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  • justinbc

    Holy crap. This is my dream house.

  • Used to be some big time preacher lived there. Don’t know if the house is owned by a church or not. My parents lived down the street from it for thirty years and I never saw anyone go in or out of the place. Judging by the windows it almost looks abandoned. Sad. The yard was always gorgeous.

  • I go past here every day. Because of the broken windows, old AC units, etc. I always imagined some old wealthy widow shut-in lived there out of one room. She’s been there since the 30’s and was once a glamorous socialite who used to host the most amazing parties. She had many a love affair but no children so is alone in the world.

    I guess a “big time preacher” is just as interesting. Sigh.

  • Love love love the dark diamond pattern in the red brick. Would be so awesome to see that in some modern brick homes, commercial or condo buildings

  • wasn’t this Walter Washington’s home?

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