Good Deal or Not? “completely Renovated large 2 bedroom across from the Zoo” edition

3100 Connecticut Avenue Northwest

This unit is located at 3100 Connecticut Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“Wow !!!!! This completely Renovated large 2 bedroom/2 full bath unit features a new kitchen with Granite and Stainless Steel, custom upgraded bathrooms, new floors, and so much more ……. all at the Garfield – dream location across from the Zoo, steps to great restaurants, shopping, and both the Woodley Park and Cleveland Park Metros”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $560,000 ($528 monthly fee.)

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  • Ah yes, steps away from great restaurants like the Zoo Bar, and uh, the hot dogs and Taquitos available at 7-Eleven. And fabulous shopping at the liquor store and small, old drug store.

    • Seriously? And I’d love to have a Starbucks, bar, 7-11, and liquor store right downstairs. Not having to walk a block to get a latte or bottle of wine is a huge plus in my book. It’s a great place to live in the heart of the city – only 3 blocks form Cleveland Park. The price is ok. I think the going price for a renovated 2 bedroom condo in that part of town is around 500k – 600k.

      • All those things are really great to have right at your door, but to call them great is a stretch.

  • I can’t tell if it’s the camera or angle but that tub looks ridiculously narrow.

    • Well, the tub doesn’t look custom, so it’s probably the angle. It looks like a standard sized tub if not a large one.

  • I live in this building and it is a great building but that is over-priced. Those kitchen cabinets look to be very old in the kitchen, the tubs in this building are extremely narrow, and this unit is next to the laundry room. That being said it is one of the larger units in the building and it doesn’t face CT Ave. The building also just finished a huge renovations project. Only .4 miles to either Woodley or Cleveland Park stations.

  • bathroom shot taken by realtor sitting on the pot!

    the kitchen sink looks ridiculously small.

    definitely not worth it.

  • Renovated? Maybe 15 years ago. This place is about as vanilla as it gets in that neighborhood.

  • All that carpet 🙁

  • Yeah I would not touch that price with a ten foot pole. The bathroom tub looks old, the carpeting is meh (I prefer wood floors), the kitchen cabinets would need to be replaced, no balcony, and the second bedroom is not a bedroom but a glorified den.

    • Yeah, this sounds a little overpriced. Most of these buildings along Connecticut in Woodley Park and Cleveland Park were built in the 20s and most of the units I’ve looked at are extremely small.

  • Bedrooms are small (even the master). The kitchen was redone, except for the upper cupboards. Given the presence of stone rather than Formica, the renovations probably are more recent than 15 years ago. The carpet is a definite negative, but probably cheap to replace.

    It probably is more of a 1 bedroom plus den, which would sell for about 100K or more less. The fee is high for that kind of unit.

  • Looks to be more than $120K above the next highest past sale in that building – for what is a fairly low-budget reno (cheap fixtures, commercial carpet, hollow doors, etc.). Putting a couple dozen square feet of granite in a galley kitchen doesn’t transform this into a half mil unit.

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