Good Deal or Not? “seduction by the devil in every detail” edition

1236 G Street Northeast

This house is located at 1236 G Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Almost had a heart-attack, when first looked up, saw artifacts, eventually EKG relaxed, by antique floors and period doors, painted tin ceilings had me dealing with feelings of lightness, levitation, allows meditation to make conscious contact with your inner calm, content to not reinvent a perfect patent that happened when time allowed art in construction, seduction by the devil in every detail.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/1.5 bath is going for $668,500.

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  • Deal. very nice and likely to go well north of list. That part of G also has the Linden Pl buffer between H St. south facing commercial strip

  • I have no idea if this is a good deal or not, but I love it. It is also incredibly amusing to me that the entire house was beautifully staged, but the picture of the basement includes a random assortment of crap just strewn on top of the laundry machine.

  • justinbc

    Seems underpriced, I would say deal.

  • Glad it was renovated without making it look like a newly constructed condo. Also it looks like they went with ductless AC, which I like a lot – anyone know how much that costs vs. a duct system?

    • I got a quote of between 15K-18K for spacepak in my 3 BR house. Ouch.

      • Thanks! That’s actually not as bad as I was expecting.

      • Interesting. I’ve actually been told (by realtors, neighbors, and others) that AC for my 1500 sq ft row house could go as high as $30k. Was planning on doing SpacePak. Are you satisfied with it, and do you recommend and particular company?

        • I haven’t pulled the trigger on it. I have an existing spacepack in the basement and was getting quotes for a new system in the attic, where it should be. All in all I’d say high velocity is good for AC but NOT for heat. The system I have is a heat pump and my house is freezing in the wintertime, even with the system running full tilt.

          The quote I got was from Sila via Angie’s List. They seemed competent but be prepared for the hard sell.

          • Thanks! I’d heard that about the heat – planning on keeping the old radiators (like in the GDoN house here).

        • We did spacepak for our NE DC rowhouse – 600sqft per floor, times three (two main floors plus finished basement). With fancy allergy filter thing, cost $16k with Sila. But they didn’t box in the (albeit small) ductwork.

    • No educated idea how it compares to conventional (although my uniformed thought re: conventional is that the system itself is cheaper — but the cost to build out all the duct work would increase the total), but we too got a quote on the ductless SpacePak that was between 15k-18k for a 3 bedroom house. We’re planning to save up and go for it next year, if we can.

      Ductless is the only way we’ll do A/C… love our radiator heat!

    • Same – we put high velocity system into a 3 BR house this fall for i think $19K, used Sila. Kept the radiators for heat.

  • Looks like someone forgot to fix the oven handle.

    • Hahaha, was about to say the same thing. Ironic mistake when the realtor’s gibberish is all about “details.”

  • Other than the color choice on the kitchen cabinets, very tasteful renovation. I especially love how they preserved the high ceilings by using SpacePak, and kept the original radiator heat and moldings. It’s a shame the ceiling in the basement isn’t higher and that there isn’t a second full bath down there, but still – good deal.

  • this has to be a Tom Faison listing. This is a great deal and will go for over asking. On a side note: does anybody know a competent radiator shop who can do a total house install? I need to swap out my entire HVAC and I’d much rather have rads than forced air. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like anybody does it anymore.

    • jim_ed

      Foley Mechanical in Lorton does everything boiler/radiator related. They do good work, too.

      • These guys look amazing, thanks!

      • FMI is the best in the business for the DC area. They installed a new boiler for me and have been servicing it for over 10 years now. If you need/want a second price quote you’ll have to get somebody from Baltimore to come down because nobody else in DC compares to Foley’s quality. Also, a great on-line resource for radiator knowledge is

  • Beautiful renovation. I love that they kept lots of original details instead of making it into one of those open floor plan/bowling alley row houses. Love that black and white tile in the bathroom. Sigh. I wish I had money to buy a home in DC.

  • There are close ups of two different tin ceilings, but I can’t figure out where they could possibly be in the house. One is above a red door with transom, but the back door in the kitchen is white with no transom and the front door is black (and the foyer and kitchen ceilings are both clearly plaster/sheetrock). There’s ceiling shown in nearly every picture and they are all plain. Are these pics from another house?

    • Answering half of my own question, is there a tiny vestibule between the screen door and the glass door in the front? I think that’s the tin ceiling above the red door. But still no idea where the other one is (photo 9)!!

    • They don’t show the half bath–I’ll bet one of the tin ceilings is in there. I think the other is in the vestibule.

  • I’m going with deal – it’s priced to go north of ask….fwiw 1335 Maryland went for 1.32 *shocked*

  • deal – priced to go above ask…..former GDoN 1335 Maryland around the corner closed at 1.32

  • I like that there still is room for a buyer to add more living space (in the basement) and increase the equity themselves instead of the flipper hasn’t done it all and maxed it out another $100,00-150,000.

    Fixed enough out stripping out everything. Of course since this is a Faison listing it is typically written like a gushing teenage girl.

  • We live right around the corner and are looking for recs on people to digout/underpin our basement. Any recommendations of actual contactors?

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