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  • Aw! Poor little guy. I don’t know him, but I’ll forward it on to my condo listserv.

  • Looks like this guy was recently groomed. Suggest contacting DC WHS for a missing dog report and/or seeing if this cute little guy has a micro chip. Good luck!

  • BTW, any Vet or adoption facility can do the micro-chip scan.

  • epric002

    shared with lost and found dogs DC metro on facebook.

  • It kind of looks like a dog from a house on NH near corner of Buchanan, but that seems kind of far. I’ll see if I can ask him in the morning if his dog is missing.

    • We must be neighbors. I had the same thought that the dogs looked similar, but 8th & Farragut would be pretty far.

  • Uhhhhh why is the mouth all bloody?

    • It’s probably not – lots of dogs with white fur get reddish stains around their eyes/mouths from oxidization of their saliva and tears. That is all this looks like =)

  • I live at 9th and Farragut and have seen that dog wandering the neighborhood on and off for two years. He lives somewhere nearby.

  • This dog is Marty! Still missing? I know his home.

  • Nevermind. Just checked with his owner and not Marty.

  • That might be Fifi. 8th and Crittenden. She’s a wanderer.

  • I’ll take him if the owner doesn’t show up. So adorable!!!

  • Please let me know if you can’t find the owner. I would love to foster this little one until we can fine his people,mi have one shih tzu and she’d love to host a friend.

  • I still have this dog in my care. He is a Lhasa Apso. Seeking a longer term foster situation. I took him to DC shelter to report him as a missing dog. No microchip. He is not neutered. He is between 2-4 years old. Sweet as can be and knows basic commands like sit and stay. House trained but will mark territory since I have another dog. They get along great. He seems healthy. Gave him a bath and he looks better than in this photo. I also have him on a number of lost dog sites. If you’ve seen this dog in our hood wandering the last 2 years in not inclined to give him back to the owners. That’s horrible. My number is in the original post if you’re willing to help foster. In particular I’m out of town next weekend and need a home, at least temp, for March 13-16. Thank you. David.

    • Did this get sorted? I just kept another dog for several days and am enjoying having just my dog to focus on again, but if no one else steps up, I will take him in for this weekend. 978 704 1870

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