Israeli Prime Minister at AIPAC Conference in the Convention Center this Morning


“Dear PoPville,

Why are there so many streets in DC that are shut off? I took the attached pictures on 9th & H. It didn’t look like the president since his limo (the beast) was not part of the motorcade. However, there was a diplomatic car in there.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is at the AIPAC conference at the convention center.

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  • This is why we need National Harbor!

  • Is this why 14th St. NW is closed between F and NY Ave.?

    • I was wondering that too. They were talking about it on NPR this morning but never mentioned the cause of the closure. I’d assumed it was weather related but this makes more sense. Wasn’t it only the southbound lanes that were closed though?

      • I’m fairly confident that Netanyahu is staying at the Willard and at event at the Convention Center.

        • It looked like a truck did a half jacknife at about 14th and G this morning. I assumed that was why 14th was shutdown, but that plus the other streets created a disaster. Local people deserve better announcment from the authorities on these things. How do you all get good real time info when streets are shut down? I’m really curious – appreciate any suggestions.

          • I saw that truck too, and took a good look. I’m pretty sure it was just unloading cargo and not stuck, though it did look like it was stuck at first glance. The only info I’ve ever gotten without searching the internet was from our building’s management, and relayed through our office manager.

        • Usually foreign dignitaries stay at Blair House, across Pennsylvania from EEOB.

          • I stand corrected, as per WaPo: “He specifically complained about a prolonged closure of southbound 14th Street between G Street and Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, near a hotel housing high ranking officials…Gray wrote that he was outraged by the closure of the southbound lanes of 14th Street near the White House. He noted that Blair House, on the other side of the White House and typically used for visiting heads of state, is closed for renovation.”

  • I was stuck in NIGHTMARE traffic this morning. They had PA Ave closed from 14th to at least 8th, they had 9th closed off from PA up to and past the convention center. It was gridlock in every direction. AWFUL

  • I was half way to work in Rock Creek when they decided to shut it off around 10:30 am. I was wondering if there was an accident or a motorcade.

  • The real reason for the 2 hour delay today.

  • Kudos to Secretary John Kerry for getting out of DC just in time. Now that is what I call an effective foreign policy!

  • I mirror these sentiments regarding lack of communication. I understand living in DC brings it’s share of challenges, but it took me 1.5 hours to get from 12th and I to 8th and Pennsylvania. I’ll add a rant here as well, if you see the light turning red, please please please don’t accelerate into the intersection, it simply creates more congestion!

    • To add to that.. if there is room for only one car to pass on a street with a hill, the car climbing the hill has the right away. Why you ask? Because a stopped car facing downhill will always be able to regain traction, while a car coming up the hill will have more difficulty doing so.

  • Regarding traffic, there was also an incident this morning where a big rig going northwest on Mass ignored the height restriction signs at the Thomas Circle tunnel and got stuck.

  • Just another reason I take Metro. Yeah, the service has its issues at times, but for the most part its pretty darn dependable and I never get caught in traffic jams due to a motorcade and/or streets closures.

  • South bound 14th St, NW was also blocked on Sunday between NY Ave and H Street. Quite the traffic jam.

    And what’s with blocking/jamming all transmissions. My phone lost all connectivity while in that traffic mess and as soon as I got away my cell phone started to work again.

    • Are you sure it was a case of blocking/jamming? If there were enough people stuck who were trying to use their phones, that could overload the networks. (I’ve had this happen with events on the National Mall.)

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