Dear PoPville – Best Super Late Night Dining Options in DC? (beyond jumbo slice and Ben’s)

Photo by PoPville flickr user wolfpackWX

“Dear PoPville,

Please help me and my girlfriend resolve what has become our weekly struggle. Where can you get a half decent meal after midnight in this town? Not a stumbling-home-drunk-and-grabbing-jumbo-slice meal. No, no, I mean a real restaurant meal. We’re late night folks and frequently find ourselves just heading out for dinner after 11:30 or 12. We must be the only ones! Because even on bustling 14th/U, every restaurant seems to close its kitchen at 11 or 11:30. Our only option seems to be Satellite Room, which we love and frequent, but we’d like a few other options to throw into the rotation. Any ideas? We’ve search and searched but have come up empty.”

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