Nice Video on Right Proper Brewing Company

Great interviews with the Right Proper folks by Greg Hudson:

“Opened in late 2013, and located in the heart of the Shaw neighborhood, Right Proper Brewing Company has taken DC by storm, quickly becoming a go-to brewpub for great craft beer and delicious American food. Here, founder Thor Cheston and head brewer Nathan Zeender tell their story.”

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  • Right Proper and All Souls Bar are two of my favorite spots. Great owners, very passionate about their bars, and happy to chat with customers.

  • Hey there, great video! I’m allergic to alcohol (yeah I know) so I can’t drink even beer. But the place looks great and Thor and Nathan seem very in tune with the neighborhood. So I’d plan to come just for the food, wish there was more mention of foodstuffs in the video too. Definitely gonna try it soon!

    • Yeah I had so much great stuff from their interviews to work with I had to be picky for this one, but I might do another short actually on JUST their “Chick-fil-a sandwich.” Stay tuned, and thanks for watching!

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