New Pet Supply Store, Wylie Wagg, Coming to Woodley Park

2625 Connecticut Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word about Azad Oriental Rug’s new tenant – Wylie Wagg pet supply store. Currently they have four Virginia locations. Their website says:

“Since we founded Wylie Wagg in 2002, we have been committed to running stores that help the people and pets in the communities we serve. We’re a family business, and we regard all of our associates as part of our extended family. We have four things we focus on, and those things govern everything we do:

Amazing Customer Service

It’s not easy being a small business in a big business world, but we absolutey love, love, love what we do. We appreciate each and every customer who chooses to shop with us. We know you have lots of choices, and your support means the world to us!

If you live near one of our four locations, please stop by for a visit — with your pet, of course!”

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  • Wylie Wagg is awesome. I used to frequent their Court House location when I lived there. The selection of food and toys was always very good for a small store, and the staff was always willing to go the extra mile in making recommendations and offering help. Lucky Woodley Park!

  • This is fantastic! Their Tysons store is one of the best pet shops I’ve ever seen.

  • So excited about this! This will be wonderful for the neighborhood….and my pup will be happy as well.

  • Sweet. Maybe this will drive Petco out of Clevland Park so we can get what the neighborhood has always wanted in a large basement space: a rave.

    • If the Dino space isn’t turned into a rave, that Petco space would be my second choice. This would actually be a hilarious rumor to start, because you just know that the Cleveland Park listserve types would totally go ballistic on such a thing.

  • Wylie Wagg is such a great business! Great for Woodley Park!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE Wylie Wagg. They sell the all-natural and no-filler brands you often can’t find at the larger chains. When my forever dog was losing her battle with cancer, I did a lot of research on the evolutionary diet of dogs and decided to stop buying food with rice, corn, grains, etc.

  • This is certainly better than a rug shop, and I’m surprised to see something non-tourist oriented going in there. I’d still like to see some new restaurants that aren’t a total disappointment (like District Kitchen).

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