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  • This is just getting ridiculous. Some of there signs should be permitted to passiveaggressivenotes.com.

  • I would have so much more sympathy for the home-owners if they ever bothered to clean up all their dog’s shit lining the road.

  • jim_ed

    Maybe could have put some more thought into the acronym and website – NADZ?

  • I think we should all be agnostics about this. If pop-ups are banned (by the city council, necessarily), the arms race will end. It’s hard to imagine how that’ll effect property value aside from raising the price per sq.ft. all over these types of neighborhoods. So I think that NADZ isn’t exactly contemplating complicated supply and demand issues when they advertise that such a move will reduce their home values by $300K. Regardless of the economics, though, I think most of us can agree that it’s time to consider granting Lanier Heights statehood. Free Lanier Heights!

  • I’m starting a new group called the GROUP AGAINST LOUD YELLERS OF NONSENSE.

    Did you know that loud people yelling nonsense can lead to depreciation of your neighborhood of at least $700 billion dollars? Well it can, and think of the children. I mean, THINK OF TEH CHILDREN! Write your councilmember now, and ask them to ban LOUD YELLERS OF NONSENSE in Lanier Heights! So that it can be the way it always was and will be in the future.

    The last thing we’ll do is ban ourselves.

  • One more reason not to vote for Jim Graham.

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