From the Forum – Central Air Conditioning Installation and Creative Rehearsal Space

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Central Air Conditioning Installation:

“Does anyone know what cost estimates would be to install central a/c in a 1200 sq ft row home? Obviously prices will vary depending on layout, duct work, etc., but I am trying to get potential ranges of cost, even if the range is huge.”

Creative Rehearsal Space in Petworth?

“I have a small theater company that is producing a play this summer in a Petworth bar. We would love to keep the rehearsals in Petworth as well so the cast and crew will learn the neighborhood and frequent the bars. I’m looking for creative suggestions for free or reasonably priced rent-able spaces (unfortunately, my house is not quite big enough). Anyone have any ideas?”

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  • There was a brief chat about Spacepak last week. Prices were around $18-19K for a 1500 square foot house, so you’re probably looking at slightly less than that.

  • We installed a spacepak about 4 years ago in a 1800sf 4 story house (technically only 3 stories installed, since we skipped the basement). It was just over 19K. Best investment ever.

  • gotryit

    For central AC, $10-$20k, probably over $15k

  • Practice space – all the Libraries have space you can reserve, same for the Rec Centers – some larger than others if you’re willing to practice in another neighborhood

    • Practice space – I would try the Raymond recreation center in Petworth. You can also reach out to Teatro de La Luna on Georgia Ave and Taylor. The owner is super nice and you might be able to work something out with him. Let us know about the play so we can check it out.

  • For a rehearsal space try Bloombars (between Wonderland and Room 11). I know they have a meditation group and some other people that use the space when Bloombars isn’t doing their scheduled activities.

  • This past fall i installed a high velocity AC system (not spacepak but i can’t remember the name right now) in a 1300 sq ft, 3 BR home for $19K, used SILA. Went with the high velocity system because I didn’t want to have the duct work cutting up the rooms of my house, happy with that decision.

  • I would definitely look into a split-system – or zoned system – not sure what it’s called. I have a 4 story row house with HVAC in the basement and in summer to keep the 3rd floor comfortable, the 1st & 2nd floors are freezing.

  • We also used SILA for our high velocity system in our Petworth rowhouse last spring. It came in about 17k. We got bids from a few other places for similar systems and all were in general around the 15-17k range.

    We did not do the AC in the basement but have found that it general stayed cool in there in the summer and pretty warm in the winter. We have a space heater in the winter that does a decent job too.

  • We had a duct system (not spacepak) installed in our 1700 sq ft rowhouse in 16th St. Heights for about $15k. That doesn’t include boxing off your ducts with frame and drywall. Argent did ours. Works great.

  • No need to do A/C in the basement unless you’re hosting raucous parties with lots of people in the middle of summer.
    In my old beat-up Dupont row house, the basement was consistently the (1.) coolest room in the summer and (2.) the toastiest room in the winter. It’s been the same in every basement I’ve been to in DC. In fact, if you’re renting a basement apartment and the owner is demanding money for heat and A/C, you’re getting ripped off as the basement self-regulates.

    • Yeah right….Once ground gets cold the basement is pretty. Much an ice box until spring. I do agree that the basement is cooler in summer and a nice fan will keep good circulation.

  • During the process of a whole house renovation to a 1200 sqft rowhouse we had central HVAC with furnace and air handler in basement and the condenser put on the roof, and enclosed ducting with vents along first floor ceiling and second floor floor grates for 11,000. But that cost was as a part of a much larger job so is pretty certainly lower than what a standalone installation would cost.

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