Good Deal or Not? “Brilliantly honed 1920s Bungalow” edition (multiple reader request)

4404 Illinois Avenue Northwest

This house is located at 4404 Illinois Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“Brilliantly honed 1920s Bungalow. EVERYTHING is updated, upgraded. Hardwood floors. Wood-burning fireplace. Period moldings. Posh kitchen: stainless steel appliances, gas cooking, neutral quartz, butcher block counters, shaker-style white cabinets. Sep dining rm. Renovated, waterproofed lower level rec room. Deck, fenced back yard off kitchen. Blocks to Petworth metro.”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $600,000.

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  • I want to go to there. Wow. This will go for way over asking. (Right?)

  • This is a steal, and will go for well over asking. Renovated Rowhomes north of here 4 blocks north of here are going for 550,000. This will likely be closer to $750,000 is my guess.

  • Lovely! Now I’m jonesing for a Wall of Closets.

  • Lovely home. But no parking and only 2 baths.

    • One bathroom upstairs to share and one in the basement. I know it’s common in the DC rowhouses, but still irks me. $600K and you have to share one small bathroom…

      • Having grown up in variation on this house, with only 1 and 1/2 baths, this sentiment just seems whiny.

    • Isn’t that pretty standard in the neighborhood? Parking is not difficult around here.

      • I was just thinking of comment that said this can go for close to 750. Seems like a lot if there is no parking and just 2 baths.

        • Maybe. I’m consistently shocked by how much houses on my block are selling for these days, parking or no. Even without central AC!

          I grew up in a house with four adults and three kids and 1.5 baths, so I’m feeling pretty spoiled to have to share my 1 upstairs bath with only one other person. Though someday I am definitely investing in a half bath on the first floor so guests don’t have to go upstairs to pee.

        • Parking is easy in this neighborhood. It is a SFH, in a very sought after corner of the District. It is easy walking distance to the metro, and on a quiet street. Smaller, non-SFHs further north of here are selling for $550.

          Perhaps 750 was a stretch, but I am certain this one goes for over asking.

  • Oh yeah. This will be under contract by Wednesday and for well over ask.

  • Wow, I really like that house. I agree it’s probably underpriced.

  • “Blocks to Petworth Metro…” while true in fact, not so much in spirit. At least 12 blocks, depending on route and how you count diagonals. At 0.7 miles and an estimated 15 minutes walking, this stretches my working definition of “metro accessible”…
    Nice place, though…

    • Agree completely. Technically every address in the District is “blocks from Metro.” Well except along the Potomac River corridor

  • Agreed – this is definitely going to go for over asking

  • I saw this yesterday. It was very, very nice. Big yard! And great location! Buttttttt the bathroom sitch is a major deterrent for me at least. The upstairs bath was incredibly small. Not really ideal for a family. Not much storage on upper levels either. The basement also didn’t have a separate bedroom so if you were to use as au pair suite, it’d be just wide-open space.

  • I live nearby and although we are sad to see this family go, I did think “ka-ching!” when I saw all the yuppie couples looking at it. Wonder what the final sales price will be…

  • I too imagine this will go for above asking. Although, it arguably has several weaknesses that a rationale, non-frenzied potential purchaser would note:

    -Serious lack of storage. There’s not a single closet on the main level. Despite what their doors suggest, two of the three closets on the upper level are half closets (i.e., only about waist height) because they are obstructed by slopes in the roof.

    -The placement of the radiators makes building additional storage space very difficult and also limits the placement of many closet alternatives (e.g., an armoire).

    -Half the “wall of closets” in the basement are mechanical closets (subpump, water heater, furnace) and can’t be used for much else. The other half were clearly built because of the dire storage space on the upper floors. Unfortunately, this wall of closets also completely covers three windows.

    -The owners did a lot to address water problems very, very recently — new subpump, a brand new basement floor, and waterproofing work. The original problems may crop again over time.

    Aside from these issues, well done, but these issues are not insignificant when paying well over $0.5M.

  • if you like this type of house, keep your eye on the Brookland area. lot’s of craftsmen and bungalows over here.

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