New Restaurant and Bar, Smith Public Trust, Applying for Liquor License in Brookland

3514 12th Street, NE

Brookland’s boom continues with a recent liquor license placard posted at the former Library Bar and Grill space says:

“Restaurant & Bar serving American Cuisine with 99 seats. Total occupancy load of 133. Summer garden with 20 seats.”

And hours are listed as Sunday through Thursday 11 am – 2 am and Friday & Saturday 11 am – 3am.

Logo from their twitter page

Previously CityPaper reported it was coming from the owner of H Street’s Smith Commons:

“Gray envisions it as a place where people can come in to have a coffee and use free wifi during the day, grab a beer and some grub, or enjoy some live music on weekends.”

Smith Public Trust will be located across the street from Steel Plate coming soon from the owner of Rustik in Bloomingdale:

3523 12th Street, NE

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  • woo-hoooo!!! coffee in the day and beer at night. what more do you need?

  • Yay! But does Brookland have enough potential customers to support all of these new restaurants?

    • Brookland/Edgewood has something like 1300 new units of housing either under construction, recently completed, or about to start. Add in CUA students, current residents and the potential for it to become a destination and I’d say yes, there are enough people to support them all.

    • time will tell, but it does seem an uninformed question.

      there are 2 universities in edgewood, howard is also close by. most of NE above new york ave is craving restaurants and bars, it’s on a metro line, and its got a lot of residents already, even before considering the huge number of units currently being built.

    • 20003 has about 26,000 residents – and Eastern Market’s restaurant scene is doing just fine notwithstanding competition from H St. There are at least about 25,000 in 20017 and CUA (which has a separate zip code) – and growing. Not to mention that these places will see plenty of business from the 17,000 people who live in Woodridge, Langdon, and Brentwood since there aren’t many options there.

    • And, don’t forget about all of us who live in the Ft. Totten neighborhood. We rely on Brookland for restaurants and bars.

      • brookland_rez

        It seems like Brookland is becoming the destination for a lot of things in upper NE. Makes sense since we have 12th St and all the new stuff around the Metro. Maybe Ft. Totten will get some places once all the apartments are in around the Metro there.

  • What’s with all the civic minded restaurants opening up? The Public Option, The Smith Commons, The Pub and the People, now the Smith Public Trust……a Millennial thing?

  • brookland_rez

    Great to see some movement on the former “Library” space.

  • That logo is all sorts of trite.

    • Alright Brookland!!!!! Brookland Pint, Brookland’s finest, Busboys & Poets, Steel Plate, and Smith Pub!
      Bring it on!!!!

      • brookland_rez

        Pretty soon I won’t have to leave the neighborhood to get a drink. Will be so nice to have so many options within walking distance.

        • My wife and I stumbled across Little Ricky’s a couple weeks ago and thought it was one of the coolest places ever.

          • brookland_rez

            I still haven’t been in. Every time I go by, it’s closed.
            The best spot for a good beer right now is Menomale. They have a great selection of craft beer. I like Menomale’s food, but I would rather have more traditional bar foods like wings, nachos, etc. with my beer. Right now, I usually end up at Meridian Pint or Franklin’s in Hyattsville.

          • Agree. Very cool. And I love all of the original artwork.

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