed.

  • I’m in the area as well-I’ll keep an eye out. If you’re going to organize a search, let us all know. I’d be happy to help. My heart really goes out to you.

    • Thank you so much, I really appreciate the support. We just spent the last couple hours distributing and taping up about 100 flyers, so the word is out now. I just really want him to come home before the snow.

  • Have you posted here? It’s not just for dogs.
    Also, if he’s an indoor-only cat, he’s probably near by…

    • Thank you very much for that link, I will post his information there as well! We did do some pretty intensive research last night as we were looking for him, thank you for sending along the tips. So far we’ve followed all the advice and will continue to do anything that will lead to his recovery. Thank you again.

  • Wishing you a fast and positive outcome! A friend actually found her escaped indoor cat after 5 weeks in the wild – I’m sure it won’t be that long for you, but they are more resilient than we think!

  • Hoping you find your beloved cat. Best of luck!

  • Sorry your beautiful little guy is missing! Your post doesn’t mention when he left – are you absolutely SURE he actually went outside? I ask because years ago I had a cat that went missing just after I moved – I cried, I canvassed the neighborhood, etc., only to find that he was actually indoors (deeply hidden) the whole time – he turned up in my bedroom once it was very late and very quiet. I’m not in your neighborhood but I saw your post & will think positive thoughts for his quick return.

    • Unfortunately, yes, I am positive that he has left the apartment. It’s quite small, and even when he’s been “hiding” he comes running the second he hears that food touch the bowl. He disappeared Friday, Feb 28th at around 9:30PM. Thank you for your support.

  • What a doll! We’ll keep an eye out over toward Bloomingdale.

  • My kitty went missing when I lived in Mt. Pleasant and I found him hiding just three stoops over from my apartment. He went missing one evening and I didn’t find him until the next morning (although I certainly tried), I’m pretty sure he was in that same spot all along and was just too afraid to come out. I went all around my neighborhood calling his name while shaking a bag of treats and although I’m sure I looked like a crazy person, it finally worked! I hope you find Boris soon, I know how awful it feels and I’m so sorry that you are experiencing it. I live just a couple blocks away so I’ll be on the lookout. Best wishes.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words Michelle, I appreciate it. My boyfriend and I have definitely been walking around employing the same methods as you did, and I hope it pays off soon as well. I’m glad you found your kitty, and thank you for looking out for ours.

  • Best of luck finding sweet Boris soon, he looks like an awesome kitty! I’ll be thinking of you and and speedy return of your little guy. They really are resilient little fellas, try to remember that. Neighbors lost a cat before the polar vortex, he was out in the cold that whole time and got on like a trooper.

  • Just checked that Facebook page for missing animals that someone suggested the OP use to post Boris’s info and picture. As of 15 minutes ago, the owner is reporting they FOUND Boris! Hooray!! I am so glad they got him before this weather gets even worse. What a great ending!

    • That was me! That site is such a great resource.
      And thank you for updating us. I wonder where they found him; it helps others with lost pets to know what worked.

      • Yes thanks for updating us!! I came back just to see this post. There are a lot more saying prayers/sending good thoughts than post and it is such a relief when these pets are found. I’m still haunted by a little dog a few years ago that never updated anything.

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