Hey Buddy – Dog Daycare – Coming to former Pulp Space at 14th and S St, NW

14th and S St, NW

Pulp closed at 14th and S St, NW after 14 years back on Jan. 12th. Thanks to [email protected] for tweeting us the photo above. A Craigslist ad for the location says:

“Hey Buddy! on 14th is hiring qualified receptionist for full time positions to include weekends and some evenings. We are a newly opened dog daycare, animal boarding, and grooming facility. Qualified applicants will have a minimum of two years experience in the Veterinary, animal care, or administrative fields. Ability to multi-task, communicate effectively with clientele, precise attention to detail are imperative. You will be required to handle, care for, and clean up after animals. Love for animals while important, should go hand in hand with professionalism and a strong personal desire to ensure the well being of all animals. It is important to note that this position will not be filled by persons who only want to play with animals. We are a business and intend to operate as such.”

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  • Interesting. This will be a cash cow I bet.

  • Shouldn’t there be a comma between “hey” and “buddy” in the name?

  • I miss Pulp!

  • Day care for pets is a sign of an overly-affluent society.

    • I don’t know about “overly affluent” (compared to what exactly?), but certainly affluent. I think it’s safe to say Logan is fully gentrified at this point, if it hasn’t already been for some time.

      • If “overly affluent” is the same as “more money than sense,” then I think Richard Roll is spot-on in his description of the area.

        • Why is taking care of your dog (particularly when you can’t be home in the middle of the day) “more money than sense”?
          And yeah, WTH is “overly affluent”?

          • Most dogs can survive being left at home for eight hours a day. If you need to spring for doggie day care because you’re afraid he might get lonesome, or you’re too lazy to properly train him not to crap all over the house or eat the furniture, then it’s most definitely an extravagance for the affluent. If you have a dog with special needs, that’s another story altogether.

          • Most people are away more than eight hours a day, though — tack on 30 minutes each way for a commute (which is a short commute) and 30 minutes for lunch (which most workplaces don’t count as part of your eight hours), and you’re looking at 9.5 hours.
            I have mixed feelings about doggie daycare. It does seem rather extravagant (not sure what the rates are, compared to having a dog walker come at lunchtime). But for DINKs (and maybe some SINKs) with money to spare, maybe it’s good value for the money?

          • Some people are away from home 12 hours a day or more during the week. Per Wagtime’s website, dog walking is $20 a pop while daycare is $30. The extra $10 seems to buy a lot of value.

          • If someone is spending $600/month on dog care, I want to be your dog.

    • @Richard – Where else would we take the pups on Tuesdays when the house cleaners come?

  • Competition for Wagtime?

  • I will be interested to try this place out. We currently use Wagtime a couple times a month, and I do like it there, but Wagtime’s a drive vs. a walk, like this place would be, so that makes Hey Buddy appealing.

  • So exciting! We use Wagtime now, but this is much closer. I wonder if they will charge 14th St. premiums… My pup may have to keep slummin it over on 9th St. As a preemptive defence, I say slummin it with love because Wagtime is awesome and so is 9th St ๐Ÿ™‚

  • One wonders if boarders, for an extra fee, can arrange for their pets to be taken to Garden District next door tor special meals. Our dog, who does not like to be boarded, would certainly be more agreeable to boarding with BBQ brisket.

  • The vet’s office on that strip is always crowded, so I bet this place will do great business. Plus, what a cute name for a doggy shop. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dogs by Day and the “green” pet store were way ahead of their times. The owners and staff were super nice at both stores. I was sorry they left but know my dog’s addiction to $6 Bully Sticks wasn’t keeping them in business.

    • I think the problem with Green Pets/Dogs by Day was more a landlord problem than a not making money problem. They seem to be doing well under their current name (Planet Pet).

      • don’t you think the landlord probably wanted more money for rent? Green Pets was there before 14th street really took off and while they probably sold enough to stay in business, they didn’t want to take on a heftier rent. it was nice having a pet store close by and find there just isn’t the same selection at the new location.

  • Did I miss the ANC and zoning hearing for this? Dog daycares are getting denied left and right lately in zoning.

  • For the millionth time Logan needs a pet store.

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