Major Delays on Green Line

From @WMATA:

“Green Line: Single tracking btwn L’Enfant & Navy Yard due to a person struck by a train at Waterfront. Expect delays in both directions.

Green Line: Greenbelt trains are bypassing Waterfront & L’Enfant. Transfer to a Branch Av train at Archives for service to these stations.

Green Line: Consider Red Line as alternate btwn Gallery Place & Fort Totten. Person struck by train at Waterfront.”

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  • em

    I understand bypassing Waterfront, but bypassing L’Enfant? The only place to transfer from green to orange/blue?

  • According to WMATA on twitter, Greenbelt trains are stopping at Waterfront and L’Enfant now.

    Greenbelt-bound Green Line trains will now service Waterfront & L’Enfant Plaza. 6:29p #wmata

  • I was caught up in this mess. There had to be 2000 people on the platform at L’Enfant Plaza. Once I finally was able to get on a train we went two stops (Convention Center) and then the train I was on broke down so everyone had to get off. I gave up and walked home from there to Columbia Heights. It was a nightmare!!

  • I saw three trains go by and just went back downstairs to the orange line and figured out a way home that way. I had no idea it was even an option to double back and go towards Greenbelt that way. All I saw was a platform full of metro passengers who had no idea what was going on and who seemed ready to riot. Not so bueno.

    Tragic situation with the incident at Waterfront. Wouldn’t trivialize my commuting convenience above handling that properly and understand that it was necessary to keep that track clear for awhile. But it might have been nice to know what the eff was going on.

  • Metro did a truly terrible job of communicating what they wanted customers that needed to travel towards Greenbelt to do.

    • Agreed! I ended up getting on a 52 bus to Columbia Heights, which took almost an hour. If I had known what was going on, I would have just walked to Archives, but there was no indication that things were normal up there.

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