From the Forum – Looking for Parking Spots, Homes for Older Cats and Intensive Spanish Lessons

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Parking Euclid Street:

“Hello Everyone. We are in the process of renting a rowhouse on the 1100-1200 block on Euclid St. NW. We are in search of 2 parking spots near the house since it doesnt have any. Would anyone know of somebody that has availability or suggestions nearby?”

Two well-behaved but older cats need a new home:

“My friend Jim is moving to China to teach English. This is the only job he’s found after two years of looking. He needs to find a home for Barron and Pepper, his two 7-year old cats before he leaves. Please help. Barron and Pepper are brother and sister. They have been indoor cats their entire lives. Both have been raised their entire lives to know flat out, no scratching or biting period, no excuses, though sometimes Personality wise, Barron is a big, fluffy frat boy type, loves to get his belly rubbed, very affectionate, likes attention and nice people.

Pepper is a little bit of a spicy bitch and she will talk back or complain when you tell her to go to her room, and she is not the biggest fan or her brother, but they have never been apart so I am not sure how they would react to being separated. She is petite, very, very cute, and loves to sit at your feet and rest her head on your leg while you pet her. She also has a little “prayer” thing she does, not sure what it means, but its cute.”

Intensive Spanish Language Lessons:

“Does anyone have recommendations for intensive and affordable Spanish language classes in the DC area? I have beginner Spanish speaking skills, but would like to learn a lot more, but over only a couple months.

I also need something that is not self-run like Rosetta Stone.”

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  • For Spanish classes, check out Spanish Blackbelt. I used them over the last year to get back into speaking and learning the last bits of grammar and advanced tenses that I never got to in school. I really liked that it was almost entirely an immersive experience and that the class sizes are TINY – my first class was me and one other student with our instructor, and the second class was just me and the instructor. They run about the same price as USDA classes (about $400 per semester) but go a little shorter (meeting for 2 hours each week for 8 weeks). I really, really enjoyed my experience with them especially because you really get to know your instructor and just speak Spanish for 2 hours straight. There’s no better way to learn!

  • For parking – I live in that neighborhood and street parking is really easy, I’ve never had my car f’ed with or anything in 5 years (*knocks wood*). Otherwise I think DCUSA does monthly parking for a fairly reasonable rate.

  • i’ve now found two parking spaces through craigslist. i suggest trying that

  • For parking- there is a small lot on the south side of Euclid between Georgia and Shermsn. The sign says they rent spaces- so you might want to check that out.

  • for Spanish lessons!! It’s the new language learning program from a local DC company associated with the very popular Try it out!!

  • for Spanish lessons!! It’s the new language learning program from a local DC company associated with the very popular Try it out!!

  • For Spanish classes – Global Language Network! You pay $200 upfront, $150 of which is refundable as long as you attend at least 10 out of the 12 sessions. They have several course levels.

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