From the Forum – Crossing for visually impaired street sign? and Disposing of deck demolition materials

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Crossing for visually impaired street sign?

“I live near a pretty busy intersection in Columbia Heights. While most surrounding intersections are equipped with crosswalk signals, this one is set up as a 4-way stop. Not surprisingly, drivers often blast through the stop and it is a rather precarious area for crossing pedestrians as a result.

The other day, I was approaching the intersection when I noticed a visually impaired gentleman attempting to cross the road. Despite that he was clearly impaired, cars continued to hastily pass through the intersection, making him apprehensive to proceed. I helped him to cross, and have actually seen him a few times since, and I believe he lives just a few houses down from the crossing in question. So my question is, who can I contact about having a “blind pedestrian crossing” sign or something of that nature installed at the intersection? Any leads would be greatly appreciated!”

Disposing of deck demolition materials:

“I am planning to demolish a wooden deck in my backyard. It is beginning to rot and I believe it is built with pressure treated lumber. I have looked at the rules for Fort Totten transfer and don’t see any list that would allow disposal of wooden deck waste which would probably be classified construction debris. Does anyone know how I can dispose of the semi hazardous pressure treated wood waste responsibly and at minimal expense?”

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  • I have dropped a fair amount of leftover debris from various home improvement projects (including lumber) at Ft Totten and never had any problems. I suspect that they have the rule about construction debris to make sure actual contractors pay for dumpsters, but if you look like a homeowner they won’t give you any trouble. Plus just about everyone I see there looks like they are in fact contractors dumping construction debris.

  • You can fit an amazing amount into a Bagster. That’s what we did with our old deck.

    • +1 If you can fit it. Note that there are clearance requirements for the pickup truck (which uses a crane), that can make alley access tough or impossible.

  • Wait – I did a lot of renovation work in my house and brought muliptle U-Hauls full of materials to the Fort Totten transfer station! I never had a problem, they check your DC license, but most of the time they didn’t ask or look at what was in the truck. I think I always said it was ‘debris from my house.’ I think you should be allowed to do that, I saw a lot of pick-ups and u-hauls getting rid of construction debris there.

  • Don’t you have any junk removal companies in your area on which you can rely upon debris removal? I live in Toronto near Yonge Street and we rely upon junk it( junk removal company in our area fro removing semi hazardous material and all other kind of debris removal. They are kind of reasonable and we can get rid of junk without any effort.

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