Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Logan Circle

1112 Rhode Island

This rental is located at 1112 Rhode Island Ave, NW. The listing says:

“Large light filled English Basement in Beautiful Town home. Conveniently located off of Logan Circle, steps to all DC has to offer. Open floor plan features 1 BR 1 BA and 1,000+ sq ft of finished living space. Renovated Gourmet Kitchen w SS appliances, sweeping hardwood floors, gas fireplace, large bedroom. Available for immediate move in. Pets case by case.”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $2,000/Mo.

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  • not the best or worst deal. for that price and considering it’s a basement, i’d usually like to see some added amenity – an off street parking spot, heat included, or at least a little closer to metro. but i’m picky. pretty lovely location and that bedroom is huge. nicely updated kitchen, too. you could do worse for 2k i think.

  • Who makes ~$70,000 annually and wants to live in a basement?

    • It’s interesting, but I rent my basement out and my last tenant made $80K annually. It definitely happens.

    • maybe someone who makes half that but will also live there with a partner who makes about the same?

      • I always think basements must be best for folks who are never home – either travel all the time, or work long hours, or who spend all their free time out and not at home – and just need a place to sleep – but if single, why would such a person need 1000 sq ft? So I guess a couple (or two roommates who are okay with a 1BR?)

        • i dunno, i’ve lived in two different basements that were both quite nice. it’s not ideal, but if it’s a good value, it’s really not much different than living in the main part of the house, just a little less light. both basement units i lived in were pretty well designed with a number of windows for light. this one, not so much.

    • Renting has officially jumped the shark. Thankfully we are headed toward over-supply, maybe that will push the prices down a bit.

      $2,000 for a 1br basement. Still laughing about that..

    • I make ~70K and live in a group house…

      • Which is what you should be doing, given your economic income. The 30-35% adage is still true, despite the rapid increase in real estate prices.
        Anyone who is making $70K should NOT be renting a $2K basement. That’s living beyond your means.

      • I make in the low $100k range and live in a group house. I would guess that my two roommates that live in the basement bedrooms make around $70k each. Not everyone wants to spend a boatload of cash on rent every month. My house is in a great location, which is all I need, but also renovated.

        I would definitely consider a basement if it was clean and had at least a reasonable amount of light.

      • i think it depends on your situation. my boyfriend and I make about $100k together per year and split rent on a $1900/mo apartment. we are in our early 20s, and though it may be the norm for people in our age group, living in a group house just would never suit our needs.

  • When it said light filled, I guess it didn’t specify overhead and not natural light…

  • I wouldn’t want to live in a basement, but I’m sure someone will snap this up.

  • 1,016 square feet for a one-bedroom is huge.
    I don’t see a washer or dryer… if there isn’t one, how close is the nearest laundromat?

    • Two doors to the left.

    • 1000 sq ft is bigger than most 2 BR units, (including I think virtually all new 2 BR units). So ONE bedroom is a kind of misleading.

      • It’s not misleading — they couldn’t very well call it anything other than a one-bedroom. 😉
        What they should be doing, though, is hyping the square footage: “ENORMOUS one-bedroom apartment!”

  • I guess it’s all about the location, I personally wouldn’t pay that much for a 1br without amenities.

  • As a comp, I pay 1900 for a 1 br/1 ba basement around 14th and Corcoran. The place in the add looks like a nicer/more recent renovation, but I probably have more closet space, and I like my corner of Logan better (I also have w/d in unit). I think it would be a fair deal if it has the w/d, if not then no, no matter how close the laundromat. And yes, I think it’s a lot of money that we the Logan Basement Dwellers pay, but it’s a question of location v. light. For me and for now, I think it’s worth it to live in a cozy cave near all the fun stuff.

  • Doesn’t seem like that bad a deal – the price is for the location. And size. What do above ground 1 BR apartments go for in Logan Circle? I’m guessing $2000+.

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