Great News for Upper 14th Street: Las Placitas Opening 2nd Restaurant at 4724 14th Street NW next to Ruff n Ready Furnishings

4724 14th Street, NW

Awesome news for upper 14th Street! The folks behind Las Placitas on Barracks Row are opening another spot next to Ruff n Ready Furnishings at 14th and Decatur St, NW.

A liquor license application for Las Placitas Cafe says:

“This is new Retail Class “C” Restaurant. The restaurant will serve Latin American food. The type of entertainment shall be karaoke and occasional bands. The dance floor will be in the back space, which is 150 square feet in total. Total Capacity 75 including 20 seats for the rooftop patio.”

You can see their Capitol Hill menu here (careful music plays.)

Also a new art gallery is coming a few storefronts away:


4718 14th Street, NW

The art gallery is located right next door to the almost ready to open Felicita Pizzeria:


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  • gotryit

    That is great news – I like the Las Placitas on Barracks row. Tasty and large portions for a decent price. Definitely a welcome option for the little strip. Especially since the same area on Georgia Ave has been struggling.

  • soooooo happy there is another restaurant coming – we NEED some development up here. i live about a block away from these establishments and am happy to put my money towards their success and become regular clients! now if we could just get a coffee shop and a good new american cuisine/ salad place it would be life changing.

  • i know we have highlands but it is always soooo packed- we could use a good coffee house/ bakery/ hang out place.

    • …I’m glad you acknowledged Highlands! I love that place, but the brunch rush is to huge every weekend. Try them for dinner. Really good, especially for the price!

  • justinbc

    These guys are one of the better Mexidorean options in Capitol Hill, good for them. Nothing there will blow you away, but it’s always decent and never a long wait.

  • This is good news. Lots of potential in the area. Any word on the bus garage across the street from here being developed into residential/retail?

  • Fantastic news! This strip has so much potential and a lot of neighbors eager for more restaurants/retail in the hood to frequent. I also think this is a great place for the art galleries that are being priced out of Logan/Dupont to gather Happy to hear one is leading the way.

  • I remember reading a Wash Post article a couple of months ago talking about the development along the 14th St corridor pushing out DC art galleries. In the article they mentioned the gallery that will be moving up to this location next to Ruff N Ready. I can’t remember the name but I remember looking it up and it seemed like a really cool place. I’ll try to find the Wash Post article to link to and post it.

  • Several of these business venues have been vacant for far too long. Looking forward to having a “sit down” restaurant in this block, however, as a nearby neighbor on Decatur St ….. a roof top “patio” open until 2 or 3 AM does not interest me in the least. I hope the Las Placitas owners will take this into consideration as they plan their build out.

  • I would happily support another sit-down dining option but why does this place need to have live entertainment until 3am? Karoake? Bands? Come on.

    Between la libertad and johana’s — two ABRA establishments on this strip that have so far refused to work with neighbors on noise and unruly customer behavior — I hope las placitas reconsiders the need for live entertainment and a rooftop patio and actually works with neighbors.

    Otherwise, ABRA will continue to hand out licenses to establishments that will only serve folks driving in with Maryland/VA plates, partying until 3am, and then driving home drunk while littering and disrupting the neighborhood in the meantime. We have 6 liquor licenses in a 2 block strip. It needs to stop.

  • I also hope they rethink the late-night music/karaoke crap. El Don, another Salvadorean place on the corner of Webster and 14th, has this, and I used to hear really loud thumping till 2 or 3 a.m. on the weekends. However, I complained to the ANC, and they seem to have toned it down quite significantly.

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