Do You Recognize this Lost Pup in the Snow? UPDATE – “that’s Maybell, she loves snow and is very independent”


“Dear PoPville,

I’m not quite sure what was going on with this little guy, but he was alone. I saw him/her sniffing around the corner of Champlain and Kalorama around 9:15am. I tried to get close, but he or she was very timid. I tried for awhile then they let out a bark and I walked away. They had 2 tags on, so appears to be a pet.”

UPDATE from twitter: “that’s Maybell. She recently moved to Champlain from Swann and she’s fine – I called her owner. They were unloading more stuff. She’s home. Never actually lost – she loves snow and is very independent”

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  • Isn’t that Havoc??!! It looks just like him…

  • This is not Havoc, Havoc’s muzzle is mostly brown (this one is mostly black), and Havoc does not have tags. I’m going to try to see if I can find and Craigslist lost postings that match this dog.
    Janet (Havoc’s mom)

  • Awww buddy! Go home, it’s cold!

  • A dog alone in a public park without a leash long enough for a passer-by to get concerned is not “independent” it is indeed LOST.

  • I hope Maybell is independent enough not to be stolen or hit by a car.

  • “Independent”? WTF? Leash laws much? Or if nothing else, aren’t these people worried about the poor thing becoming road kill?

  • Imagine what the post would look like if this was a pit bull.

  • When she gets hit by a car, gets herself to the vet, and pays the bill you can tell me she’s independent. Until then be a responsible owner a keep an eye on your damn dog.

  • Dog without a leash = definitely lost.

  • As others have said, keep that dog on a leash.

  • Ugh, fundamentalists. Just look out for yourself and pass on the judgment-passing please. You’re no better than any other “do it my way or you’re going to hell” type.

    • convincing people to secure their dogs is a way of looking out for myself. It keeps me from being bitten or knocked over by a dog, having my dog attack or be attacked, or hitting a dog that runs into the road.

    • Be responsible to other dog owners and pedestrians who might have a bad interaction with your dog.
      I don’t care how “independent” she is, this is clearly illegal by DC city code. Welcome to the city – this ain’t the rural countryside. There are rules for good reason.

    • Right, because only fundamentalists hate stepping in dog crap. And unless this dog is so highly trained so as to be able to pick up her own crap, then the owners are irresponsible d-bags (and you, by extension, are full of crap).

  • I hate dog owners like this. Their dog runs around uncontrolled (and in this case, unmonitored) but it’s ok b/c Maybell is independent or friendly or not aggressive or… Let’s just call it what it is — leash laws are for other people to follow. There’s no reason for this owner or their entitled pooch to abide.

    • yep. there is a couple with two dogs near me in Brookland and they let their two dogs run all over the place. once I even intervened when neighbors from a street over were about to take one of the dogs to the Humane Society because they thought it was lost – can’t blame them as the dog’s tags say PG county… not to mention they poo all over the field. I have zero respect for lazy and inconsiderate dog owners.

  • What a cutey! But if she ran up on me with no leash and tried to bite my toddler I will cave in her head with a two-by-four. So, yes, BAD DC DOG OWNERS. And they are moving from Swann so it’s not like they are coming from the countryside. They probably don’t pick up her ‘very independent’ craps on the sidewalk either.

    • Well, I assumed by independent that she isn’t aggressive, so I doubt having to bash her head in with a 2×4 is necessary. But thanks for the visual.

      In DC, I would be more concerned that some trashballs would steal her and use her for dog fighting bait than anything. You’d be surprised by how adept dogs are 1) not getting hit by cars, especially in the city where they aren’t particularly fast and 2) not interacting with aggressive dogs. Some of these comments make me think you guys have never actually been around dogs.

      And I’m not defending this. It’s the law and she should be on a leash. Period. But I love all the drama surrounding the many terrible fates that await her.

  • If only the person who originally posted had realized that the dog’s human was inside the PODS container, in front of which the dog’s photo was taken. And that he was watching the dog. Had the original poster bothered to go around to the front of the container, which was parked on private property, that person would’ve seen the human who the dog was with, and always stays near. That should have answered all the issues before the opinions that had nothing to do with the actual situation started.

    And for the record, I always pick up my dog’s poop, as well as countless others that people seem to leave, particarly in the snow.

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