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  • These are awesome. The Petworth one is pretty dated though… Seeing the owner of Moroni Bros in it made me sad!

    • I showed the Petworth video to my parents back in 2011 to convince them that I wasn’t moving into the hood.

    • brookland_rez

      The Brookland one is dated too. Though it’s cool to see. I forget sometimes how much the area has changed in just a few short years.

  • justinbc

    Not too bad. I’m surprised they didn’t mention the Giant (or if they did when they showed the condos above it I missed it) or the forthcoming Whole Foods. Proximity to grocery stores is typically a huge factor for many homebuyers. Although it would be nice if H Street NE had an option on the eastern end as well.

  • justinbc

    Let’s say you live at 12th & H St, approximately. It takes you longer to walk all the way uphill to that Safeway, through the starburst intersection, than it would to walk to where the planned Whole Foods or Giant is. Aldi is even farther. If you live right on the edge of 14th & H St that might be an option, but for the rest of the neighborhood it’s really not a viable one, in my opinion, unless you just happen to like those grocery stores for some reason. Would have been nice to see them put something in there on Maryland with all the construction going on.

  • Well done.

    Not necessarily places I would’ve chosen, and lacks on showing west end options, but still excellent.

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