Kraze Burgers “closed until further notice” and Hello Cupcake Closed on Barracks Row

415 8th Street, SE

Not looking good for the recently opened [Oct. 2013] Kraze Burgers on Barracks Row:


and a bit further down the row at 705 8th St, SE Hello Cupcake lets fans know yesterday via their facebook page:

“Today is our Barracks Row location’s last day of business. We have enjoyed our time on the Hill and will miss our friends and neighbors here!

We hope to see you soon at our Dupont location, where we have exciting plans in the works!”

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  • Not surprised to see Kraze Burgers closing. Does anyone know if all their locations have table service, or if that’s specific to the Barracks Row location and the bizarre restriction on “fast food”? Not sure about others, but I’m usually not looking to be waited on when grabbing a burger and fries.

    • Their Bethesda location – which has also closed – was counter service.

    • Yeah, I was always curious to try it. But never did for the same reason. That would be horrible if this place failed due to an idotic and outdated “fast food” ban. Barracks Row has tons of nice sit down places, it really lacking in fast casual/grab and go type options.

    • I went once and really loved the food, but the table service format made it awkward to order carryout. I absolutely think the fast food restriction is to blame (the terrible Chipotle next door seems to being doing great).

    • How does Pizza Bolis get around the restriction? They don’t have dine in seating right?

      • I think they have one table. But I’m pretty sure they got in long before the restriction went into effect.

  • Weird vibe at Kraze (hence the name?) it was unnecessarily difficult to order.

  • Not surprised by Kraze closing — there was never anyone in there and there are better burger options not too far away. I am a little bummed about Hello Cupcake, but I bet their business suffered from The Sweet Lobby, which is always busy (and also very good).

  • I am not surprised by Kraze Burgers closing at all! I went in when they were relatively new and saw trouble from the beginning. Lots of micro managing. When I was in one couple dining in had ordered a burger with no cheese and they were served twice while I was there, both times with a burger with cheese! Bad karma from beginning.

  • Never went to Kraze but always meant to. I almost bought the Groupon deal for it, but I’m glad I didn’t. Definitely agree that the neighborhood could use more grab and go options.

    Not too bummed about Hello Cupcake. I tried them once and wasn’t very impressed. Sweet Lobby is much better.

  • Ahhhh they just filed for Chapter 11 in January so likely the closing is related (I passed them over a week ago and they were closed then as well so I don’t know how long they have been closed).

  • Kraze Burger was delicious and the service was excellent. But the seating was very uncomfortable.
    Hello Cupcake is way better than Sweet Lobby (I hate aniseed and oily cake). And I even think Hello Cupcake is lighter and less dense than Curbside Cupcake. But Curbside Cafe’s pop-tarts are so much better than Ted’s.

  • Houston, we have reached burger and cupcake saturation. Bring on the Cronuts and everything bacon.

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