Farmers Market News: Petworth moving to Saturdays 9am-1pm starting May 3rd and Dupont Circle hours increase to 9am-2pm Starting April 6th

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“MARK YOUR CALENDAR – PCM which operates between Upshur & 9th at Georgia Ave will become a Saturday market beginning May 3 to October 25, 2014 from 9am-1pm

Petworth Community (Farmers) Market (PCM) moves to Saturdays. Let’s support its Annual Fun-Raiser on April 16th for a Great Cause! Join PCM for a fun night and great cause at Chez Billy – 3815 Georgia Ave NW, on Wednesday, April 16 from 6:30-9:30 pm. Buy Tickets in Advance or at the door Online.”

and Dupont Circle [20th St. NW between Massachusetts Ave. and Connecticut Ave] hours are currently Sundays, 10 am to 1 pm (Jan. through Mar. 2014) but will increase to Sundays, 9 am to 2 pm (April 6th through Dec. 2014).

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  • Dupont’s new spring hours go into effect on Sunday, April 6th!

  • Psyched! Have lived in the Petworth area for two summers but never checked out the farmer’s market, because that is just not a Friday night activity for me. Looking forward to being a Saturday regular.

  • So glad to see Petworth farmers’ market move to Saturday. I will definitely be going more often.

  • So now Petworth, Columbia Heights, Mt Pleasant, and 14th & U are all at the same time? That’s not especially useful. They should have changed to Sunday.

    • I’m curious to see how this affects the vendors who attend. Friday afternoon/evening was kind of unique, and probably gave us a better selection than we might otherwise get. Saturday is prime time for a lot of these out of town farmers. While I love our hood, I can’t blame anyone for choosing somewhere bigger/more popular instead.

      • A farm doesn’t necessarily have to choose between market farmers. Can’t they just bring a ton of produce and multiple people to work each stand, so they can be at multiple markets at once. This might help improve selection because a vendor can just bring a few extra people to add a stand at Petworth if they are going to be at the CH, MtP, or U St market anyway instead of having to make a special trip just for Petworth.

      • The best vendor from past years wasn’t at the Petworth market last year, so I think any change would be good. It was always a small market, but with the biggest (and by far the cheapest) produce stand gone, last year left something to be desired.

        • The Hispanic guy? Loved him! We definitely need more produce vendors, though I loved the Gone Greens folks.

    • There is a church at the corner of Taylor and 9th that pretty much uses every single parking space on 9th so Sunday’s are not feasible.

  • @jcm how many markets do you need to go to? I think the idea is to support your local market and Saturday is a much better time slot.

    • I don’t need to go to many on any given day, which is why I’m not thrilled about yet another Saturday market in the neighborhood. If I want to shop on Friday night I have no options. If I want to shop on Sunday I have to go out to Bloomingdale or Dupont. On Saturday, there’s now going to be 4 markets within about a mile of my house, which is about two or three more than I need.
      I understand they all want to be open on Saturdays, but this decision means I’ll never shop there. I hope it works out for them, because I really do like the market, it’s just personally disappointing.

  • THANK GOODNESS. I always want to attend the Petworth market but there’s just no way for me to get there after work almost every Friday. A Saturday market will do SO much better.

  • This is great! I work late on Fridays and was never able to go to the Petworth one, now I can stroll down there with kids and coffee on the way to the new yoga studio, yay Petworth.

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