Good Deal or Not? “ROOF TOP DECK W/ 360 DEGREE VIEWS” edition (owner request)


This house is located at 2307 1ST Street, NW. The listing says:


You can see a virtual tour here.

This 5 bed/4.5 bath is going for $1,299,000.

2301 1st Street, NW

Ed. Note: Also just down the block at 2301 1st Street, Northwest another very cool 5 bed/4.5 bath house, not nearly as renovated but on a corner, went under contract with the listing price of $1,200,000. This is the house with one of my favorite doors in the District (after the jump)


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  • I don’t know about the price, but with the deck/garage, it looks like the property has several zoning variances for lot coverage and rear setbacks. I’d be interested in knowing how hard it was to get those approved.

  • I very badly wish this were my house.

  • If I had the money I’d snatch this up in a heartbeat.

  • I’ll N’th all the posts about wanting this house! (Though if I’m spending over a mill, I’m going to get nit-picky and point out that it’s a bit too far north from RIA for my liking. But then again I’m not actually spending a mill on anything anytime soon.)

  • Gorgeous exterior and love the roof deck! Don’t love the interior- it’s just too modern for my taste. I would have loved to see original woodwork. I also don’t like the lack of a back yard, though for some people the roof deck would make up for that. Definitely would not be spending over a million on that location- even for a place that nice.

    • This is my complaint too. Perhaps it was not salvageable but I have been in several of the homes on 1st street that have beautiful woodwork, pocket doors, and lots and lots of charm. While done fairly nicely, to me I would want as much of the original wood as possible This has the feel of a downtown condo stuffed into a beautiful victorian exterior,

      • Honestly though, that’s what most buyers in DC right now. They want the bragging rights of having one of those 100 year-old row houses, but they don’t want to deal with maintaining 100 year-old windows, doors, floors, insulation, pipes, electricals, etc. They want convenience, openness, stainless & granite everything, and “clean lines.”
        That said, it will be interesting to see how these places hold up after 30 years, yet alone 100.

  • I have no idea if this is worth 1.2M…but what is going on with the “hall closet”? Im not sure where on the floor plans that its located? Is it just a long hallway that also has modular closet stuff in it? I don’t know that seems really weird to me.

    Generally when people put closet (lets call them fix’ns because I dont know what they are called) fix’ns in places that shouldn’t be closets it says to me “this house has a lack of storage”…just sayin.

    • Yeah — that looked to me like “We’ve put closet fixings in the hallway so as to use the hallway as a closet.” Not a hall closet.

    • It looks like it’s on the 2nd floor. Though there’s a door at both ends, one next to the bathroom there. Where does the door lead to??

      • Originally I thought that hallway must’ve been in the basement (especially since it comes after a photo of the garage and before a few photos of the basement), but from looking at the floor plans in the virtual tour some more, it looks like it must be on the 2nd floor.
        Maybe the door leads to the deck?

  • Its a nice renovation, but please stop including the basement in the Livable Square foot area. This house, as tax records show, has a total livable sq. ft area of 2552, but the listing has it at 3249 sq. ft. That makes this place $509/sq ft, which is quite high.

  • This house rocks. Full disclosure, I’m friends with the sellers, but seriously it does rock. It’s not a far walk from RIA, I live on RIA and we’ve walked up there plenty of times in 5-7 minutes, maybe 10 min with two small kids in tow. The roof deck is amazing, especially for the 4th of July. Once McMillan is developed, this place will only go up in value too, IMO.

    • Far from RIA? Are you kidding me? This is going to be the best block in Bloomingdale and close to the McMillan park once it’s in place. 1.2 is a lot, but it will sell and be worth 1.5 in 4 years guaranteed. I would buy it if i had the money.

  • Nice house, but the price seems very ambitious for the area. I’d be a little shocked if it sold at this price. Somewhere around $1M seems more fair.

  • The kitchen needs more cabinets.

  • I don’t like the exposed ductwork in the living room. Fortunately the ductwork elsewhere seems to be covered.

  • justinbc

    This house looks nicely done and that roof deck is indeed quite awesome, but no way would I pay that asking price for this location. To me, the one that sold previously for 1.2M without the renovations, for a bigger house, on a larger lot, is a much more enticing deal.

  • Bad deal. Sold for $750k in 2009 (which was before the neighborhood really took off, and based on the property history it seems like it was likely already renovated at that time). That’s almost a 35% increase PER YEAR if it sells at list. Plus I don’t think there are any comps anywhere near that, so there’s no way it would appraise even if it did sell for $1.3M.

    Another house around the corner that’s just as nice is listed for a shade over $1M and has been on the market for over a month.

  • Beautiful house, but bad deal. The location just does not support those prices. You’d be sitting on it waiting for the neighborhood to catch up, if it ever does.

  • Thank you for disclosing the “owner request” component of this posting but I urge you to be more transparent in the future. Was this a personal request? A request from an ad purchaser?

    I ask because this place already seems a lot like a real estate echo chamber around here. (See the “I know the owner” comment below). Every bubble has a POP.

  • My wife and I almost bought one of the 4 level ones on first street in 2004 that had been renovated. Asking price was 510k.

  • If a 2 story (1246 sq/ft) + finished basement (600 sq/ft) on the unit block of Q Street listed at $819,900 ($658/sqft) can go under contract in 4 days, at $508/sqft, this seems a good deal. Though, I hate the exposed ductwork and would prefer the original woodwork, etc. etc. etc. And I really don’t see what the relevance of the % increase year over year when the house has been completely reworked as well as a goodly amount of other house being revived from rotting messes. And I don’t see what the relevance is of what prices were in 2004, unless you are lamenting your not purchasing the house. Prices are not rising in a vacuum. Every house that is restored adds value to the entire neighborhood. Every shop that goes in, every dining option, every add amenity adds to every house. The neighborhood isn’t a collection of little insulated bubbles completely unaffected by all that goes on around them, nor is it a bubble of inflating prices without underlying, real, material values.

  • Not worth it for me- no disrespect to le droit-Bloomingdale, it’s an ok, somewhat affordable neighborhood with a few good restaurants and shops. But 1.3 mil is still a lot of cash, even in DC. I’d prefer to live in cap hill or DuPont.

    • Dupont? really? That’s so 1990.

      Anyone that thinks that this house doesn’t support this price point, doesn’t understand the real estate dynamics on this side of 16th street or the impending explosion of development happening just 3 blocks north at McMIllan and then also to the south in Eckington/Noma, to the immediate west on Georgia. This house will sell for 1.5 in 4 years when Bloomingdale will be one of the hottest neighborhoods in the city. In fact it is nearly there already. Granted the house’s value will probably top out not far from there, but it still will increase in value…i predict it will top out at 1.8 in 15 years.

  • Chef’s Kitchen My Ass.

    The house is pretty, inside and out, but the kitchen is unworkable. An utter diaster for anyone who cooks more than once a week. You want a very short path between the sink, the stove, and the fridge. A small triangle is the most efficient way to achieve this. But in this house, the three are laid out in a lo-o-ong line, and with the ovens between the three, to boot. Now, if the designer had put the sink on the back-of-the-house side of the island, it would have been workable. As it is … no way.

    Nor do I think a hallway with a single shelf higher than your head counts as “a hall closet with plenty of additional storage space.” It’s a hall. The shelf is a nice touch but it doesn’t make a hall into a closet. This pitch point would make me quite wary of the realtor (whom I assume came up with that phrase) and if I were in the market for this house, I’d be checking out the appliances, HVAC, the permitting, and the rest very carefully.

  • alphatango

    Two things struck me as a dead no-no on this place.

    First, yeah not a chef’s kitchen at all. The big thing is that the ovens are right next to the fridge. Hello huge electric bill!!

    Second, call me nutty, but I kinda want a closet in the master bedroom.

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