Flowers Return to Dupont North Metro – the Rogue Gardener or WMATA?

dupont metro gardner

Thanks to [email protected] for tweeting us:

“Hey! Is the Dupont Circle rogue gardener back? @PoPville or is #wmata prettying the place up?”

In October The Post reported:

“After July, he said, “I needed artistic closure.”

That closure wound up being a merger of performance art, civil disobedience and fodder for a bunch of strangers to have an impromptu Sunday chat about government power and the need for unexpected beauty… a 6-by-6-by-4-foot boxlike artwork, which was covered with quotes about the July flower standoff.”

In August DCist reported:

“Michael McBride, head of Metro’s Art in Transit program, said the daffodil bulbs planted by Docter attracted rodents. Instead, Pachysandra will be planted and repairs will be made to the pavers beginning in two weeks.”

Hmm in the photo above it looks like more daffodils but since the original guy got closure, I’m guessing it’s either a copycat or WMATA reassessed the danger of daffodils.

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  • Note, squirrels and other rodents do not eat daffodil bulbs.

  • It’s likely WMATA. They usually plant daffodils in those planters.

  • Unless WMATA dug up the bulbs, they would return on their own: flowering bulbs regenerate from year to year.

  • Daffodil bulbs are poisonous. Nothing eats them. That’s why you see big patches of them wild in the woods– deer and squirrels and everything else leaves them alone!
    Oh, and PSA: The stems are mildly poisonous, too, even to themselves. So if you want to keep cut daffodils in a vase, change the water every day!

  • Why would you plant an invasive ground cover like Pachysandra in those little squares?

  • It might be him. I am on his e-mail list and recently got an email about his next mission. He planned three after the hullabaloo the first time.

    #1 was the sign he hung.
    So this may be #2.

    How awesome (:

  • Hoping that either WMATA or the rogue gardener keep at it. I was always amazed that such an incredible metro station with the way it decends up to the street level was never celebrated and beautified more. Glad to see that others are passionate about this. On a seperate note, I wish others would become passionate about the tree boxes too. I’ve let a few restaurants know that I won’t be coming back to their establishment until they at least clean up the weeds and trash in the tree boxes in front of their outdoor dining space. What an amazingly beautiful city we could have if just a little bit of TLC were put forth.

  • I would just point out that regardless of your views on the rogue gardener, WMATA recently renovated all of this and so even if they had allowed him to plant earlier, it would have all been likely torn up so they could refresh the brick/mortar of all of the planters.

    I think I have lived in the area now 8 years or more and have never seen anything in these planters but Daffodils. I didn’t notice WMATA dig up the planters when they were renovating the bricks, so perhaps the bulbs just reflower each year.

    I think the idea with the pachysandra is to make it look more like a green space.

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