Island Dyes Head Shop coming to H Street, NE in April

331 H Street, NE

Thanks to a reader for sending. Island Dyes Head Shop’s instagram post says:

“Washington DC watch out Island Dyes and Syn are comming April big grand opening be there!!!!!!! @islanddyeshstdc #syn #islanddyes #islanddyesheadshop #synglass #synovation #dc #dab #dablife #dabdaily #functionalart #glass #glassofig #glassthatlasts #headshop #headshoplife #boro #beach #710 #757 #804 #252″

Their Island Dyes website says:

“Our five retail locations have been serving the Outer Banks of NC and VA for the past 25 years. Here you can expect to see the best glass the market has to offer! From our in-house water pipe line SYN to our original tye dye shirts, there’s something here for everyone. So take a look and let us know what you’d like to see sold here.”

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  • They will probably kill it

    but i thought there was a new provision that made it hard or impossible for head shops to operate in d city?
    isnt that why all the others closed recently?

    • Yep. It sounds like they didn’t know what they were getting into, trying to open up a location in DC. It will not last.

  • Is it possible to protest the opening through petitioning or some other legal course of action?

    • Why? Paging Mr. Narc Nimby

    • I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that. It is illegal to sell drug paraphernalia in DC. That was exactly what Capitol Hemp was shut down for doing.

    • As a homeowner around this area, why would I want a store like this around my family?

      • Mostly because on the Venn diagram that includes the set of people who buy $150 bongs and the set of people who pose a threat to your family, there’s very likely no intersection.

        • Best comment that I’ve read on this site (not that you care, but if you do, cool).

        • This!
          or what else was said… why would you want a liquor store in your neighborhood? actually the two arent comparable
          only a store that sells glasses to drink said liquor, wine, or beer out of would be

      • Do you care about the liquor store, as well? Or the wine and beer that will be sold at Whole Foods?
        My guess is that there will be a medical marijuana dispensary on H Street within the next two years.

      • justinbc

        At least now you know where your son will go for his supply, rather than just wondering.

      • As a homeowner around this area, why would I want a store that I won’t go in? Can’t we only build what I want?

    • This is why I purchase TOBACCO smoking accessories rather than drug paraphernalia. I don’t see the problem here.

  • Not exactly subtle, are they? When I bought a bong and a fake ID at Electromax in ’88 or ’89 they at least pretended they were selling me a tobacco water pipe and a novelty ID.

  • I’m curious to see how they do as well.
    #DC #Capitolhill #NIMBY #ANC #Callthelawyers #life #obamacare #420 #202 #teaparty #gentrification #artisinalcheese #streetcardelay #getoffmylawn

    • if they can get their doors open and be fully functional im sure they will do extremely well
      im just wondering about that first part though

      i dont get how they wouldbe able to walk in all easy after our other head shops had to go out of business

    • I LOL’ed at your hashtags, so thanks for that.

  • This may be naive of me to ask, but why is it called a “head shop” exactly? Will they also sell shrunken heads?

  • This is on the west side of H? That is pretty crazy considering the east side is a bit more quirky/might support this more. I’m so sure all the young families will love a place like this. I doubt it’ll stay open long if it ever even opens.

    • i completeley disagree
      i think it will do very well if they can actually get doors open
      they will be the only one in the city

      i would expect to see it further up on H st but either way i see them doing well
      the bif IF is IF they can really open

    • justinbc

      There is much more housing density currently in place, and planned, on the west side of H St NE.

  • Capitol Hemp closed for a complex set of reasons. While it’s not illegal to sell pipes in the District (see B&K News in Adams Morgan, for example), it is illegal to sell pipes that are intended for drug use. Capitol Hemp had books on cultivation, green signs, and so on that the DA used to shut them down. They never actually charged anyone, though, and more or less intimidated them into closing their shop. There are still big legal questions surrounding the law on drug paraphernalia. To those of you who are predicting this shop’s business prospects, my hunch is that it very much matters what it is they sell. As far as I know, there isn’t a huge demand for tie dye here in the District, but there is a large demand for scientific glass (like the Syn that they advertise in their slew of hash tags). The internet bong business is mostly non-existant (for a whole set of related legal reasons).

    • Also, I’d not that Capitol Hemp et al. have had problems not so much because of pot, but because these same products are used to ingest faux-pot, whatever it’s called these days. Bath salts, or something. From that point of view, this is a legitimate public policy issue, since that those particular drugs are a scourge.

    • And… when the Adams Morgan one was raided, one of their employees supposedly had herb in a pants pocket, which was a big huge no no.

    • I can’t see how books on cultivation would be illegal, with the First Amendment and everything.

  • And right next to a day care center!
    Are there liquor stores in the city that are next door to day care centers? It’s kind of equivalent, in my mind.

  • +1. Finally a Rob Delaney joke!

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