Four Stabbings Reported by MPD Overnight – Suspect in Custody for One Incident

From @DCPoliceDept:

“7D Stabbing- 2250 hrs, 3500 blk 22nd St SE”

“3D Stabbing_0020 hours_1000 7th Street NW_Suspect in Custody

“1D Stabbing_0315 hours_900 block of F Street, NW_No lookout”

“5D Stabbing/ Robbery -1600 blk NY Ave NE. LOF: 2 B/M’s S-1 jkt w/fur collar/ S-2 jeans, blk coat”

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  • People really ought to learn to resolve their differences more amicably.

  • But I thought chief Lanier said violent crime is down? Now we are at double the amount of homicides compared to last year and we get to read about stabbings every morning.

    • Haven’t you seen The Wire? The cops manipulate the data. A murder becomes a suicide. A homicdie becomes an accidental death… At least in the final report. There is a reason crime was one of the #1 issues on the PoP mayoral poll. Yet I don’t hear Gray, Bowser or anyone else even talking about it? I encourage everyone to email or call your city council person. Columbia Heights is Jim Graham. Petworth is Muriel Bowser. Also the mayors office. This is ridiculous.

  • 6 homicides since Thursday, what is going on in DC these days with all the killings??’

  • This all brings me to tears…

  • dc is starting to feel like the late 80’s & early 90’s again when the city was know as the murder capital

    • I can only assume you didn’t live here then. Or even in the early 00s.

    • No, it’s really not. I don;t mean to minimize, because there’s way too many killings, but it’s nothing at all like the late 80’s/early 90’s. There’s been 25 homicides in two months, which works out to 150 per year. There were 482 homicides in 1991.

  • Quite a stabby last 12 months we’re having. On the plus side, there isn’t usually much collateral damage in stabbings, unlike shootings.

  • Let’s all take a deep breath and remember average housing prices in DC are projected to be $965,000 shortly. Everyone can refinance, take the cash and build build security walls around their houses. Or better yet, pool their cash and build a wall around their neighborhoods to keep the riffraff out. And voila, a jobs creation bonanza for DC: security guards! Not so bad, eh?

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