Dear PoPville – Mr. P’S Ribs is Spectacular!

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6th and Rhode Island Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

The post on Rib Pit reminded me of another place that I stumbled across this weekend. I’m not sure if its been covered on PoPville, but have you heard of Mr. P’S Ribs? We stumbled upon the place [6th and Rhode Island Ave, NW] over the weekend and it was spectacular.

The ribs are sold out of a really old school bus in the vacant lot at the corner of Rhode Island and 6th. For $11 you get a HUGE serving of ribs, two sides, and bread – you can barely get one small plate for that price 7 blocks west. The bare bones of the place is what makes it great – two tables sitting in the middle of a vacant lot surrounded by barbed wire and a menu written on white printer paper. The people were friendly and the food/service was awesome. If they shortened the bus into a truck and served downtown at lunch, I’d go (almost) every day.

Do you have any other details on the place? Is it permanent addition to the neighborhood?

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  • DAMN. WANT NOW. I’ve known about them for a few years, but never had the chance to check them. Must remedy that ASAP.

  • justinbc

    Nice to hear they have some tables now, although I always found the quality of the ribs to be vastly overrated (and the peach cobbler looks like something out of Chernobyl). I would take the newly opened DCity over Mr. P’s any day.

    • It really depends on what your idea of good BBQ might be. But I can definitely see DCity appealing to someone like yourself more than it would to someone who really has a very traditional appreciation of BBQ and understands its history.

      • Ooo burn. Seriously though – this place looks fantastic. I go by it often and want to check it out, but it never seems to be open.

      • Yow! Possibly a bit condescending there. I won’t put my bar-b-IQ up against yours, but I will agree with Justin that at least some portion of Mr. P’s reputation is based on the romantic bonus points given by yuppies who’ve stumbled across something “authentic.” It’s pretty good, mind you, but not — to my palate — as transcendent as is often asserted.

      • DCity has AMAZING wings!

      • Yeah, because clearly anyone that has a very traditional appreciation of BBQ and understands its history couldn’t possibly prefer DCity to Mr. P’s. Unless, of course, they get your approval prior to doing so. Or perhaps there’s a “Traditional Appreciation of BBQ Committee” that regulates these sort of things?

      • justinbc

        There is nothing “historic” in nature about Mr. P’s. I’m from North Carolina, raised on BBQ, and even though I don’t know you anymore than you know me, I would venture to guess that my qualifications in judging the subject matter significantly exceed yours. Your preference may vary, but there’s no need to question mine based on some speculative, intentionally insulting nonsense.

        • Yeah, you should probably stick to judging burgers.

          • justinbc

            Thank you, I highly value your anonymous credibility on my tastes.

          • Whoa there. Other than being the overly-opinionated guy who spends nearly all his free time commenting on blogs, you’re pretty anonymous, as well.

          • justinbc

            I’ve got over 600 something reviews still posted, if you want to go look up a basis for comparison.

          • Tom Sietsema recently gave his thoughts on Yelp reviewers in his online chat. To paraphrase, let’s just say the willingness to post your thoughts about food doesn’t make you an expert.

          • Having a lot of opinions and posting them on a website doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about.

          • justinbc

            I never claimed that it did, merely that I am by no means on the same level of anonymity.

          • The nice thing about Yelp reviews is that there aren’t dozens of trolls eager to disagree with you or post some snarky quip as soon as you post them there.

        • I don’t know, just because you are from North Carolina, and think you were “raised on BBQ,” that doesn’t necessarily make you an expert. You definitely have an opinion on many things and have a very tough time accepting that your opinion is often not the same as fact. This makes it much harder for most of us to trust your judgment.

          • justinbc

            I grew up in a not-so-affluent neighborhood. Almost every single fundraiser we ever did for church, school, whatever was selling BBQ. For every celebration we had we roasted a whole pig. I grew up eating BBQ multiple times per week all across one of the states most famous for it, so yes, I know my BBQ. And yes, I presented my original statement as an OPINION. If you disagree with that, I’m more than willing to accept it, as I’m sure lots of people have had lots of great meals at Mr. P’s. But unlike my post about the business, this asshole decided to attack me personally. There’s a big difference there.

          • anonymouse_dianne

            Well North Carolina BBQ is quite different from what most folks here are used to. I did NC BBQ six years doing the DC AIDS Rides out of Raleigh. And Texas BBQ is still another taste. BTW I really enjoyed Restaurant: Impossible remake of Tootie’s Texas BBQ on Food network last night.

          • justinbc

            Agreed. I love Texas style too, and Memphis style. They can all be great when done properly.

        • Eww, chill out. You’re seriously fighting people online over how well you know your ribs. Wish I had that much time in the middle of my day.

    • DCity is definitely tasty, but it’s significantly pricier than Mr. P’s.
      Looks like I will need to do the taste test challenge!
      That said, Mr. P’s might be a better value than DCity. I’m fine eating the 2nd best BBQ in the city if it’s lighter on the pocket book.

    • Your opinion about everything is the reason I stopped reading this blog. I made the mistake of checking it. Nothing. Has. Changed.

  • Hold on – what is this next to? What are the hours for Mr Ps?

    • Right by Red Toque at 6th and Rhode Island NW. I believe the former tenant was a shopping cart corral. Not sure on hours.

      • ” I believe the former tenant was a shopping cart corral. ”

        Funniest thing I have read in a long time!

  • Doesn’t Mr. P have a weekend outfit – over at the tire shop at South Dakota and Bladensburg?

  • I’ve been wanting to try them since they moved over here and in fact even when they were in the old tire shop parking lot when we made occasional trips over to South Dakota Ave. Will have to check them out and dine al fresco now that the weather is warming up.

    • And before South Dakota they were at the Rhode Island shopping center near the Metro. It’s funny how people are “discovering” Mr P’s now that they are closer to downtown. He’s been around FOREVER.

      • I use to drink Fat Tire years ago and now that they started distributing to the are all these people are like New Belgium OMG. Aimright?? If they ever open in “In N Out” here, try it.. You heard it hear first.

      • Yeah it’s crazy how people don’t know about it until he’s moved into their neighborhood.

      • are you arguing their word choice? or just that something is new to them and they are excited about it?

  • After binge-watching house of cards, all I really want is some ribs, thank you.

  • “The bare bones of the place is what makes it great – two tables sitting in the middle of a vacant lot surrounded by barbed wire and a menu written on white printer paper.”

    This is probably the funniest line I’ve read all day!

    I’m still laughing!

    Ohhh, DC.

  • I have a Big Green Egg. I very rarely go out for barbecue.

  • Looks good, I’ll have to give it a try, how doe sit compare to Rocklands or Epiphany? I prefer Texas and Memphis style BBQ to N.C. bbq, particularly dislike that watery vinegar sauce they use. Quality sides also important (like moist corn bread)

    • justinbc

      I’ve never been to Epiphany, but I definitely prefer it to Rocklands. I think Rocklands sides are better though, since you mention that specifically.

  • Thankfully, I’m not weighed down by any BBQ prejudices like some people seem to be. I’ll have to give this a try. I pass by all the time, but the long winter has kind of kept them under wraps unfortunately.

  • I think I have you all beat. I just came back from Kansas City and made the trip to Oklahoma Joe’s. If any of you can compare any of the DC rib spots and have been to OK Joe’s, LC’s or Jack Stack, Arthur Bryant’s or Gates I would be interested in your input as to how they compare.


    According to Anthony Bourdain, OK Joe’s is one of the 13 places you much eat at before you die. He basically says they are the best ribs in the world. I didn’t think they were that kind of praise worthy to be put on the same pedestal as El Bulli, Per Se and the lot but hey I guess that is his opinion and we all have one.

    • Jealous. Loved arthur bryants on our regular visits as a kid.
      This place, on 5th and RI Ave., i wanted it to be like that, or at least remind me of those visits way back when. I really wanted to like it after chatting with the head dude. He’s really nice. Sadly, it disappointed. From quality of meat to taste to sauce options. I wanted to f’ing love this place so much. Alas, it was not made to be

  • My guess would be that the rib trucks that are out RFK on the weekends are just as good if not better but haven’t been “discovered” because well, you have to head East on Benning which is a little farther likely than most of the readers here are willing to venture IMHO.

    • Yo yo yo – what’s with the BBQ trucks at RFK? Are they there every weekend? I’ve never heard of these, but definitely want more info.

  • What about Hogs on the Hill, Inspire, Henry’s and Kenny’s? How do they compare to these places? I have yet to try Kenny’s but Hogs on the Hill and Inspire aren’t bad for what it is.

    • I like Inspire BBQ on H. There is no seating but I even like their collard greens – and I generally don’t like collards.

      • I’ve been twice to Inspire… their meat was flavorful but way too dry, macaroni and cheese was flavorless and also very dry, and the collared greens were so salty no one in my 4 person party could choke them down. However, the owners are really great and they give to a really good cause, so I’ll definitely try again. Maybe they were just off days. The food had just been sitting out too long, I think…

  • We went out to Middleburg recently – where the truly rich ride their horsies – and asked if there was any decent BBQ anywhere nearby. Three different people at the sidewalk cafe where we were dining all piped up and suggested we try to guy who has a bus parked in the lot next to the traffic circle where Route 50 meets Route 15, maybe six miles short of Middleburg on 50.

    They said everybody goes there and picks up ribs to bring home. We were impressed with their enthusiasm, and figured we’d give it a try. They were right. Really great ribs, ethereal pulled pork, and a damned fine sassy sauce. Nine people, too. If only they weren’t 35 miles away.

  • went here because of this posting and was VERY disappointed.

    $11 for ribs two sides and bread/?? yeah, right, try $18 for medicore dry ribs , average sauce, subpar potato salad and what was basically kraft maceroni and cheese. HUGE rip off.

    at $18 for that, which isnt even that much food, who are they really catering to? what average family around there can afford $18 per person for food?

    total rip off, never going back

    HENRYS by mt vernon or at 16th and U is WAY better. great food for a great price.

  • albany

    You all should really try Johnny Boy’s Carryout

    My favorite place in the area for ribs –

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