Good Deal or Not? “terrifically tall school windows” edition

440 12th Street Northeast

This unit is located at 440 12th Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Dynamite dramatic corner unit in Historic old school building. 2 BRs/1br plus den. Heavenly high ceilings 2 walls of terrifically tall school windows,wonderful wood floors, gourmet kitchen w/granite & center island, exposed brick walls, copious closets, washer/dryer, garage parking and extra storage. Multiple pet friendly bldg. Easy access to Metro”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $495,000 ($344 monthly fee.)

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  • binpetworth

    If I’m viewing the listing correctly, there are no doors separating any of the living spaces, only three-quarter length walls. That would be a complete deal-breaker for me, but admittedly it is full of light and seems like a decent deal for someone who is OK with that layout.

    • You are correct–there are no doors/walls between rooms, just the 3/4 wall shown. The ceilings are very high, though, so the 3/4 wall is actually a full 8′ in height.

  • I would hardly consider this a two bedroom. It’s a very large studio. That said, it’s a pretty studio and I would call it a good deal.

  • I really like it but I agree with the others that I’d hardly consider it a 2 br. More like a huge studio or loft space. Nice that they pointed out it’s a multiple pet friendly building.

  • justinbc

    I love all the windows, and the parking is a nice bonus. I live about a block from here and it’s an outstanding neighborhood, but I wouldn’t say “easy access to Metro”, as there are 2 stops within walking distance (Eastern Market and Union Station) but both are about 3/4 mile walk. Most people consider that too far if they’re carrying things. Given the prices of houses in this neighborhood (assuming this was really a 2BR), I would say this is overall a pretty decent deal.

  • Great deal! But I’m a sucker for renovated school buildings. Did I miss details like bathrooms and closets?

  • If I lived by myself (and could afford it) I’d jump at something like this. I love the windows and the somewhat-industrial touches near the ceiling. But yea, shared living space without any real walls? Not for me. Hopefully the bathroom is actually enclosed.

  • Although not sure the exact unit number, it would be a good deal if over 1,000 sqft. Plus a parking spot. Weird layout and little privacy so they will have a harder time finding the right buyer.

    • justinbc

      The privacy issue is really only a factor if you’re sharing the home with a “roommate” who isn’t your partner. We have two bedrooms in our house, and I really wouldn’t care if there were no doors on them. Sure it’s nice to have some privacy when we have guests, but that’s like 5-10% of the year, if that.

      • Agreed. This is a perfect spot for a DINK with a pet. I want this, though I’d want to know the square footage. That said, is the bathroom at least enclosed?!?

      • It might be an issue for a couple that’s thinking about having a kid in the future, though.

      • You’re just limiting your market with that kind of layout. There are plenty of similarly sized 2BR that have more private bedrooms, at the same list price. Most buyers would prefer more private bedrooms if forced to choose. Not all, but most. That 2nd BR looks tiny……

    • According to Redfin, it’s 1020 sq ft ($485/sq ft).

  • This place can’t be easy to clean. But i do like what they’ve done with it. Not many apartment homes have ceilings high enough to make chandeliers looks nice. Speaking of lighting, it must be so bright at night, from all the street lights, that it might be hard to fall asleep. Great during a thunderstorm i bet.

  • I looked at another unit in this building a year or so ago. They are beautiful spaces; the photos are accurate. I was told that there is limited underground parking (most of the spots are in a surface lot), so this parking spot is a premium.
    The deal breaker for me was that the neighborhood was too residential for my taste, and too far from the Metro. But everyone I spoke to who lived around there raved that it’s a wonderful, friendly neighborhood in which to live.

  • I love the height and light, but I do feel like it’s a little weirdly laid out with all of the walls essentially in the center, which while probably the most economic use of the space just makes it feel like every room is a hallway or something. I also think the appliances look cheap and am wary there are no photos of the bathroom.

    I guess if it is at least 1,000 square feet, then that’s probably a decent price with parking. I don’t know much about that area – is there much to do over there? Grocery stores nearby?

    • msmaryedith

      I’m right around the corner. You’re only four blocks from H St, three blocks from Lincoln Park and about a 15 minute walk to Eastern Market/Barracks Row restaurants and shops. There isn’t a ton RIGHT there, but it’s an easy stroll to bars and restaurants without all the parking hassles. And I love the little corner store at 11th and C, but grocery stores are in NoMa (a Teeter) and at 3rd and H (Giant), which are both a bit of a trek.

  • I lived in a similar kind of conversion in another city; it was a 1 bedroom but with a similar kind of layout. I’d rather have the living area more removed from the kitchen and the second bedroom is a joke. I assume someone could put up walls if there was sufficient ventilation to make the sleeping areas more private.

    There are 1 bedrooms with parking that approach the price in Logan Circle. For a 2 bedroom in a residential (far from everything) section of Capitol Hill this might be a good price but needing the right buyer.

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