Good Deal or Not? “Gorgeous magazine-worthy” edition

1417 5th Street Northwest

This house is located at 1417 5th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Gorgeous magazine-worthy & energy efficient living in hot Shaw! 3BR/2.5BA in the Main House, 1BR/1BA in separate apt. Grand entertaining spaces, light-filled w/ custom built-ins & reclaimed materials throughout, sleek Kitchen w/ adjoining Fam Rm, sumptuous Baths w/ Hansgrohe/Duravit/Dornbracht fixtures, solar paneled, secure PKG, too much to list!! CALL TO SHOW”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $1,300,000.

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  • justinbc

    Is the separate apartment included in the listing? It’s not really clear how this condo is split up, and they don’t include any photos of it. It’s nicely refinished from top to bottom but I still think it’s overpriced, if that additional condo isn’t included then it’s WAY overpriced. That 2nd and 3rd bedroom look tiny. The 2nd bedroom doesn’t even look like you would be able to open those closet doors with the bed there. I really do not like the zig zag beams in the living room either, way too busy.

  • Looks like the roll up garage door is broken. And if you want to enjoy the patio, hope you love looking at the grille of your car.

  • nice part of Shaw, but I’m not feeling the exposed ductwork for $1.3M

  • i am curious about this property, hope it becomes a gdon revisited.

  • Dunno if I’m crazy but I’m not digging this place.

  • my mind is blowing that a shaw rowhouse is well over 1M.

    • The comperable house at 5th and Rhode Island went under contract in under 24 hours for 1.1 million. There is almost no inventory for row homes in this area, it was only time before this started happening.

  • this place is amazing!

  • Unless a filter was used…….That exterior curb appeal is AMAZEballs!!

  • $1M+ in Shaw?? ridiculous. I would say they way overspent on the ‘custom’ finishings and are trying to make up for it. Doesn’t look that custom and not unique enough to make up for the price. I’ve heard horror stories of contractors using way overpriced products for the ductworks, etc. that was not necessary at all. Also, those bedrooms are teeny, even the master br is not impressive. I’d like a good sized master for a million bucks!

  • I’m sure the style is not right for everyone, but I sure like it. I would have no problem living in this house. Though, that kitchen seem awfully short on counter space. Why are there 2 refrigerators? Who cares- that wine fridge in the bedroom would totally get lots of use ;D

  • I like the comments on here saying “$1m+ for Shaw?” Look at the listings…the dearth of fee simple houses in the area plus how awesome it is = only a matter of time before it blew up like this. It’s sad to say but 1M this close in to downtown gets you very little (by comparison, check out the condos in Logan going for well over $1.5 with condo fees and cookie cutter 2 bedrooms). At least with this you get the rental income.

    • Seriously. I lived in Shaw from 2006-2011 and when I was finally ready to buy houses in the area were between $600-800K. That was 3 years ago, so I’m definitely not surprised to see prices like this. Also, this is much closer to Logan Circle than I was located.

    • justinbc

      Just because there are homes in Shaw selling for over $1M doesn’t mean that every home in Shaw should.

  • Where is this 1BR/1BA apartment? I don’t see it anywhere and it doesn’t appear that this place has a basement level. Unless it’s a totally separate place owner by the couple and they are looking to offload both properties in one package deal?

  • This is overpriced, imo– I would have expected to see this more around 800-850. Yes, it’s close to the O Street market, but it’s also close to some areas that have a way to come yet. Beautiful on the inside, though it looks like they were able to lux out the master bed/bath/closet by making the other two bedrooms unlivably small. Also, what is everyone’s take on walking through the bathroom to get to the closet?

    • justinbc

      My first reaction to the bedroom photos was “how is this a master without a single closet?”, so yeah, that would annoy me. I also don’t want to step in water from someone just showering in the morning when I’ve just put my socks on.

  • houseintherear

    Anyone know or have a good guess for what the countertop material might be? Love it, and in the market for a new countertop!

  • This place is god-awful….seriously? What ugly magazine would publish this?

  • anyone else notice there’s no door to the master bedroom?

    • I noticed that too – although I’m guessing there’s a door before a little walkway/entrance area where the bathroom/closet comes off of?

      I think this place looks great. If I had the money, I’d snatch it up in an instant – the neighborhood is only going to blow up more, and with this place at least you’ve got rental income as well.

  • Do solar panels increase the value of the property?

  • Like: Kitchen, bathrooms, curb appeal

    Hate: ceilings. WTF?

    • +1. Ceilings are SO weird…. coffers, beams, and exposed ductwork? Talk about a stylistic clash. The living room feature wall of salvaged wood is really gnarly, too. Why put that up, not take it down to the floor to surround the fireplace as well, only to have it covered up with a tv?? And like the comments above, I can only imagine the actual size of the other bedrooms… barely 10′-0″ clear in either dimension, I would imagine. Staircase is neat, but the backyard is a little less than desired for that kind of cash.

  • You could make extra money by renting out that back “patio” to a prison movie.

  • So much for a slow spring….. everything listed (yes I know list price doesn’t equate to sale price) has been for a considerable price bump. I’m guessing a quick 5-10% price bump in Logan, U St, and Shaw in 2014. There is NO inventory!!!

  • Is that shower open on both sides? It may look cool, but open showers are COLD once you turn off the water.

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