Dear PoPville – Anyone Know What’s Going on at 1 P St, NW? and More Trompe L’oeil on Vacant Buildings

1 P St, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Do you know what is being built on 1 P st NW. I walk by everyday on my way to work but I can’t understand what they are trying to build here. The permit information doesn’t say much.”


And down the block at North Capitol and P St, NW we have some more trompe l’oeil:


Anyone know if someone’s taken this lease too?


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  • No idea what that will be (presumably something commercial), but I really like the design.

  • I will make an effort to patronize whatever business that turns out to be that paid for this trompe l’oeil! (Except for a machine gun seller or a piercing parlor that does those horrible gigantic earlobe plugs. ) Any business that goes for art should be embraced always!

  • It’s clearly an IKEA concept house. It came in several flat-pack cardboard boxes. They will attempt to sell it on craigslist at a later date for more than they paid for it.

    • I support this activity — selling IKEA goods on craigslist for more than you paid for them. You should have to pay a premium for avoiding the trip to the store.

      • I did this. I bought the Lack dresser from CP for $299.99+tax, so $318. Brought it home, put it together (several hours) used it for a couple of years, and then sold it on CL for $320. People thought (and told me) I was NUTS! However, I did find a carless student moving into AU that wanted it, and I even dropped it off for her. She was ecstatic to avoid the trek to CP, which includes rental car, and having to assemble this thing.

        • I can see charging more than the purchase price if delivery is included, but periodically I see people trying to charge more than the purchase price for simple stuff, like LACK side tables or floor lamps.

  • as of the end of January, the North Cap bldg was still being shown on leasing tours – currently by Douglas Development (#57). not sure of any update since

  • re 1430 north capitol: Apparently its Douglas’ way to not have to pay the blight tax on a building thats been empty for 5+ years. If you look at dc taxes collected on the property you’ll notice magically they’re no longer paying the blighted tax even though no permits have been pulled and pivs lists the building as condemned.

    Hey DCRA/OTR, you really that dumb, or just corrupt?

  • I was looking at the PIVS data and looks like it is owned by B BOX LLC (though I have seen a 1P Street NW LLC) but can’t find more about either. A lot of permits and work going on. There was a certificate of occupancy issues in February this year with “2-STORY OFFICE BUILDING.” in the Detailed Description field.

  • The charter school Mundo Verde’s new permanent location is supposed to be at 1st and P NW. Not sure if this is related to their move, but maybe?

  • I don’t think the new building is going to be retail. I spoke to a lady who was working on the building one day and she said it was going to be her new office. She didn’t really seem interested in saying more about it so I kept walking.

    • Haha, I saw that lady working there too, but the way she looked at me I didn’t even have the courage to ask.

  • It’s a wonderful architect moving from Shawn (close to the convention Center) to that building on NC. A fantastic addition to that neighborhood that should help revitalize it.

    • I surely hope that the two folks above simply caught her at a bad time – she doesn’t sound so wonderful from their perspectives.

  • The 1 P St used to be some kind of t-shirt shop so I like the redesign of it. Hopefully the tenant becomes a fixture in the community.

    The North Capitol property is still unleased. I looked into leasing that spot six years ago and what they wanted for the lease was astronomical. I had lived around the corner since 2004 and it had always been in this state.

  • That lady is a grump. I stopped to look at the permit a few days ago because I too, walk past that building on my way to work and was intrigued. She gave me a Look of Death when she caught me peeping at her permits. Glad to know it’s an architects office. That makes a lot of sense. Hope she at least is friendlier to our lovely local retailers like Uncle Chips and DCSmokehouse!

  • Great for the new business and design at 1 P Street NW. That the owner/builder parks her cars on the sidewalk every day for months now: what does that say abou tthe sort of neighbor she’s going to be? Why doesn’t the city ticket her cars? Street parking on that block of P ST NW is easy.

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