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  • Cool looking place. I’m really interested to see the new census estimates. There are a ton of huge condo/apartment building opening up in DC. People who think DC’s population isn’t going to keep increasing at a fast pace are crazy. Southwest/Nats Park area alone seems to be adding residents by the thousands. I’m still not sure if it is a good investment, or if the price is already built-in for speculation.

  • Don’t forget the Takorean coming to that same building!

  • Can’t wait till the Vida comes, so I can dump Results – Capitol Hill

  • gotryit

    Do you know what the plan is for that copper flashing that’s going up near the top of the brick wall? I saw them working on it today, but can’t figure out how it fits in. You can see it (barely) in the first picture.

    • David Garber

      I believe it is just part of the restoration of the Washington Navy Yard wall, which is designated as historic so subject to all the proper original material types.

  • Jaw-drop-worthy indeed

  • i would bet that the becomes the wealthiest pocket of 30-50 years olds in the city.

    • I will take the other side of that bet. Nice building but my hunch is no way does a building in Navy Yard (which is not very convenient to many of the city’s job centers) become DCs wealthiest pocket. If I’m rich I’m living in Logan or City Center or 14th and U or whatever.

  • The real question is – will the VIDA pool open in May?

  • Looks nice, but why is this jaw-dropping? Throw in some refurbished storefronts and you have everything on 14th.

  • justinbc

    I love the brick turret. Are they planning to keep/restore that?

  • Vida’s opening will be the nail in the coffin for Results Capitol Hill. Good riddance, dirty, broken gym.

    • Or maybe they’ll get better. I noticed a huge uptick in service and food quality at Justin’s as soon as some of the other restaurants finally opened last year. They adapted and are still doing just fine.

      • Justin cafe is garbage. Horrible service, food and disgusting.

        • Justin’s is awesome. Most people who complain about it are upset because they go once every other week and don’t receive “regular” treatment.

  • Perhaps it looks bettter in person, but historic brick structure looks pretty forlorn as it sits abutting the hulking, modern building.

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