Le Caprice applying for a Liquor License in Columbia Heights

3460 14th Street, NW

The application says they’ll be serving beer and wine with hours listed as Sunday: 8am-8pm and Monday through Saturday: 7am-9pm. You can see Le Caprice’s menu here. I’m looking forward to sipping a glass a wine on their great sidewalk patio.

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  • binpetworth

    I’m torn by this announcement. On the one hand, a glass of wine with a wonderful French baguette and some cheese is delightful. On the other hand, often I come here and there are no tables, so increasing the popularity of the place means I’ll never get anything but carryout anyway…Solution: build a second location and bring on the booze 🙂

  • Hey binpetworth – I’m with you! Would love to sip a glass, but afraid of more crowds. A second location would be dandy!

  • Can the customer apply for better customer service from them?

  • We had some informal bets among the staff on how long it would take a PoP reader (or the Prince himself) to notice! 🙂
    We’re looking forward to pouring you a mimosa on a sunny Saturday morning this spring, or maybe a nice buttery white wine to go with your cheese plate and fresh baked breads some lovely evening.

  • I love Le Caprice and I love this idea, but I gotta agree that it’s going to make it even harder to get a table than it already is! Especially with the Getaway and their nice patio gone…

  • I’ve got just the location for a second store front. Corner of Quincy and Georgia right by the metro and just half a block from the new Safeway. How about some real bread and pastries to go with whatever you are about to buy at Safeway? Or how about some cheese, bread, and wine after you shop at Safeway?

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