From the Forum – Which neighborhood/area do you think could benefit the most from having a gay bar?

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Where do we need a gay bar?

“Hi everyone. I’m looking to open a gay bar in DC. I’m in the research phase and was hoping the PoPville community could assist me. Which neighborhood/area do you think could benefit the most from having a gay bar? I have listed some choices, but please feel free to give me other options. Thanks in advance for your help!

A. H Street
B. Petworth
C. Barracks Row/Eastern Market
D. Columbia Heights”

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  • Petworth

  • It’s got to be H Street. Quite a glaring omission from that strip, IMHO. And much more heavily trafficked than those other areas. Petworth and CoHi are still close enough to the venues on U Street/14th/17th, so you’d still be competing with those places. There’s not really much on The Hill/H Street/NE for the gay community.

    • +1 Couldn’t agree more. H Street NE all the way.

    • Agree. We have such a market for it here, and everyone always has to travel out to NW for it.

    • Third H St! Have been waiting for years for someone to open a gay bar here!

      • Another consideration for H Street NE is that the DC Eagle will be opening on Bladensburg, just across the river. It would be a 5 to 8 minute cab ride from H Street to the Eagle’s new location. I could see a cluster of gay bars opening in the area that would provide a pre-game spot before heading to The Eagle later in the night.

    • H Street x 1,000

  • I’ll throw my two-cents in as a gay woman. In Eastern Market, there’s Phase, but that’s kind of it as far as I know. So as a consumer, my preference would be something in NW (NOT Dupont), like in CoHi or Petworth. There definitely isn’t much that appeals to me as a member of the LGBT community in those areas, and I think they’re still considered “up and coming” so there’s maybe some potential.

  • East Shaw! Considering the large number of gays moving east, it makes the most sense.

    • Agree! Something along Florida Ave NW (east of 7th st NW – there are a couple of large vacant fronts by 3rd/4th St NW (not sure immediately) that would be great! That, or somewhere along 7th St NW if you can afford the higher rents. Though to be honest, I think somewhere along Florida Ave would be better – serve more of eastern Shaw / Bloomingdale that way.

      • that seems like a waste, considering there is already Nellies and Town in that area. additionally DC9 has a couple of gay themed nights that are heavily trafficked.

        • I should have clarified – far enough from Nellie’s/Town, but not so far as to be an “island”. A gay bar/club/lounge would be great on 3rd St NW and Florida Ave NW (there are two properties for rent on the south side of Florida, either side of 3rd St.) It’s close enough to the eastern part of U Street to be easily walkable (so if anyone wants to party-hop between Town/Nellies and this place can easily do so), it’s spitting distance to the Shaw metro, and would serve all of eastern Shaw, Bloomingdale, and Ledroit Park. Flash seems to be doing great at 6th and Florida. If you’re looking at the 7th St Corridor, I would do something a bit closer to the Convention Center – another great spot in my opinion.

          • Also, I wouldn’t worry too much about clustering. The large cluster of restaurants around 14th St. has only helped draw crowds to the area. Sure – you may lose some business to others, but you’ll also gain in overall foot traffic / bar-hop types.

      • East Shaw / Bloomingdale/Le Droit area would be ideal!

      • lovefifteen

        I agree another bar near Nellies and Town would be great. I think gay places are more successful when there are other gay places nearby. It builds some critical mass. It’s gay bars like BeBar (EFN Lounge) that flopped because there was nothing else nearby. Nellies is absurdly overcrowded to the point where gays have spilled over into DC9, making that place a de facto gay establishment. I think you’d do really well to get a gay bar in the area that is a feeder to Flash and Town.

      • Florida Avenue between 3rd and 1st has several spots for rent that would be perfect for a cozy gay bar (cozy is the kind we need, in my opinion). Consider the corner of 3rd and Florida in particular – there are two prime spots right across from one another that are currently for rent. We gays in the Bloomingdale/LeDroit/Shaw area want something nearby, and our ranks grow with every passing day. And it’s even quite close to the H St area, so accessible to a larger crowd as well.

        • Agreed with the votes for Ledroit/Bloomingdale/E. Shaw/N. Cap. E. Shaw/Ledroit is already booming with new bars, etc., so you’d get the foot traffic, or N. Cap might give you the opportunity to be the first stop for people coming from the NE. If you build it, we will come.

    • Agreed. The eastern part of Shaw is where you should open. Maybe 7th Street below Rhode Island Avenue. Or the commercial building on New Jersey and Q, if that has space available. Good luck!

      • Not sure what kind of market research you can do about it, but it seems all of my 20-something gay friends are moving to Bloomingdale. So East Shaw/Bloomingdale would be a good bet, IMO.

      • Second east Shaw – the corner of NJ and Q would be perfect!

        • I support this location since I live right there. Does anyone have an extra liver I can borrow?

    • now eastern Shaw is an idea I can get behind. close enough for folks living out in NOMA and H Street as well.

      • Great point about proximity to NoMa. Once that area is fully filled out, it will be the densest residential area in the city. So while not a “gayborhood” per se, there will be quite a few people to draw in.

  • Definitely somewhere on Georgia Ave in Pleasant Plains / Parkview where a lot of other new spots are starting to open.

  • CoHi/Petworth!

  • Dyke here – we need a good lez bar – like Lipstick Lounge in Nashville. The Phase is stuck in the 80’s – a dive bar – and it’s all we’ve got. Something that wont turn into a dance club – we have plenty of those. Barracks Row or H Street – but that’s just cuz I live this side of CapHill – Good luck!!

    • lovefifteen

      Lipstick Lounge in Nashville is awesome. I love that place! (Gay man here.)

    • +1
      There are more than enough options for guys, nothing for the ladies. And personally, I’m tired of planning my outings around “ladies nights.” Also, the last time I went to Phase, they were charging $4 for bottled water with no other option. Enough to turn me away permanently. Please don’t do that.

      • +1,000,000
        Everything you just said it SPOT ON. Right down to the $4 water. Has no one seen Tabatha Takes Over when she does bars and always yells at them for CHARGING for water?! That’s a big No-No. Also don’t charge me a cover if you’re not offering anything but music and dancing and $4 water.

        I’ll add that a lez club could be just about anywhere in the city and we would come.

        • Why aren’t any lesbians opening a venue like this? Surely gay men can’t be the only ones with the financial means to pull this off. For all the whinging I read online from DC’s lesbians, it’s hard to believe this wouldn’t be profitable.
          Then again, my (un-investigated) guess is that gay men probably drink more and are willing to spend more. Lesbian bars might have a difficult time hitting the numbers to be profitable as stand-alone businesses.

          • justinbc

            I’ve heard pretty much all the same complaints from my lesbian friends. Several of them have even been denied entry into the “male” gay bars. It was kind of surprising to me to hear how segregated the two scenes are, not really seeing it firsthand.

          • I do not know of a single gay bar in DC that would actually deny entry to a lesbian. That is absurd. I have very good lesbian friends and have dragged them kicking and screaming into almost all of the gay bars in DC. Some might feel unwelcome there, but that is a different issue altogether.

            And I would just say that a decade ago when I first went to Phase, I was advised that I had to come with a lesbian and may not be allowed in by myself. Again, no idea if that was actually a policy then or is now, but I respect frankly the idea that a bar generally full of women who like women may not want it invaded by a man, even a gay one. That said, I had fun.

          • There are gay bars that try to exclude women with dress code policies like no heels.

          • justinbc

            @Duponter, it was at Nellie’s, if you must know. And AFAIK Phase One still has the same policy, even if it’s not always enforced.

          • Nellie’s denying entrance to women must be something new? When I was there last summer, the rooftop had at least two or three groups of “bachelorette”-types making lots of noise and being generally annoying. Not only would it be in poor taste for Nellie’s to exclude part of the LGBT community, I’d assume the DC Human Rights office would have something to say about this.

      • +++++1. Sucks that Phase is one of the few options. They’re a rip off money wise. Also, I’ve had (respectful, fun) male friends there with me who have received really surly treatment from the staff. Talk about non-inclusive.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I live up the street from Phase One, and it’s okay, but we could certainly use another place that’s not divey, or doesn’t charge covers, or is open more than 4 days a week! Personally I’d love to have something like the Planet on the L Word (coffee shop by day, loungey lesbian club by night).


  • H Street!! Please! And make it a non-dance club and women friendly!

  • I think somewhere not too far from U street/14th street….maybe Shaw. The gays are concentrated in that area and people will not travel to H street or Eastern Market for just one bar. People like walking to the bars and hopping between restaurants, other bars and clubs. I understand that some gays living in the H street/Eastern Market area would like a gay bar in their neighborhood but I don’t think they will be enough to sustain a business.

    • I don’t think ALL the gays are concentrated in that area… there are plenty of gays from other areas who travel to that area for Nellies/Town.

    • justinbc

      You realize that if the bar is actually a quality one that heterosexual people will go give them business as well, right? I’ve been to Number 9 on multiple occasions because they have great drink specials and play good music. The problem with many of the gay bars in the city is that they’re just shitty, which is why most of my gay friends spend the majority of their time going out to places that don’t label themselves as such.

      • +1. I want an all inclusive place, which leans gay (to filter out the bros, mainly) but is open to all allies or chill people in general.

    • I think the H Street/Capitol Hill area has tons of LGBT people (I can think of several just on my block). And there are plenty east of the river or in the eastern suburbs that would find this part of the city more convenient.

  • Eastern Market has Banana Cafe and the Mill too.

    • Bummer that Blue Banana closed in Petworth… would’ve made for a great gay bar.

    • Banana Cafe isn’t a gay bar. Gay-friendly, sure, but the crowd is very mixed.
      You forgot Remmingtons. I’ve always hoped someone would fix up that place– I think the size and location is perfect for a gay bar but it seriously needs an update.

  • What about Shaw or 14th St NW where all the new development is going on? Although gays live all over the city, there are much larger gay populations in the Logan Circle and U Street areas. I’d try to pic a neighborhood that is more accessible to those places. Gays tend to like going to an establishment in an area that also offers other entertainment choices. It’s nice to be able to bar hop, go to a restaurant, or even head to a club later from that bar.

    Whatever area you choose, please also pay attention to details and what seems to work in DC. I’d poll too to find out what the gays want in another area bar as far as design, seating, drink choices, etc. There’s already a gay bar on 14th near W called MOVA that unfortunately does not draw a crowd.

  • Columbia Hts.!!!! So many gays who dont want to go down the hill. Cool one on 11th to compliment the little places alread there. dont make it loud PLEASE!!! be orginal and make it a less clubby and more sophistcated,

  • H Street!

  • Can’t go wrong with Shaw, CoHi or Petworth

  • DC has the highest percentage of gays per capita in the nation plus the second largest by numbers alone. Doubt any gay bar is gonna have a tough time staying in business in any neighborhood as long as they provide great drinks and a fun atmosphere. The nice thing about the gay scene in DC is that it’s way more progressive in that gays hang out pretty much anywhere and everywhere and don’t need to go to a “gay” bar like other cities. Heck, NY gays don’t even have a bar where they can dance. If you were to ask me what neighborhood needs a gay bar, I’d say Logan needs more. The bars there (gay or straight) are too crowded. We could use a chill type lounge that stays that way instead of becoming an insane hangout.

    • NY gays don’t have a bar where they can dance? What? Double what? Too many gay bars that feature dancing too name, not too mention we can dance wherever we please.

      • Agreed with Pink Crayon. BFF lives in NY. Nope, no gay bars in Manhattan with dancing. Industry is trying. And no gay bars that play hip hop. Shockingly, very segregated there. Oh, and no strip clubs like we got here. They come to DC to see dick. lol

    • +1000. I’m continually shocked by the relative lack of gay bars here when compared to the gay population.

  • Someone upstream made the good point about gay bars doing well around other gay bars, and I think it’s an important one. I think a big component to the success of Nellie’s (and maybe Number 9, as well), is that it’s a popular pregame destination before hitting up a night of dancing at Town. JR’s works the same way for Cobalt – these places do well in clusters.

    I second (third/fourth/wherever we are now) the suggestion of East Shaw. A lot of my gay friends have moved there recently, and I’ve anecdotally noticed the trend that the gayborhood seems to be spreading east, not north, ruling out Columbia Heights and Petworth.

    Still not sure you’d pull a Nellies/Cobalt-sized crowd on H St NE. I think a lot of gay men (can’t really speak for the lez community here) are turned off by some of the other bars/the types of crowds those bars draw.

    • Good point about the H St crowds – the scene is very much bro/brah right now.

    • I disagree that Nellies and JRs are feeder bars to Town or Cobalt. Maybe to some small degree for Nellies/Town. At least on most nights. That might be true for a Saturday. No one needed a feeder bar to drag ass to Nation every Saturday night in Southeast.

      Clustered bars are convenient, no doubt. I miss the days of the “gayborhood.” But I think both JRs and Nellies have a healthy business that has nothing to do with Cobalt or Town.

  • lovefifteen

    Mova, which is just a few blocks north of 14th & U, seems to be relatively empty and unsuccessful. (Perhaps that has changed recently?) A good location won’t be enough to guarantee a successful gay bar. It needs to be a place that people want to visit.

  • with exception of Petworth, I think a gay bar would be great in any of those neighborhoods. Petworth still seems just a bit too quiet. I think H Street would be first choice , given that it has the most thriving nightlife out of the choices. But honestly, anything between 17th street and H Street would do well depending upon the atmosphere.

  • Bloomingdale LeDroit Park, say Rhode Island or Florida, checks the boxes. Maybe Columbia Heights. They are at least a bit of a distance away from the closest competition (Nellies, Town), but still in areas with plenty of gays to keep your business afloat. Sure, H Street sounds like an ideal, but as others have stated… there are not enough gays over there to keep the lights on (just ask Remington’s on the other end of the Hill). The bar hopping thing is also legitimate.

  • There have been some Bear events on H Street that have been popular–so I vote for H street.

  • Cant go wrong with Columbia Heights, so many gays, self included.

  • How about somewhere on N. Capitol? There are a number of places already in development for that strip. It is situated between Bloomingdale and NoMa and rents may be a little cheaper so more money could be spent on the venue than on the rent and it could be a fabulous gay bar.

    • seconding the people who say something right between Bloomingdale and NOMA. I think it’s close enough to draw in crowds from Nellies/Town, but also close to NOMA/H st which is really, really thirsty for a gay bar.

  • I vote H street or Barracks Row…

  • I’d personally vote for Petworth/Park View, since I’m gay and live there, but… wherever you open please keep us posted with the progress! Best of luck!

  • Whatever you do, please keep the straight bachelorette parties out!

    • Denying inclusion to people who don’t fit your personal preferred demographic? How despicably hypocritical of you.

        • Bachelorette parties @ gay bars have been offensive, at least in the past, due to lack of gay marriage rights. Having people constantly come in to have a celebration around something which we aren’t allowed to even partake in ourselves… in our own territory… is just tacky. I don’t think that this = not wanting straight people there at all.

          • There is also the general feeling that somehow gay people are here for your amusement. We’re not. I sort of understood it when Chaos was open and had a drag show to entertain you, but I’m not otherwise here to entertain you.

          • justinbc

            I thought the reasoning behind it was to avoid being harassed by straight men while trying to be out celebrating, not to be “amused” by gay men. I’ve never been a bachelorette though, so who knows. I can see validity in the argument re: marriage inequality and being annoyed that it’s being rubbed in your face, if you will.

          • I don’t think it would be right to exclude them just because you find them annoying, because if that were the test for admittance, 75% of the gay patrons would be denied entry, too.

      • I agree with you for the most part that gay bars should be super inclusive (all bars should be, for that matter). However, a lot of gay bars have taken issue with the many straight bachelorette parties that use them for celebrations, considering they’re celebrating a ritual (marriage) which is still off-limits to most gays in the US (including Virginians, who are certainly part of the crowds at any DC gay bars on a Friday night…and don’t get me started on the hypocrisy of a straight bachelorette party at Freddie’s!).

        • Or how about the fact that the bachelorettes are generally going to be drunk, loud, and annoying. I’m over taking offense at the tacky marriage show, now I just want my local bar to be a chill place to hang out without being spilled on.

      • Until we get full equality, we do what we want. The oppressed do not have to cater to the oppressor. Sorry, boo.

    • Seriously. This is a legit concern.

    • @ Anonymous “Whatever you do, please keep the straight bachelorette parties out!”
      AMEN!! and +1,000

    • So you’re saying that you support discriminating against people based on their orientation?

      • thats not what they said.

        • Most bachelorette parties are annoying to gay men. We don’t want a group of straight women grabbing our asses, touching our chests, asking us to kiss each other cause “it’s so hot!”, or doing any number of tacky, bizarre things in their presence just because they want to be entertained for the night. If they want to come in to drink, have fun…but be respectful, I have no issues with that. Unfortunately that’s not what happens 99% of the time.

  • I think East Shaw would be the best. Somewhere near Big Bear, Red Hen. Lots of gays in that area. As a gay man, I would not go over to H Street just to go to one bar.

    • justinbc

      Couldn’t someone living on H Street say the same thing about traveling to “East Shaw”? And aren’t those restaurants in Bloomingdale?

  • Barrack’s Row/Eastern Market, definitely. The reason why Remington’s is empty is because it sucks and has no idea what it wants or is trying to be, I think a nice, solid gay bar in this area would be a big draw

  • Lesbian here. Honestly, if someone would open a nice lesbian/gay bar that does not turn into a dance club I will be there no matter the neighborhood. Not a dancer unless its a wedding and copious amounts of liquor are involved. A place where you can have a nice glass of wine (in a real glass) or decent beer (not in a plastic cup) with good music (not edm) would be ideal. If I had my choice, H Street! Full disclosure I live close by.

    • lots of lesbians in that area, also, so I think it would do well. I would love a very chill, laid-back bar. I would want it to be inclusive of gay men as well, but definitely a different atmosphere than say a Town, Nellies or Phase.

    • The problem with what you’re describing is that you’re not spending enough money if you’re just going there to grab a glass of wine. Not with boom town real estate prices. You could get that in 100 different places in DC. The business won’t thrive if you’re there for a quiet glass of wine and it’s pulling an exclusively lesbian crowd.
      Dancing/music = cover charge + lots of drinks (you buying for others, others buying for you, lots of flirting, etc).
      I think that might explain the dearth of lesbian bars in DC. They really need to somehow make more money.

      • What I would love so hard is a coffee shop/wine bar by day/early evening, maybe with live music, turned into a bar with some dancing at night. I think this would help it pull in more $/different types. Also there is just nothing like that right now.

      • I love the idea of it being a coffee shop or restaurant during the day. I like dancing myself, and my favorite nightclub model is where there’s dancing in one room and a quieter atmosphere with couches in another (ideally a patio or roofdeck too!). I would have no problem paying a cover and spending a lot on drinks if there was a lesbian bar like that.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Petworth/Park View/Col Heights area!

  • I would also echo the Cohi/Petworth comments. These areas would serve a distinct neighborhood from the Nellie’s 9th/U area, but also be close enough to draw people from Shaw, Bloomingdale, U Street, etc. Also, there are new places starting to open up on Georgia Ave in Park View and (that being my hood) I would totally love you to open there!

    • i disagree, i feel like bars up there are pretty much neighborhood places rather than destinations. columbia heights and petworth are pretty far north and not as easily acccesible or walkable compared to places like Bloomingdale, Shaw, U Street, and Logan which are more or less all in a line.

  • Pet worth. Plus also rebrand mova already!

  • I vote Petworth, since you asked which neighborhood could benefit the most. It is an area that has very few bars to begin with, but is growing quickly. I also think that the Petworth would provide your bar with the most opportunity, as there is not currently a gay bar nearby. It could be a great way to quickly make a name for your bar rather than being ‘just another gay bar near Nellie’s’. Either way, good luck with your new business! Do you have a name for it yet so we can look out for it?

  • Gay guy here – I vote Petworth! 🙂

  • Have we truly totally abandoned Dupont? Sad. Do not leave me here with all of these 25 year old white girls. PLEASE!!!!

    • Ahhh- poor thing. But you know how it goes- we move in, fix the neighborhood up until its fabulous then there they come, baby carriages, flip flops and Yoga Wear in tow…and we depart.
      Hang in there! They’re still following us so once they leave Dupont- we’ll come back.

  • Definitely Columbia Heights. Lots of gays in the neighborhood and great transportation ( metro, circulator) for people in nearby neighborhoods. It’s also far enough from other gay bars that it won’t be in direct competition.. The key is to find a place with outside space and not pretentious.

  • CoHi–11th Street corridor please!!

  • I agree with those who say Shaw or Convention Center area. Would be a great addition. Good luck!!

    • A definite no to the Convention Center area. The last thing we as gay DC residents need is a gay bar full of peering tourist bros and gurls.

  • I’ve got a Gay Bar for sale. 2214 Rhode Island Ave NE
    What do you think of Woodridge?

  • Barracks Row would be my first choice because I live here and we seem to have more than enough gays and lesbians to support it. But H Street would probably make more sense. How about one in each? 😉

  • I live a block from Nellies. I often think I am the only straight man in my neighborhood when walking around. Not just on going out nights…any time of the day. I think if you want to be instantly profitable the area around Nellies or down the Florida corridor would offer a great crowd of nearby people already going out to similar attractions. If you wanted to pioneer the gay scene in an area I would suggest H street. But many of your potential clients have stated an unwillingness to travel to a single oasis bar within a desert.

    • but I lived over there before Nellie’s and before there were many gay people… and people trekked there enough to make it popular once it opened.. so….

  • I’m hoping that gay bars are a thing of the past. I think we just need more casual neighborhood bars in Petworth where everyone is comfortable being who they are.

    • …which is exactly the purpose served by many/most gay bars. As a straight male, I’ve never felt unwelcome at a gay bar. (Though, the geezers parked at Fireplace seemed to be particularly rowdy ;-), but I think that was largely a function of the large age differential.)

    • + all the numbers.

  • Whatever you do, don’t assume a “build it and they will come” attitude. Also, don’t assume just because you’re in a popular area that the gays will come… Go to MOVA, study it carefully, do the opposite of whatever they’re doing. I have no idea why it’s always empty, I try to go but I don’t like being 1 of 3 people, or less, in an entire bar. Good Luck! I suggest H Street and I don’t even live there, I live really close to MOVA actually.

  • I endorse Columbia Heights and Petworth. Isn’t the space above Meridian Pint still available>

  • 1. Somewhere within walking distance of Nellies/Town is probably the best place. Nellies is packed most of the time, and, unfortunately, has started playing REALLY LOUD music–so loud that is it impossible to have a conversation. Thus many people would like an alternative hereabouts. You might be able to find something where 7th becomes GA Ave, just above U and around the corner from Town.

    2. Study Number 9 vs MOVA. Number 9 is near a lot of stuff, so that people can “stop off” there on the way to somewhere else. #9 is also kinda cozy, with leatherette seating and fireplace upstairs. THis is important–they have seating which is raised so that you can SIT and converse with someone standing next to you. I hate JR’s for many reasons–one of which is that there is never any place to sit. On the occasions I have been to MOVA, it has been loud. I have heard comments from people that it looks “cheap.” I think maybe it is trying awfully hard to look “modern and chic” which may come off as “spartan and cheap.” It’s location seems a bit out of the way, though. On the other hand, I regularly go to Duplex which is quite a schlepp from my house.

    3. Study Duplex Diner–this place does a great business. There is plenty of seating. It is not trying to be “cool.” The layout is such that there is plenty of room to move around. AND you can order a snack at the bar, if you want. In order to differentiate yourself a bit, you might want to do something like serve some kind of food or “snacks.” If people can order some food at the bar, they may be in less of a hurry to leave in order to have dinner somewhere else.

    As much as I love H Street, I’m not sure a lone gay bar over there would do very well. I think a “Duplex Diner” type place somewhere not too far from Nellies/Town would probably take off.

    • Couldn’t agree more with the point about Duplex. This is my favorite bar in the city because the bartenders are friendly, it’s a chill atmoshpere, and it’s not crazy busy – despite the fact that their drinks are a little more expensive than other places. I would love to see a place like this open up in the Bloomingdale/Eckington/N Capital area. The real estate in that area is absolutely on fire and a large number of the folks moving over there are gays. If you could open a place like Duplex and with a nice outdoor space in that neighborhood then you would have something really good going!

  • These types of businesses are basically just agents of gentrification. Next thing you know these bars will start opening in Ward 8. It’s all part of The Plan.

  • neither place maybe atlanta

  • I would agree with Petworth/CoHi. Super cheap cab, bus or metro ride back down to U St and that area for those bar hoping.

  • Columbia heights. So many gays and very accessible.

  • i feel like many neighborhoods would be well served by a gay bar. but it really depends on the type. seedy hookup joint? leather? really depends on what it is.

    i honestly think west of the park might be a good option.
    but if i were to open a gay bar, i’d avoid h, columbia heights, or the hill. look to georgia between howard and the petworth metro.

    again, it really depends on what kind of bar you want.

  • yes, 17th street is probably coming to it’s end. Stick to Shaw. You have Town nearby as a destination and you can be the pregame. You have Nellies for competition but they are so LOUD lately people are slowly starting to not go. DJ Madsocks is awful. Personally I would like to see another lounge that is comfortable. Cluster for shizzle.

  • Thank you for all your comments. If anyone is so inclined to share additional feedback, advice, etc I am happy to hear anything and everything. I just submitted my request to register my business name. Once that gets approved I can share the name. I’m still at the very early stages of this process and have an anticipated opening in fall of 2015 assuming all goes well.

    [email protected]

    • Hope our comments have been helpful! And thank you for considering neighborhoods that are currently lacking in gay bars.

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