Good Deal or Not? “Gorgeous renovated Victorian” edition

25 Q Street Northwest

This house is located at 25 Q Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Gorgeous renovated Victorian with separate certificate of occupancy. Open, spacious floor plan with hardwood floors, gourmet kitchen, light filled spaces and a fireplace. Off street parking and within walking distance to HOT Bloomingdale shops, restaurants and Bike share. Enjoy your visit! Seller prefers Clear to Close for settlement”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $819,900.

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  • What are the HOT Bloomingdale shops? *Serious question*

  • I can’t tell if the basement unit is truly a separate apartment. the listing mentions a certificate of occupancy but its not entirely clear from the photos . If so then I think this is priced about right – having a legal basement rental unit is really worth a lot in my book. I’d be a little nervous living in Truxton circle personally for safety reasons, but the area is getting better and prices will only go up. Doesn’t seem like there’s a parking spot or much of a back outdoor space, and the two bedrooms upstairs are tiny. But that said, I still think it’ll go for list price.

    • There’s separate metering on the front of the building, so it appears to be legal. That said, I’d be very concerned about the flooding in this area. However, if I had a basement apartment, I’d probably want it to be tile regardless of location. But I’m also paranoid.

      • Pepco will put a meter on anything. Not legal till you have a certificate of occupancy and basic business license

  • Is this along the path of the Bloomingdale flooding from a few years’ back? That would seriously diminish the value of the rental property downstairs. The all-tile floors set off alarm bells for me.

  • justinbc

    Looks nicely done, except those bedrooms look very small.

    • +1 to nicely done but small 2nd and 3rd BRs, and I would say that 1st and RI Ave NW is the hot corner with Boundary Stone, Red Hen, Yoga District, Showtime, etc.

      The basement alone could bring around $2k a month given how bright and big it is. If you’re into being a landlord…

  • Hmm, I think there will be a bidding war on this. Inventory is low in this area, that is the best basement/ground floor rental unit I’ve seen, and it looks legal. For cash flow alone this will go quickly to an investor.

  • Cool looking house! Lots of character and loving the exposed brick everywhere. If I had the money, I’d take a look.

  • If the renovations worked on the drainage downstairs it seems like a good deal – Rhode Island, Florida and N. Capitol all have the potential to boom with retail. Great area and this Victorian oozes charm

  • Seems like a good deal. The lack of parking / outdoor space might be an issue for some buyers. My guess is this will go in under 45 days for around $799-809k.

  • This place is small though. The Redfin listing says 1800 sf, but that’s the entire house including basement. If this place goes for list, I’ll be pleased, but surprised.

  • Can’t get past those glaring huge front windows. Look at the neighboring buildings to see what those should look like.

  • Is that much exposed brick REALLY necessary?

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