Do You Recognize this Scared Lost Dog that Broke her Leash and ran into a car at 11th and Maryland Ave, NE? UPDATE: Owner Found


“Dear PoPville,

Some good samaritans and I saw this pup hit by a car today. Or rather- she ran into the car at full speed. The owner of the car stopped and waited for help. She has some scratches and was definitely traumatized but physically appears somewhat ok. She had no tags and no microchip. Since it was after hours- we called the humane society since all the vets are closed. He appears to have broken her leash. Can you please share with your crowd in hopes of finding her owner? I’d hate for her to spend the weekend in the shelter after she was so traumatized. She was hit around 7pm on the corner of 11th and Maryland NE. She is currently with WHS at their NY Ave. location.”

UPDATE: Owner Found

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  • YES! I saw her pic posted this week with contact info, trying to remember where.

  • My friend and I saw that pup on H street. I tried to call out to her to get her to stop, but she just ran faster. Definitely was running along 11th. That poor puppy – I hope they find her owners soon, I just wish I had been able to snag her before anything happened to her. 🙁

  • They posted on popville a couple of days ago!

    • Nevermind – I just looked through old posts and that was for a different dog. I’ll keep my eye out though!

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