Large Fight Outside NY Diva in Adams Morgan Last Night, 7 Arrested

2406 18th Street, NW

From MPD:

“At approximately 0115 hours, Third District units were called to the front of 2406 18th Street NW ( NY NY Diva) for a report of a fight in progress. Units were able to respond and find 7 males fighting each other. The officers were able to stop the fight and place all 7 participants under arrest without further incident. Further investigation revealed that all 7 were possibly patrons and or employees of the listed establishment and that the altercation may have started inside. If anyone has information relating to this they are encouraged to call (202) 727 9099.”

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  • Classy joint!

  • typical

  • People still go to Adams Morgan? Are they hipsters being ironic?

  • So a typical Saturday night in Adams Morgan?

  • If it wasn’t for a few hours every weekend, Adams Morgan would be known as a beautiful family friendly place to hang out and enjoy outdoor dining and drinks….It’s a shame that this sort of crap happens there so regularly during the weekend late night hours. I don’t even consider Adams Morgan a late night option because it turns into a drunken mess filled with a bunch juvenile delinquents who like to leave their pizza boxes sitting on the front steps of peoples homes.

    • Agree completely. Adams Morgan is a fantastic place to live and go out (during the week).

      • Couldn’t agree more. If we can get ABRA to crack down on these nightclubs masquerading as “restaurants” we would be very close to making these sorts of incidents non-existent in AdMo. I live in the neighborhood, and it’s an excellent place to be during the week. But I basically refuse to head down 18th St after 11pm or so on weekends.

        • Yep. I love living in Adams Morgan, but my weekend schedule is the same as yours. It’s a great neighborhood with some serious foolishness that shows up for a few hours on the weekend.

  • Nothing good happens in Adams-Morgan after midnight. It gets invaded at about that time by outsiders looking for drunks to roll.

    Teenagers from the suburbs – not a good place to hang out on weekends. Just too dangerouss.


  • Having lived in Adams Morgan for almost 15 years, I find most of the commenters’ statements about the current condition of the neighborhood to be pretty far off-base. Yes, the vibe changes greatly Thursday -Saturday evenings, but it is nowhere near as raucous as it was just a few years ago. Things have settled down quite a bit in the past few years, and the day times and weekdays are still very quiet and neighborhood-centric.

    However, there have always been places in Adams Morgan that attracted and sustained an out-of-control crowd (Tom Tom, anyone?), and unfortunately NY NY Diva is one of them. When it was Felix, I played a gig in the exact same establishment for several years, and things never got rowdy and the audience was much more civil (even when the neighborhood was going through one of its rougher periods). The management doesn’t know how to keep the place under control, and promotes and advertises the club to an crowd that doesn’t know how to behave in public. The idiocy that happens out front of NY NY Diva doesn’t have anything to do with Adams Morgan (or, more complexly, race, which sadly could seem to be a factor to people who only notice that the clientele is mostly black). It has to do with the fact that the people who run the place don’t realize that they create an unsafe atmosphere there.

  • Paging Mark Lee! Paging Mark Lee! Some of these comments do not express proper support for unfettered liquor licenses. Can we get a NIMBY smackdown over here?!

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