Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Adams Morgan

2301 Champlain Street Northwest

This rental is located at 2301 Champlain Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Chic city living – modernistic warehouse style condo in Adams Row w/ private entrance & assigned parking spot. Spacious 2br, 2 ba w/ open living/dining/kitchen w stainless steel appliances. Loft style design ~ high ceilings w/ exposed ductwork, gorgeous hardwood floors, washer/dryer.Freshly painted. Pet friendly building. All this & a great location in the heart of Adams Morgan!”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $2,500/Mo.

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  • Is it me or does this seem suspiciously cheap? What’s the catch? Is it built over an old cemetery or something?

    • Champlain is a much worse location than it might seem… You’ve got high crime areas immediately to the east, and the mess that is 18th Street on the weekends immediately to the west.

      • high crime areas immediately to the east? please.

      • Oh, please. I live on Champlain, and apart from a bit of noise on Friday and Saturday nights when the drunkards come back to collect their cars, it is a great street to live on.

        So which part of the Palisades do you live in? With a comment like that, I assume that’s where you live.

  • What’s the catch? I’d expect a new 2BR/2BA in that location to go for more than that.

    • It’s not new. That building is more than ten years old, I think. But still seems like a good deal for the location, which is very good. That building has some units that are partially underground. I wonder if that explains the price.

  • Oh man, they are not charging enough for that place! If I weren’t locked in, I would jump at this apartment

  • Maybe the fabled pipeline of new projects is finally driving prices down. Private owners would be more price sensitive and willing to lease it out.

  • Seems like a fair price. From looking at the pics I think the catch is that its sub ground level and I would guess one of the bedrooms is windowless. Not to mention small. This is the same square footage as my one bedroom apartment.

    • It’s worse. The below ground apts in this building have floor to ceiling windows that are inches from the sidewalk. I walk by often and always wondered how much they could charge for these places.

      You will literally have drunk people stumbling on the sidewalk just outside your window, and about 5 feet from your bed.

      Good place for a couple of 22 year olds at that price.

  • You can see from pic #3 of the livingroom that it’s one of the below ground apartments. That explains the price.

  • It’s a little smaller than my 1 BR too, which also makes me wonder whether the second BR is actually a den.

    • 840 square feet probably means that at least one bedroom is smallish, but not ridiculously so. When I had a one-bedroom that was 750 square feet, it was way bigger than I needed. If your one-bedroom is more than 840 square feet, it’s a VERY large one-bedroom.
      I saw one bedroom with a white Roman shade over what I presume was a window and one bedroom with a window with the outdoors visible through it. So unless the Roman shade was a decoy, I’d guess both bedrooms do in fact have windows. But if the windows look out onto the sidewalk, their value may be debatable.

  • Nice storage space but they don’t show the living space, which I’m guessing is small.

    The subground floor location and the square footage explain the price. Might be good for someone who works nights in a hospital, though and wants to sleep during the day and often misses out on late nights. Not a good fit with DC’s 9-5 world. You probably could find a 2 bed room “English Garden” that would be better value.

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