L’Enfant Plaza Starting to Take New Shape


Thanks to [email protected] for tweeting us:

“L’Enfant Plaza glass gateway and hopefully some much needed green space this spring”

Remember the pyramid?


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  • Now if they could just reface that complex.

  • I really would have liked to have the pyramid for my yard. I remember when it was installed – such a fancy detail! Who needs to visit the East Wing National Gallery of Art when this plaza is also graced with a glass pyramid.

  • I’ve been watching this go up as my office window overlooks this plaza. If you do a bit of digging on the L’Enfant Plaza Facebook/Twitter sites, they list the following openings for 2014: Bike and Roll, Charley’s Grilled Subs, Naan and Beyond, Panda Express, Subway, Shoes by Lara, Brown Bag, Elite Dry Cleaners, Burger Works, and Amsterdam Falafel Shop.

    • That sounds awful classy.

      It is a shame that perhaps one of the best locations in the city is filled with the most dreadful, heinous architecture and filled with government offices. That entire area should frankly be filled with hotels, restaurants, theaters, etc.

  • There’ s no saving the architectural disaster and wasteland. Just tear the whole wretched place down.

  • Lipstick, meet pig.

  • Wait, they replaced a glass pyramid with a glass cube? Bravo!

  • Fascist architecture. Like that grotesque FBI building that is finally slated to come down.

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