End of an Era Vol. 7 – Pour House Closing at the end of April on Capitol Hill


From an email:

“As some of you have now heard, we want to confirm that the Pour House and Top of the Hill are closing at the end of April. We couldn’t have asked for a better ride and we want to express our sincere gratitude to the neighbors, patrons and staff who have become our extended family over the past 11 years. While our decision was a difficult one, we look forward to remaining a part of the Capitol Hill and DC community through Trusty’s and Star & Shamrock, and the soon-to-open Barrel and Compass Rose.

With that being said, we’ll save the goodbyes and salutations for a bit later—we still have a month and half left and we’re looking forward to one last March Madness and a great sendoff in April. More details about upcoming events will follow shortly.

Mark and Mike”

Ed. Note: The most recent long time Capitol Hill watering hole to close was Li’l Pub on Jan. 6th.

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  • That is pretty sad. Pour House and Top of the Hill were always good times—Trusty’s sucks and is so far east on Penn ave–that I am surprised people go.

    I wonder what will happen what will happen to that space now that they are leaving….????……

  • I’m so upset about this! Pour House was my favorite neighborhood bar–not too loud, decent prices and beer selection, and it wasn’t overrun with obnoxious people.

  • RIP – Back when a couple of my good friends lived on the Hill we’d always catch a day of college basketball conference tournament games there, as well as a ya or two of March Madness. That was many years ago, but I thought it was a very solid sports bar.

  • Uh-oh – does this mean there will be bar-less rugby teams roaming Capitol Hill loking for a beer?

  • Pardon my french but FUCK!!! I always enjoyed going there to watch college football or catch a Steelers game that wasn’t on TV. Probably is going to be replaced by an overpriced watering hole with craft beers and/or small plates .

  • So where is a Gator supposed to watch football now?!


  • I wonder what’s up with all these places closing on the Hill… just your regular business turn-over, or is there a lack of demand?

    • justinbc

      It does seem like an alarming number in the past 2 years or so. Maybe the demographic is shifting away from “watering hole” to something more demanding.

    • I think it is the demographics – it sucks though, I will really miss this bar

    • My guess is that 10 year leases are up and owners are demanding steep rent increases. Which makes sense, as groups of buildings in a neighborhood probably run on similar leasing schedules.

  • Personally, I am glad this place is closing. Of all the watering holes on PA Avenue, this one was the worst.

    I went there for happy hour and a bite to eat one weekday a few weeks ago, my bill came out to nearly $100. Prices were unreasonably high for a watering hole and the quality of the bartenders and food left much to be desired.

    That being said, I hope whatever replaces it does not flip the place over like the hawk & dove abomination. This city needs more ACTUAL watering holes and dive bars, fewer places like the redone hawk and dove.

    • Hmmm, I got a pretty good happy hour deal the other night. $3 Shocktops and $5 Svedka drinks all night, unlike the bs hh deals that end at 7pm, too early for me to ever get there after work. Old Hawk and Dove was the worst, or at least the smell was, and 18th Amendment wasn’t much of an improvement. Pour House was a decent dive and Top of the Hill was pretty comfy and decent too. I’m sad to see it go and hope this doesn’t mean Tune Inn is going to get even more crowded.

      • I would not call $5 svedkas a good deal and nobody with any self respect drinks shock tops.

        Old Hawk and Dove was fantastic, smell and all. One of the first bars I ever went into in DC and actually thought that I could actually drink there for more than an hour without wanting to kill myself.

        • It’s a good deal considering the dearth of happy hours on the Hill and that it went all night long. And I don’t consider $1 off a beer a deal.

  • Sure to be replaced by some bullshit small plate/$15 cocktail place that all the newbs will line up around the block for. I do not like what DC is becoming.

    • I couldn’t agree more. If only more regular bars would open up. Everything here is becoming completely ridiculous and, more importantly, not even that good. High prices, mediocre quality. Yawn. Give me more bars where I can get reasonably priced beers and great bar food, like every other major city has.

      • baltimore.
        for now.

        • Please, Baltimore? Baltimore is like the circus. It sounds like a good idea to go, but then once you’re there for about 20 minutes you realize why it’s been so long since you’ve last been there, so you swear it off forever.

          but then some ‘friend’ you secretly hate convinces you to take a trip up there. The last visit was so terrible that you blocked it out of your memory but the pain resurfaces as soon as you glimpse the aquarium again and you shriek in horror at its sight.

          repeat cycle.

        • justinbc

          Having to spend money on gas and a hotel completely negates the value of having cheap pours.

        • Oh, believe me, if I could find a job in Baltimore, I would’ve moved there yesterday.

    • yup, preach

  • this sucks! at least we still have capitol lounge….

  • I will never forget Thursday’s $1 beer night at the Pour House!

  • i remember when this place was Jenkins Hill. crappy shitty cheap pool hall.
    i preferred that to the pour house.

  • What is the story with Compass Rose. It seems to be very slow in opening. I love Georgian food.

  • MF! Now where am I going to down pitchers with my bocce team…arghhh

  • I think the Pour House location like the old 18th amendment location has been a bar under various names for years. They don’t indicate that someone else has lined up to take over but it wouldn’t surprise me that someone would take it over – rename/retheme/redecorate to millennial taste and make it a bar with craft beers they charge an am and a leg for.

    I think I only went once – I am not a bar person – but I do prefer the casual, nonpretentious environment of places like that but the newer generation doesn’t seem to as much – or at lest the people developing the projects don’t think they do.


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